Friday, April 20, 2012

הלוואי אויף היינטיקער רביס געזאגט

Sereter Rebbe ב-1948 בתור חיל בפלמ"ח

Speak to the ליצני הדור and to those who dislike or disrespect Seret-Vizhnitz for some reason, and they'll tell you the "dirty little secret" about the Rebbe being a soldier in the Israeli army way back when. I would imagine that even some in Seret גופא are uncomfortable with this tidbit of their history, since they've gone far right in recent years, and a Rebbe a soldier in the Zionist Army doesn't go well with today's ideology. But it turns out that the man who you would think would be embarrassed by it is not and never was! And he always made sure to show them kindness and respect, especially in public amongst his Chassidim! Which is why I say הלוואי אויף היינטיקע רביס געזאגט. Not that they and their many descendants all need to join the army - although that wouldn't be such a terrible either - but they can learn from the Sereter - the last of the old time Rebbes - how to be proud of who you are and where you come from, no matter if "times change." And if duty calls let them join the army with the regular zhlobs as well.


?ישרטו שרטת said...

Tzig: הלוואי אויף היינטיקע רביס געזאגט

Don't worry hirshel todays rebbes aren't ashamed of worst than this The new crop of most rebbes aren't anymore רחמנים,ביישנים,גומלי חסדים which all prior rebbes in the prvious generation where regardless their גדלות

Lorimer Street said...

Oi vey
The Zali Rebbe's Mechutan by the Tzionim....

Anonymous said...

The closer the period was post the Shoah the more genuine ahavas yisrael existed between frum yidden and other yidden. The bonds, yedidus and mutual respect were the norm. It happened again briefly after the 6 day war. Blessed are the R' Shlomo Zalmans, this Rebbe, R' Kahaneman and those like them.

Now we have the pathetic situation, like my parents next door neighbors. The Zeyde fought in the Israeli army, the eyniklech hiss 'Zionism are kofrim' and are rabid members of Toldos Aron.

It's just so sad.

כתובת קַאקע said...

Tzig: "הלוואי אויף היינטיקע רביס געזאגט"

ישרטו שרטת:
"Don't worry hirshel todays rebbes aren't ashamed of worst than this"

:אולי ע"ז התכונו חז"ל
'ייתי ולא אחמני

מר־מראש'ער said...

Tinker Tailor Soldier Rebbe.

Moshe L. said...

nisht erger fun leren in university.

rav klein said...

pitputim: "the eyniklech hiss 'Zionism are kofrim' and are rabid members of Toldos Aron."

In the old days it was the saddest thing if your eyniklech became chasidim, Now it's becoming a Toldos Aron or c"v satmar!

al ha'elyona said...

pitputim i understand that you live in australia. how many toldos aharon chassidim do you have there?

and what about the others, like satmar, belz, ger viznitz?

Fritzi said...

מוצ"ש שעבר היה בקול ישראל (רשת בית/מלווה מלכה) תוכנית שלמה על חסידים/חרדים בזמן קום המדינה ששרתו באצ"ל ובלח"י עם ראיונות וארחים באולפן. הם הביאו גם הקלטות של כל מיני רבנים שמספרים על כל מיני מבצעים שהשתתפו בהם.
אולי אפשר למצוא הקלטה ברשת.

א געזינטען זומער!


Fritzi said...

מצאתי את הקישור להקלטה של התוכנית במוצ"ש על החרדים/חסידים שהתגייסו ללח"י ואצ"ל.
מאוד מעניין

לכו לקישור

שם תחפשו בתוכניות מוקלטות תחת אות "מ" את התוכנית מלווה מלכה ומדובר על התוכנית של ה-22/4/2012 למינינם

האזנה נעימה ומחכימה