Friday, December 12, 2014

מכתב כ"ק אדמו"ר זי"ע לישיבת טעלז אודות י"ט כסלו

A letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to one of the Telsher Roshei Yeshiva/Chavrei HaHanholoh where he goes through all the hanhogos and sayings and that Chassidim through the generations said and did. The Rebbe writes about his hesitation, whether or not to answer the letter, since he's not sure what the point of the letter was, i.e. do they REALLY want answers?... Worth your time. 

From ספר שערי המועדים י'-י"ט כסלו.


Silly said...

Where does it say who the letter was written to?

Litvish said...

When was it written?

Boruch Hashem, Telshe did teshuvah, stopped the Tanya learning, and came back to the Litvishe derech.

You may be "Litvish" But shtam from Ungarun said...

Look who the Rov quotes!

Kroivei mishpacha said...

Is it clear from the document that there was an actual exchange of letters, or was this like the Teshuvos seforim where some responsa are written just to clarify a topic. If it had been an actual dialogue the name of the other party would probably be known. Incidentally, it is said that before the war there was a group of chassidim in Telz, who were close to the Roshei Yeshiva. As the previous commenter points out, the Tanya is quoted in the Telzer Rov's Shiurei daas. Rebetzen Hodakov was from Telz and her family were very much part of the yeshiva.

curious George said...

" Rebetzen Hodakov was from Telz and her family were very much part of the yeshiva."

She was not Chabad and did not come from Chabad, so what are you trying to prove?
Btw, despite Lubab propoganda that lubabs were "hated", blah, blah the reality is that quite a few boys from Chabad backrounds learned in yeshivos in Lita, including R'Shmuel Levitins sons,R'Chaim Gutnik (though Gutnik at the time and for years later was not a "real" lubab)

Bichlal, this "Tanya-was-learned-in-Telz" is stam an exaggeration, common by Lubabs.It was not part of the official curriculum, it was a small weekly-type of shiur said to a few talmidim, not unlike the small vaadim, that take place in yeshivas where they will study Kuzari etc.