Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Morning Links

a Trip to Kletzk and Volozhin
Maybe we can start sending some bachurim back to Kletzk? Start the freezer there, make them be there for 6 months. There it's REALLY cold, so it would actually be a freezer. Maybe at the same time do some community service, help out old Jews in Belarus. Like on Friday afternoons and such, not cholileh during seder.
How Satmarish is Haredi Satmar Yiddish?
עלייה להר הבית בימינו במשנתו של הגר"מ אליהו זצ"ל
Was Prof. Saul Lieberman Orthodox?
Montreal: Outrage to put time limits on Sukkahs, critics say


Der Nayis said...

When rosheshivas gets a pelts and a caddy we will know we're doomed. Running around Europe, nu Nu.

yankel said...

Not much of a Rosh Yeshiva, just a figurehead. Unfortunately, you cannot consider yourself doomed yet. Better luck next time.
And Hershel, do you really not understand why Yeshivos don't send their bochurim out to help old Jews? Are you so far removed from society that you cannot fathom smart people having a different opinion about something? Are you so filled with hate and rage that anything different to your ideals must be wrong?
You were not born a Lubavitcher. You can give it up any day. There is no reason to be filled with such anger.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


please do not project your feelings unto me. I look like a hater to you? where do you see hate?

yankel said...

Your attitude of disrespect to a society that views learning as most important. Your refusal to even entertain the thought that someone else might have a coherent opinion about it. Your leitzonus of people sitting and learning.
That is a product of your hate mindset.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

It's all in your head, Yankel. It's all in your head. Please stop.

Hamasmid said...

"Photos-Lakewood Yeshiva heritage journey to Moscow, Kletzk"
As My grandfather used to rebuke me as a Bucher
.... ales is gringer vi a blatt gemorah...Fasten...Davenen... and now traveling to kletzk...

dovy j said...

start of tht Lieberman article: "Saul Lieberman (1898–1983) is universally regarded by Talmud scholars as the foremost talmudist of his generation, and some regard him as one of the foremost talmudists of all times."

If I disagree does that make it ois universal?
"Of all times", wow! Even bigger than Steinsaltz?

Maseh Ish said...

Dovy NJ
"foremost talmudist of his generation"
u can call Liberman Shiegetz apikores.. but he knew talmid bavli, yerushalmi, sifri safru etc....with ever girsa..
did not the CI promise him to make him a Godel,
he would not promise it for Malkiel or Liezer Yudel...

sdr said...


R' Ahron is turning over in his grave

yankel said...

You are assuming that Reb Aaron is our 'רעבע זכיתויגנייני' or Alter Rebbe or Ershte Ruv or whatever synonyms the spin doctors and propaganda masters have invented, and we are trying to fulfill his will by learning in Yeshiva. Maybe the Mizrach vant would like to believe that, but the average talmid of Lakewood learns because he believes that is the correct thing to do. The mizrach vant does not represent their predecessors any more than the chair Reb Aaron sat on. We are not being mamshich a shosheles and we are not counting generations. Even when we reach the seventh generation we will not become 'chavivin'. We are not trained with that much yeshus to start the count with ourselves.

Fred said...


You say he might have been an apikores, I have no clue, maybe he was, but knowing all of shas doesn't make him special if he was an apikores.

Rav Michoel Ber knew a GOY in Oxford who knew the whole shas too.

He was still a goy.