Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Now in "Jewish Action" magazine

I haven't been able to read it all, which means I cannot yet comment, but there is a slight mention of the fact that this is all very strange to a hereto very rational crowd, which you may have called the neo-Litvish crowd, since it did differ, albeit very slightly, from the mother country, Lithuania. I would also venture to say that many in that crowd, especially the old-timers raised on Hershey bars and Bnei Akiva, resent the fact that they're ultimately being told that the way it was just isn't good enough. Much like the black hatters who go off to the Yeshivos Hakdoshos in Eretz Yisroel tell their parents upon returning home... Again this is all without fully reading the article....

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Neo-Chassidus brings inner light to the MO
Q&A with Rabbi Moshe Weinberger


Not a Harry said...

The eloquence of the Holy Smokes is beautiful as always. He mentioned several times that a person must have a living Rebbe to guide them. Who is RMW a talmid of in chaseedus?

feivy said...

אל תקרי חסידות אלא כאסידעס בלע"ז
New age watered down

not a harry said...

dixie yid will surely set us straight..

Anonymous said...

Who is RMW a talmid of in chaseedus?


Der Nayis said...

The quote is a living rebbe

alte chosid said...

Mot a Harry
"Who is RMW a talmid of in chaseedus?"
who is the rebbe in chasidus of the Belzer,Karliner,2 Satmarers and Boyaner?
Why is only RMW being asked this question?

Der Nayis said...

He is the one claiming that you need a live one. (because he wants to be one)

The others named can make the claim of simply carrying on the legacy of their predecessors.

shmilu said...

Alte Chosid, and all your other names,
Do you ever think before you post your drivel.What a tipesh

Alte chosid said...

Der Nayis
"The others named can make the claim of simply carrying on the legacy of their predecessors."
correct they claim that they have carry a legacy, but at the same time all their literature is emphasizing the need of a live Rebbe,especially Belz(look in the series Mesilas) Karlin and Boyan....
RMW has all the rights as them to carry on his own legacy....
how do u like my Tipshes? was it stupid enough?? u got to give a break for a Alte Yid ,the mind is not too sharp when you age

Jewish Action shamefully distorts distorts Hasidic teachings said...

The article distorts Hasidic teaching.

Let's start with two examples, from the beginning and end of the article.

A) "This mashal (parable), which comes from the Ba’al HaTanya, the first Lubavitch Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, was offered in response to those who opposed teaching the peninim of Torah in the open."

What is peninim? A Shas? The weekly divrei Torah from Hebrew Academy of Cleveland? The moshol was about teaching Kabbalah. Why did they change it? Are they trying to fool people?

B) "Rabbi Mischel likewise tells a story that the Besht interacted with Mashiach in the upper chambers of Shamayim (Heaven), and was told that Mashiach will come when the wellsprings of inner Torah spread to the outside."

That is not accurate. The story goes that he was told when לכשיפוצו מעינותיך חוצה, when your wellsprings spread out. Not generic wellsprings. His wellsprings.

Why is the article changing these two famous and important Hasidic stories? Are they trying to make them more palatable to their readers? They are falsifying and distorting Hasidic teaching. Shameful.

When are you going to give us your commentary on the articles Reb Tzig?

Sinking ship of Modern Orthodoxy grabs onto Hasidism in effort to stay afloat said...

Modern Orthodoxy is in severe decline. They are trying to save themselves by selectively adopting, picking and choosing some Hasidic practices. But a sinking ship cannot be saved with a few patches when a wholesale overhaul is needed.

Are Hasidim going to allow themselves to be used in this manner?

Direct links said...

Both articles are already online at the OU website, by the way, so you can link directly to them there, easier to read that way.



Hasidim and Modern Orthodox are closely connected. said...

"the neo-Litvish crowd, since it did differ, albeit very slightly, from the mother country, Lithuania."

Actually, a large percentage of Modern Orthodox have Hasidic roots. For a few examples in the leadership to illustrate the point, R. Dr. Norman Lamm - Belz and Sanz. R. Avi Weiss - Bobov. R. Moshe Weinberger - Belz. R. Hershel Reichman - Belz. R. Ysoscher Katz - Satmar. And on and on.