Friday, December 5, 2014

to Yankel: with Love

This goes out to my friend, the commenter Yankel, who said things about what defines a true Gadol B'Yisroel. Maybe this will enlighten him a bit. In truth we can all learn from this.
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BORO PARK said...

Takkeh an amazing story

Ben Eliezer said...

Just to get it took a lot.. this is an excerpt from JEM (in the text that accompanies the email to weekly subscribers to the story):

Dear Friend,

We are pleased to send you this week’s (Shabbos Vayishlach) edition of Here’s My Story.

This story is particularly dear to me, because it took the My Encounter team about 10 years to finally get this interview done. From when we got the lead, I would constantly call him, visit his home, and even took him and his wife to the Ohel, all to try and convince him to share his story with us. It was then, on the way back from the Ohel, that he told me that his whole family – children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren – are only alive because of the Rebbe.

Baruch Hashem, with the help of Dr. Levi Reiter, he finally agreed to share his story with us. ...

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


I imagine some ppl will take that the wrong way....

boropark said...

I have to agree with your sentiment here (wow fancy that?!)
Not being a fan of Chabad, but(hopefully) able to be objective and try and think like a Chabadnik who has enough seichel to understand that not everything said in private or by a farbrengen needs to be repeated in a different venue.
The story is an amazing one, but when the fellow writes how much he had to "shmear' bal hamaseh to tell the story, ?I mean, why would baal ham aseh not want to share it? Strange..
Also the addition that his whole family, children, etc is alive because of the Rebbe, while mentioned in the story, is quite a stretch, if you actually read the story, where for a few weeks the rebbe brought food for the kids, IF He really felt that way, why would it be so difficult to convince him.

I don't know why lubavitchers don't have any brains?why? As you can see, i liked this story before ben elizer was enough of an ass to ruin it.
Maybe the Tzig needs to be taken there as a media consultant

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


let's say you came across that accompanying statement somehow, you'd then scream how we lied and didn't tell the readers about how long it took

boropark said...

Why is how long it took relevant? Stam naarish.
You know that the statement is a silly one in this context.
As i said i loved the maaseh, till i read the kol hamosif goreah footnote.

Libi Ivsori said...

I know this person vaguely fron years ago from davening in 6 Lee ave.
He is very private, thats the answer for the Kalbe dechatzifen as Boro Parker...who admits that he despises Chabad...

Tzemach said...

I am fairly new to this blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

I heard this story many years ago. Yet, without a name or face to it, to me was just a nice story whose facts and details may have been blurred, confused, or lost over time.

What is even more incredible, to me anyways, is that had Rabbi Neuman not finally relented to share his story, we would have never known the specifics; or if it even happened at all. Form with all of Lubavitch's PR, etc. it can never be claimed that the Rebbeh ob"m called upon any of those that he helped and touched, to publish or publicize his deeds or his greatness.

I think the Rebbeh would have preferred that you just do another mitzvah and help another Yid.

Good Shabbos.

Anonymous said...

yes, this is what a Roeh Tzon does , look after every possible sheep to save ...but another lesson that should not go unobserved and this should go (Also) for the lubavitchers: the acts that are to be done, need not be those that will be publicized in COl and internet for self aggrandizement; but the important chessed and saving deeds that are of importance even when no one will ever know of this or that deed (except for the hasgocho sends this for everyone to know about)and another thing , the reciepient of this chessed and hatzoloh does not need to be davka one from 5th ave.; even a descendant of charedi can and should be a recipient of this deed when this is warranted.

thanks again for this amazing story of the Rebbe.

Anonymous said...

Reb Aaron Dovid is a Holocaust survivor and, like many survivors, is
reluctant to talk openly about the War years. In addition, he is a
Vishnitzer *chasid *and he didn't want all of his chaveirim to 'harass' him
about telling a story about the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He kept on telling me
that he doesn't need the bother and 'harassment'. He was very stubborn. His
wife, actually, starting pushing him to go on camera (probably to get me
off of her back), but that didn't help either.

Around 7 years ago, when I took him and his wife to the Ohel, he told me
that he thinks the Rebbe was so great, that he poshut doesn't belong in our
generation. He was very emotional when he was at the Ohel. On the way back,
when I pushed him, to at the very least, to tell the story to give hakoros
hatov to the Rebbe for saving his life, he told me, "What do you mean *my*
life? He saved my life, mein, kinder, mein einiklach, mein
ur-eineklach..."! He still wouldn't budge, so I continued to call him, send
him Living Torah and other JEM DVDs.

10 months ago, out of the blue, Dr. Levi Reiter, a Lubavitcher audiologist
that lives in Crown Heights, called me one day about a patient of his named
Reb Aron Dovid Neuman and finally convinced him to make it happen! I was
literally walking on a cloud for a few weeks after recording the story.

Re 1941-1945, I believe it was the orphanage of Rabbi Zalman Schneersohn,
so he took care of them. And the story probably happened in the spring of
1941, as the Rebbe would go back and forth from Marseilles and Nice.

Anonymous said...

One should research (ask Rebbetzin Haddasah Carlebach?) if there was a connection between the Rebbe's peulos at the orphanage were coordinatex with Rabbi Zalamn's work with orphans during the same time and in the same place. According to Zalman Shechter in his memoirs, the 2 Schneersohns were at times together in South France xuring this period.


Bies Rebbe said...

what is your point exactly? besides knocking the rebbes people

Bies Rebbe said...

The Rebbes rotzan was that the work of the shluchim should be publicized.
The Rebbes rotzan was that chabad should touch every jew from 5th ave to Lee avenue

Moishe Weiss said...

I used to care whether small minded people in communities like yours are "fans" or "haters" of Lubavitch.
Knowung what I now know of the many ills that pervade those communities I could care less
Did you happen to pick up on the fact that it took TEN YEARS to overcome (what I heard is the real reason of his reluctance) the fear of backlash that he would recieve from his community for saying something positive about the LR ZY"A.
There was a time when you and yours could perhaps fool some of the people some of the time as to the purity and unsullied perfection of your kehillos.
Now, thanks to social media we know the truth and it is bitter.

BORO PARK said...

"He is very private, thats the answer for the Kalbe dechatzifen as Boro Parker...who admits that he despises Chabad..."
I did not say i despise chabad
As for your other insult, kol hapoisel posul ubemimoi poisel

boropark said...

"I know this person vaguely from years ago"
"He is very private"

Chaver, I"m prepared to bet that you don't know him or ever heard of him.

You are quite shvach in thebrains department, unfortunately.
The point I was trying to make was that writing about this amazing story that it was so hard to get out of the baal hamaaseh, was not a SMART move, because every REASONABLE person with a trop seichel (not you, unfortunately)would have to ask himself, why it was so hard , why it took ten years to get a fellow to tell a story like this.There is very little of a private nature in the story that would make somebody reluctant to share.
Next time they publish a story, they need a good editor to tell them what to add and what not to add.

Anonymous said...

he told this story 22-23 yrs ago to a friend who worked with him at 47th st photo and it wasn't a big issue then. it seems his reluctance to go on camera was losing privacy and holocaust survivors guilt with going public.

BORO PARK said...

"Now, thanks to social media we know the truth and it is bitter. "

I see that the same idiot is using another name.

I"m sure you haver never heard of the saying "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".If you had and you had a trop seichel, you wouldn't open up the pandoras box of what social media tell us about the happenings in kahn tzivo.

BORO PARK said...

Fascinating to see how immature and thin skinned some Chabadniks can be.
What did I say, that the the guy who added how difficult it was to get the story should not have said it because it can give the wrong impression?
Chabadniks, is that really such a big deal?
Are you so perfect that that a wee bit of criticism gets you so constipated?
Why are u guys so defensive?
Do u need to start your silly conspiracy theories that this yid was scared to get flack for saying something positive about Lubavitch, are you really so infantile?
C'mon now.
Maybe it's just young rotzers using Oholei Torahs computer?
Funny, that even Hirshel admitted that the comment could be misconstrued.
Kinderlach, time to grow up

Tzemach said...

Bies Rebbe,,,,

I have no idea what you are referring to. I did not knock the Rebbe's ob"m people at all. I happen to consider myself as one who tries to be one of them.

Some people, someway, somehow, always manage to squeeze the negativity out of anything they possibly can. How you managed to extract it from my comment above is thankfully beyond my comprehension.

Gut vuch.

Fievish said...

you should celebrate for getting such a commentator like BoroParker, what a brain, and everyoe outside of him is like peels garlic of (Kelifas Hashum)....
He can verify on other people that he never saw if they say the truth...
in short, you got a genius on board...
you dont need the Robot checker, which robot would dare to write when Boro Parker is on the matter

Fievish said...

Boro Parker
"Anonymous boropark said...
I have to agree with your sentiment here (wow fancy that?!)
Not being a fan of Chabad,"
who wrote that, that is writing Hate with a facade
But who am I,a simple Fievish, to differ with the genius of Brooklyn??

Snag said...

A useful attribute for a Godol B'Tisroel is that he should be alive.

Silly said...


There's nothing private or personal about the STORY. All that was said was the HE didn't want to go on VIDEO and TELL the story making publicity of HIMSELF.

S H E E S H ! ! !

Snag said...

PS And for a Nossie Doyreynu, being alive isn't just useful, it's mandatory.

yakov said...

It is quite funny to see boropark comment right after Hirshel Tzig says "I imagine some ppl will take that the wrong way...."

Anonymous said...

I must say; this was very heartwarming. But this doesn't kasher all that the tziggeleh writes

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

what do I write already?