Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"All power to the Soviet!"

Some of you may know about my run-ins with the Bolshevik formerly known as Tzemach. I have been banned from even VIEWING his site, a harsh punishment that's the equivalent of scrambling FoxNews in China. He has also virtually approached posters who comment here not to enter "the tent", threatening to ban them if they do. For a while there I thought that he had recovered from whatever irked him, but I was wrong, Bolsheviks do not forget nor forgive.

Which gets me to wonder: Why is it that a blogger who claims to seek the truth and expose the wrongdoings of the mainstream Charedi press and society and the PR machines of certain groups does the same thing? Does he not prove himself to be one of the same? Does his dishing out of terms like "Idiot", "Hungarian from a rathole" give him the feelings he never feels?

There is a certain rush and excitement to arguing over the internet about "hot" topics, especially with people who were spoon-fed hatred towards Lubavitch from their youngest years, but it's nothing but foolish. Other topics can be discussed, but not these because people generally do not change their opinions concerning other people.

I had originally set up this blog as a free forum of opinions that would encourage civil and clean debate. We would discuss similar issues with no fear of "the knock at the door" by the goons (banning for those of you in BP). I do not ban anyone, no matter how stupid and disrespectful the remarks. Malach will attest to that. I realize it's easier to run a blog focusing on the negative, but that's the break we have to deal with, we try and take the somewhat higher road.

I encourage your comments, especially with names attached to them. If you're afraid of retribution e-mail me and tell me your new handle/name. Tell your friends and visit often. I wish TA a רפואה שלמה בתושח"י, and may we hear only good news.


avremel said...

Forget him, brother Tzig. I too have been banned, although not from VIEWING, only from commenting, so I guess I'm one step behind you. I wish I had some more time to comment, but I recently changed jobs and cannot comment at work.

Remember that your blog has yet to celebrate its first month's anniversary. Success will come iy"h with time.

Hatzlocho Rabboh U'meflogoh

Anonymous said...

hey you delete people you do not "think" is right here too.

wanderer said...

I don't know what you did to upset TA to the extant that you did, but he is a guy with an obviously short temper, why do you go after him so hard?
If you make a blog that's entire purpose is to oppose him, do you think he'll be happy about it?
What did you expect him to do - love you?

Hirshel Tzig said...

I have explained that the purpose is not to oppose HIM, but rather his ideas and posts. I have changed the name to that effect. There was no reason for him to ban, especially for the so-called "reason" he had.

Anonymous said...

You know what your problem is?
You don't follow rules, and don't mind messing up someone else's home.
If you were a knowledgeable and serious blogger, you would understand that a blog site - like mentalblog - is not a toy for your pleasure. A blog is a home. Its doors are open, and everyone is invited to join the family.
But just like in a physical home, you cant walk in, throw stuff around, flip over tables, and annoy the host with out getting tossed out.
Plain and simple.
But you guys have no civility, as you grow up and live in a peasant-like, ill mannered, and coarse community.
Maybe you'll grow into a mentch one day.

Hirshel Tzig said...

Hello Tzemach, nice to your hear from you, comrade.

malach said...

I can't believe I've made it to the big leagues! Actually been mentioned by Tzig.Lol
I guess he needs a fig leaf.....................

Anonymous said...

a fig leaf that is barer than that which it is protecting.....

Anonymous said...

I am not Tzemach.
I just wanted to explain, as a pubic service, so that you (and others) might benefit from an explanation of blog ethics and acceptable behavior - which led directly to the treatment that you got there.
Intelligent blogs do not sound like the heimishe chaptzem blog.

Anonymous said...

TA is packing it in!
I guess that means you win Hirshel... or does it?

TES said...

Who is Tzemach?
Your oldest nephew.