Monday, November 26, 2007

Convention News?

Can anybody fill us in Vos S'hut zich Geredt by the Convention this weekend? Please don't tell me that there was a Protest held by the NK. I read YeshivaWorld too, believe it or not.

I think the idea of putting Yerushalayim as a theme this year is hilarious, really. Since when was that ever an issue in Agudah circles? That was usually left for the Dati-LeUmi and Lubavitch crowds. I guess when your influence in the Frum crowd dwindles like that, and you need to drop down a notch and go for the modern, then their agendas also need to be discussed.

Reb Abish being MeHaneh the Oylem with Zemiros.


Anonymous said...

wachsman spoke about tefilla- dunner made jokes and more jokes- novomisnk issued a statement that had bush and ohlmert on the edge of their seats, with bated breath...actually nobody cares.

interesting was that after the novomisnker spoke, a spotaneous rendition of 'yerushalayim" (carlebach's) burst forth from the crowd, testimony to the fact that the crowd was comprised mainly of bt's- the heimeshe boro park crowd that frequented the convention when morris sherer ruled, don't come anymore. its a new ballgame, and the overwhelming majority are baalei teshiva and gerrers.

your rabbi from 86th street didnt show up to speak at motzei shabbos, even though he was slated to; don't know why.

also, r malkiel, the newest moetzes member got a prime time slot on motzoei shabbos

Anonymous said...

I think the yeshiva world editor epected to speak on motzoei shabbos, as the new spokesman for klal yisroel- he must be hurt..awww.

Maybe, since noone cares about agudah nyhow, we'll make a new moetzes gedolei bloggers.

Hirsel Tzig is chairman, along with Heichal Neginah, Simple Jew, Lakewood Yid, not the real hardcore Kofrim like Dov Bear etc.

Will Abish sing with us?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh and they issues a, ...drumroll please...resolution! Yup, our friends at Aguda are looking Condui straight in the face and issuing a resolution. Message to Agudah- No one could care less about your farsthunkener resolutions. Why don;t you make a resolution to stop giving the non-alimony paying rasha Elly Kleinman so much kovod? You are as bad as he!

Anonymous said...

interesting, to find that you are interested!

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head.
The Agudah has lost its identity and purpose. They are simply focusing on how to expand their membership and influence. As the Torah world and its yungerleit abandon the Agudah, their young families do not become members in Agudas Israel. This has been going on for some years now, as the serious Roshei Yeshiva are reluctant to join the Aguda leadership, and their talmidim follow the examples of their Roshei Yeshiva.
As a result, they, the leadership of the American Aguda are focusing on the modern orthodox crowd and are moving leftwords in order to appeal to this crowd. [Witness the Noviminskers speech at the last daf Yomi siyum, their stand in the metzizah controversy, their sudden support for Pollard, etc. etc.]
This Motzei Shabbos session at the convention was basically a reversal of their previous stance as formulated by their leader Rav Scahch, but now, in a MAJOR reversal, they have taken the stance of the Rebbe zy"a, in both Kiruv and returning land for peace.
It is a truly a "shame on a group' that does not not have the strength and conviction to stand up for what they believed in, or the stance of their leaders.

Anonymous said...

so the Brisker Rav has won...he laughed at Agudah, and forty five years later, his sons talmidim, r watchfogel, shustal, stern etc. who are the real Roshei Yehiva in Americna won't join the Moetzes and are slowly putting Agudah out of business...emess lasts!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Aguda article just published on Yeshiva World.
It became a nouthpiece for the Aguda.
The editor sanitizes every comment and does not allow any negative sounding comment or cirtic on the Aguda or its leaders.