Saturday, November 17, 2007

Clues about Secureni, Bessarabia

A call for help I received last night:

I'm writing to you after ending in the following page.

Please, write me back in case you have any additional information about Secureni, I conduct genealogical research and have a mailing list with 26 people seeking their ancestry in our shtetl.

Avraham Yehoshua Kahana
Rio de Janeiro

Any help would be greatly appreciated. - HT


Anonymous said...

Secureni (or Sekuran in Yiddish) is NOT in Bukovina it is neighboring Bessarabia.

My great uncle Rabbi Sholom Lamm was the Rav of Secureni. He was married to my grandfather's sister.

He and his family perished during the war. Very little is known of to me of the circumstances surrounding their deaths (such as the location, date).

I recently erected a memorial plaque for them.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


can you contact me so that I can put you in touch with Mr Kahana?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if rabbi Lamm with whom I had shiurim in Ohr Somayach Yeshiva, Monsey, New York - is related to you - thus being descendant from Secureni.

Avraham Yehoshua Kahana
Thank you Hershel!

Anonymous said...

the rabbi lamm from monsey cannot be descended from secureni as my aunt and uncle and their two children were all murdered.

what i can relate is this:
r. sholom lamm of secureni was born in wola michowa, galicia.

some of his ancestry:

his paternal grandfather was r' yoske lamm who was
the grandson of r' shimon of yeruslav,
and the son in law of the r' elazar rokeach (bchor of the sar sholom).

his maternal grandfather was r' pichos halevi ish horowitz rav of wola michow (vulye) in galicia.

miriam rokeach lamm who was the daughter of r' elazar rokeach the bchor of the sar shalom.

Anonymous said...

i know a jew named bentzion flam, from sukerina, who lives in bergenfield NJ, his father was a shaychet in sukarin. the skulener rebbe is his cousin and they grew up together there, i beleive. there were many shuls in sukaryn. there was a jew from there who was rav in the tahoma street shul near mcdoonald & 12th,
chaim hersh maader, Tzig u can put this guy in touch with me

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

vi kimt a Maader kayn Sukarin?!

I'll put him in touch.

Anonymous said...

Is Sukarin the same as "Sekuran", because Skulen is another town.

Tirso said...

My name is Tirso Gun, I live in Honduras. I have in my possesion a briefcase with all sort of legal documents of my grandfather Mauricio Gun, born in Secureni, Rumania Sept.18.1910,son of Ana Iczchuna and Benjamin Gun. There is also another paper that says Ana Siglek. I recall he left Secureni and ran away from WWII. If anyone has additional information of my family I would appreciate your help.

Unknown said...

My grandfather Samuel Schwartz and his wife Anna (Hannah Becker) caqme from Sucuron prior to WWI. I'm assuming this is the same Sucuron. They are bured in the Baron Hirsch cemetery on Staten Island. I believe in a plot within the Securoner(sp)Society.
I'm trying to find out more about the town. My late uncle (who passed several years ago) had painted a picture of a local farm from memory.
My grandfather's brother went back home with his family in the 1920's. The family has assumed that he and they perished in WWII.

Anonymous said...

My father came from secureni. I am now reading the Secureni (Sekiryani) memorial book, available on the net.

R. Tel Aviv

Anonymous said...

My grandmother came from Sucuron too.I´d like to know how I could buy this Memorial Book .
wednesday, Jul 08,2009 5:19 PM

annulla said...

Two items that may be useful to those seeking information about Secureni:

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research has a Landsmanshaftn Collection containing the records of the First Independent Securaner Relief Benevolent Association (aks the First Independent Securaner Sick & Benevolent Association).

The American Jewish Historical Society records two other Secureni town and country-related organizations incorporated in New York County between 1848-1920: the First Sekuraner Congregation (document # 1696) and the Securaner Young People's Educational and Benevolent Club (document #4378), both incorporated in 1910.

Both the YIVO Institute and the American Jewish Historical Society are located in New York City at 15 West 16th Street.

Avraham Yehoshua Kahana said...

Hi, unfortunately I was not contacted by any of the persons who posted here.
I would be happy if I am.
Please visit
I wanted you to join us, we are 71 today.


David Sherman said...

Adriana Schwartz said...

Hi, my grandfather Aron Schwartz left Secureni Romania and went to Brazil, while his siblings took a different path and went to USA, Philadelphia