Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Tree Through Generations

(Reb Yisroel Mordechai Teitelbaum, z"l, Eli Teitelbaum's Zeide, the Gabbai of the Kopycynitzer Rebbe, Reb Yitzchok Meir, zt"l)

(Rav Yaakov Teitelbaum at his Vort in Vienna, flanked by the Kopycynitzer(r) and Sadigerer(l) Rebbes, zt"l)

(The Kopycynitzer Rebbe, Rav Avrohom Yehoshua zt"l, at the inauguration for Khal Yereim in Kew Gardens, Queens. L-R: Eli Teitelbaum, Rav Yaakov Teitelbaum, The Rebbe, Rav Shlomo Teitelbaum, currently serving as Rav there.)


baalbatish said...

Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

nice nice job- if they were ruzhin how becamse he lubavitch? what happened?

baalbatish said...

Many people sent their sons to Lubavitch because there were no other Chadishe yeshivas for the non-Hungarian crowd. Many Lubavitcher families come from these people, Others left and went onto other Yeshivas when they got older.
Chabad was mainstream Chasidic.

Yankee & Binah said...

Nice pictures thank you. Just a correction, my great grandfathers name was Yisroel Mordechai Teitelbaum, not Yitzchok Meir as you have it listed.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

An old time Lubavitcher who learned in "Bedford and Dean" (Lubavitch) and in Torah Vodaas once told me: In Lubavitch we hardly heard about the Rebbe. I had a Gerrer Melamed (Pesachovitch) and he never told us about the Rebbe. In Torah Vodaas, there we had Rabbi Rivkin, there we heard of the Rebbe!!!

Anonymous said...

'nice nice job- if they were ruzhin how became he lubavitch? what happened?'

I am reminded of another famous personality who was of similar background, who was niftar about a year ago, R. A. Blumenkrantz z"l, also of Ruzhiner background, who went to TTL as well.

After the war, the situation was more fluid, there were not as many options as there were before and after, people from different groups mixed and even married more than they might have otherwise.

Interestingly, in both cases, these great men left Lubavitch afterward.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I meant that he was the Gabbai of Reb Yitzchok Meir the old, old Kopyczynitzer Rebbe. I didn't even know his name. Thanks for informing us.

Anonymous said...

Oh -
Great picture of the Rebbe.
What a face.

By the way the Rebbe has Lubab einiklach. The Gurary's.

Anonymous said...

זייער חשוב'ע בילדער

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Aharon Schechter is holding Isaac Hersh prisoner in a concentration camp in Jamaica. The halacha of pidyon shivuim demands we do everything to ger Isaac released. Every day he spends in Jamaica in Tranquility Bay places his life at further risk. Please help.

Anonymous said...

UOJ Exclusive

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica:

A private jet carrying medical and legal professionals arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica yesterday where they were met by officials from the United States Embassy who escorted them to the Tranquility Bay compound.

Once there they demanded and were granted access to Isaac Hersh.

Isaac was taken to the Embassy where he confirmed on the record that he had been abused by his father, Michael Hersh while living at home and was currently being tortured and deprived of basic necessities in Tranquility Bay.

At the insistence of Michael Hersh who currently has legal custody of Isaac, Steve Mostofsky who is Michael’s attorney and Rabbi Aaron Schechter who is Michael’s spiritual advisor, Isaac was returned to the Tranquility Bay compound.

Affidavits , together with the first hand testimony of the medical and legal professionals is being presented to a Federal Judge in New York who is being asked to take custody of Isaac from his father, Michael Hersh.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I wish I knew what this has to do with Teitelbaum...

In any event the whole thing seems very strange. What kind of frum guy sends his kids to a reform school in Jamaica????

Anonymous said...

isn't Meir Harlig from a ruzhiner background as well?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

yes Meir is too, and his father would sit up front at farbrengens. His father was a Tchortkover במקור

MJR said...

Interesting fact:
Meir Harlig's grandmother and Israeli singer Shlomo Artzi's grandmother were sisters... and their brother was Rav Meir Schapiro of Lublin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact:

One of Rav Meier Shapiro's primary Rebbes was the heilige Shotzer Rebbe (Menuchas kvodo b'london habira) who apparently saw this precocious and genius youth growing up in Shotz and in danger of being diverted by anti-religious movements into studying medicinal sciences in university - so apparently the Shotzer Rebbe taught him much science at which he was an expert as well as Torah.

Ah, the days of yesteryear were so kedushash-saturated and literally thousands of kedoshim v'tzadikim walked this earth. We have no hasogo of their Gadlus. It is not Shayach in this Dor.

Moshiach come now for this and many other reasons!

Anonymous said...


Do you really need to delete part of my comment?

Can I really not write that DELETED

Is is that bad if one bashes the Lubavitcher Rebbe a bit?

There has been a nice amount of bashing of other Rebbes and ROshei Yeshiva on this site which I have seen.

How is the Lubavitcher Rebbe any different?

The only difference I see is that he is the only one that deserves the bashing!

Also, don't you find it a bit hypocritical that in a post about people pushing their agendas, you delete a post bashing the Lubavitcher Rebbe?

Now that is agenda pushing!

voodooqueen126 said...

Hi sorry to veer off topic for you good people, but may I ask if Rabbi Meir Herlig is the rabbi who is also a shadchan and made many shidduch?
If he is, may I please ask his father's name (aka is he Meir Ben ___)