Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bentzi Dunner, z"l

Top supporter of Mosdos HaTorah Vehachesed dies in accident



It's been a long time since the death of one individual caused such a stir amongst so many people. Bentzi was a special Baal Tzedokoh, one who gave because he wanted to help everybody and every institution that came asking for help. His loss is irreplaceable.

May we hear only good news.


psol said...

His uncle was maspid that he gave out over a million pounds of tzedoko on Purim.

And they say tsedoko is matzil mimovess?

Hirshel Tzig said...

you think Moves means means physical death?

Anonymous said...

psol- do you know when he was supposed t odie? or maybe c'v one of the three little children in the car who were saved?

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

"you think Moves means means physical death?"

Actualy, R Akiva made the same mistake as you, he thought it meant spiritual death, until an incident with his daugther showed him other wise!! Of course, that dosen't mean that it is a 100 % foolproof asuarance.

simon said...

Did you know him?
Actually the gemoro relates a couple of stories one of them with R'Akivas daughter to literally mean that it tsedoko saves one from physical death.
Reading vosizneias and is scary,leider so many tragedies.

Anonymous said...

Elisha ben Avuya was confronted with a similar dilemma.

Lub said...

No mention of the passing of R'Eli, even though he learned in Bedford&Dean.
Typical you playing politics, even at this time.
Course you''ll answer that 'other web sites cover it'.Yeah.And other websites cover 99% of what you write.
Typical Lubab gevorener.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Aaron Schechter is at it again. Poor kid.

Hirshel Tzig said...


I believe Dunner died 24 hours before him, give me time, you hater.


Hirshel Tzig said...

Agav, now that you mention it; did Reb Eli ever mention that fact to his talmidim and campers and others?

lub said...

Starting with besmirching the dead already??
I don't know that R'Eli z'l hid the fact, but continue with your garbage...

Anonymous said...

Oh and agav
How do you think I knew which yeshiva R'Eli went to,because he hid the fact???
You are a real disgrace to Chabad or any other group you plan on joining

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

"Agav, now that you mention it; did Reb Eli ever mention that fact to his talmidim and campers and others?"

Yes. I was a student in TT, and it was no secret. He was always a moderate Lubavitcher. As the crazyness got srtonger in CH, he got less, until he took Litvish son in laws etc. But he always had a big picture of the rebbe etc.

Anonymous said...

no one is irreplaceable. let it never get to your head. be a humble servant.

baalbatish said...

Let's ask the readers of the Yeshiva World, how many of them knew of Rav YH Dunner zt"l.
Interesting that the wailing in Klal Yisroel is so much greater when Dunner the rich man dies than when Dunner the last living musmach of the Hildesheimer seminary was niftar. The latter was by all accounts a simple humble man who served the Jewish people for over 7 decades. Who really cares about some old yekkishe geezer. In our generation the Godol is the one who throws money around and buys off the Twerskis and the Ungars. I'm sorry to make the analogy but there is a comparison with Governor Spitzer. These people use money to buy people. Twerski and Ungar come running like Pavlov's dogs when they hear the delightful tinkle of coins.

The above article from the Times of London discusses why high powered men are willing to pay big money for expensive prostitutes. A heimishe yungerman can't do that, so he buys off a couple of first class rebbes. The big guys need to show of their toys. Larry Ellison and Paul Allen have competing yachts.

Others own baseball teams. The heimishe moguls show off which rebbe came to my simcha, my house. Srul came to my house, Mendel came to mine.
The Rebbes are ready to ,excuse the language, prostitute themselves for a couple of million.
They are ready at his beck and call. They will at the drop of a hat come flying to a levaya of someone who did not dedicate his like to the life of the chossid but to to the life of a mogul. The hooker home delivered. Dying in a Bentley, indeed is the 21st century way of the Besh"t.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that thank Hashem for Yiden like Dunner we have orthodox Jewry flourishing at a tempo never seen before in our history since Shloma Hamelech, all because we have jews that pride themself in a godul visiting their house and not Woody Allen or Issac Bashevis Singer or some Baseball player dreck.
In the smart prewar Poland the millionaire orthodox or non orthodox could have his brethren die at his door, that why we had all the isms grasped the youth because a jew like Reb Shimele Zelichover was dying from hunger in his house in Cracow and nobody cared.

baalbatish said...

Dunner gets the credit! People like his grandfather who stayed in rabbonus or stayed frum when Orthodoxy seemd to be waning.They built yiddishkeit. Money can be replaced, Torah and yiras shomayim of a Godol B'Yisroel cannot be replaced. Montefiore, Rothschild and countless others are forgotten The One Above gave him the money and He will give it to someone else to disburse. I'm not knocking him. I'm criticizing the hypocrisy of those that that worship his money. His petirah is a tragedy for his family. His death is a tragedy for Klal Yisroel just like the loss of any other yid!

In the smart prewar Poland the millionaire orthodox or non orthodox could have his brethren die at his door, that why we had all the isms grasped the youth because a jew like Reb Shimele Zelichover was dying from hunger in his house in Cracow and nobody cared.
Are you kidding? You're smoking some real nasty weed.

Anonymous said...

My folks are from big cities, they can tell you facts from here to Canrsie on the above.

On Tzadikim Chazal said Shoslon Bechol Dor, but they didn't say it on Millionaires with big hearts, when RSR Hirsch would have a Jew like Dunner at his Disposal the Frankfurt based orthodoxy,would not be the inclusive tent that it was

baalbatish said...

Anon 9:18
Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Baal batish ret a bisel seichel I think. for a change

Anonymous said...

A someone who knew Bentzi A'H your crude summation of his Tzedokah motives as "These people use money to buy people" makes me want to throw up over you. Mind you, he was a kind of guy that would have given even you for any cause that you asked for, even if you would have said your nonsense to his face.

baalbatish said...

The Skverer Rebbe and the Bobover Rebbe are busy people. Give them the money and let them stay home. Why shlep them to London? The wealthy are like that. It's a show. Look at who I can manipulate. Look how high the trained seal will jump for me. It's the nature of the beast. I don't know if we wouldn't be the same in their position. The kasha is on the Rebbes, not on the rich.

Hendon said...

You apparently have no idea about what you are talking about.R'Bentzion did not 'shlep' anyone to London to get money, both Skver and Bobov have choshuveh kehillas here with chasidim begging for the Rebbes to come.
Really over the top to talk about a guy you know nothing about.
Btw his grandfather and father and uncle are well known personalities in London, it would be unreasonable for American readers of Yeshivaworld to know London rabbonim.
How many rabbonim in London do you know?
R'Benzion was a worldwide benefactor of yeshivos therefore he was quite well known

Anonymous said...

you are a ignorant moron balbatish. you are right when you are talking about an russian oilgarch who will do anythink to be pictured on a tabloid frontpage NOT about a living furnace of pure gold like benzi dunner who spent millions to people on matan besieser. so stop being so bitter

baalbatish said...

"makes me want to throw up over you"
"you are a ignorant moron balbatish"
"so stop being so bitter"

You missed the point.

Anonymous said...

A Rebbe that goes to London to get money to built a new development in NY with better housing for his flock is the right Toradige and Mentschlich thing,
the question is on the Rebbes that don't do it.
Btw, Reb Mayer Shapiro and all the Lithuaniann Roshie Yeshivahs were licking A.. in the USA to keep their yeshivahs runing. What exactly is your Dunner hangover.

abraham said...

his grandfather was a very famus rabbi who lived for over 90 years his prira was written up all over the jewish world

however his death didnt schock people so much as did the tragic death of a young person in his prime

is that so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

reb chaim kanievsky sent a message to his father immediately after the petiroh to say that as a result of bentzi's enormous tzedokoh he was granted an extra ten years of life

Anonymous said...

you people are disgraceful. how can you talk like this whilst his grieving family are not even up from sitting shiva yet. do you not have ANY rachmonus. you should never know what it means to lose a parent as a young child. here you are pulling a jewish persons name apart just for having money and using it properly. some would think of your comments stemming from jealousy....

baalbatish said...

Anonymous said...
Btw, Reb Mayer Shapiro and all the Lithuaniann Roshie Yeshivahs were licking A.. in the USA to keep their yeshivahs runing.
You are accusing me of being disrespectful of gashmiusdike rich guys while you allow yourself to comment on the great Roshei Yeshiva of the past in a (uhm) distasteful manner.