Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Something Wrong With This Picture?

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There's a new daily newspaper in (Israel) town. The Point (The Publisher Says) is to get away from the partisan politics displayed by the reigning 2 frum papers in Israel, and to tell it like it is, without worrying about offending this Satmar or that Vizhnitz or the other Bobov. So, they went around to some of the Gedolei HoRabbonim in Israel to get their Brochoh/Haskomoh, and they took pictures of the Rabbonim holding/reading the paper. People are outraged! How dare they "shame" the Rabbonim by snapping pictures of them reading the newspaper? After all, we all know that they never read the (frum) papers, and they get all their news from a little bird that flies to their windows.... The fact that there are pictures of Rav Chaim Ozer zt"l reading a Yiddish paper on Datshe means nothing to them, I guess, we're in constant "Achsher Doro" mode, we do things better....

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

There is a dehuminizing of the Gedolim, where can learn more and and feel closer if we realized they are human beings also.

Anonymous said...

An interesting story , when the Imre Emes ordered the Gerer people to buy the new Aguda daily in Warsaw, many older chassidim were a tad peturbed , so they followed the rebbe's lead they purchased the apper and then destroyed it.
Reading a paper by gedolim may lead to them being immune to the d\Daas Askonim that runs the show.
We now see how far sighted the Brisker rav and the Lubavitcher rebbe were when they forsaw a day when a secy in Frankfurt would set policy for the Aguda , today its just street people who decide policy.(although I must say the American Aguda is a organization run along civilized lines)