Thursday, February 5, 2009

יו"ד שבט - דעם רבינ'ס טאג

For Lubavitchers Yud Shvat is a day unlike many others. Rosh Hashonoh LeHiskashrus, some may call it, a day that Kochos are given to strengthen one's connection to the Rosh Bnei Yisroel, the leader of the Jewish people as we see it. The idea is that one cannot have the connection to G-d without the Tzaddik, or at least not the same connection. So the way to strenghten the connection to the holy one blessed be he is by "latching on" to the Tzaddik, מתאבק בעפר רגליו, if you will, and if that makes you feel better. The Tzaddik is Inganzten Bottul tzu Elokus, so he shleps you along. Somewhat. [This is how far I got yesterday, Yud Shvat. Then I was busy with work, and later with farbrengens. I've mentioned before how a proper farbrengen on a weeknight can drag you out of the mundane and take you a tefach hecher. It gives you the strength to continue, despite what the week has brung. (I can't believe I said "brung.") We heard about the FR's great love for Jews and of his work in spreading Torah and Chassidus to the masses, without concern for his own well-being. Meanwhile, the day has passed. The Tziyun was visited, Mishnayos was learned and Hachlotos Tovos were accepted, b"h.]

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Anonymous said...

ive never been to a frum funeral with a band.

shimon s said...

Hey, they forgot to photoshop that picture! (the cigarette)

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

what's wrong with a cigarette?!

Anonymous said...

So Tzig, who is your Tzadik now? With who/how are most Lubavitcher miskasher with the aibeshtir since the passing of RMMS?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

for most Lubavitchers nothing has changedas far as Hiskashrus goes. Au contraire, the Kesher is stonger now.

Friendly Anonymous said...

For those who the Rebbe taught Torah, he doesn't stop being their Rebbe just because he passed away.

As for the generation that will (iy"h) go into eretz yisroel, I takeh wonder where "Yehoshua" is.

Anonymous said...

So why do you need 7 generations of Rebbes each one slightly not as great as the previous generation? Let the kesher be with the AR? Just imagine how strong it would be now!

shlomo said...

"for most Lubavitchers nothing has changedas far as Hiskashrus goes. Au contraire, the Kesher is stonger now."

I think the above, just parrotted with absoloutely no thought given to how silly the words are, is my problem with the "new" Lubavitch.

Just Curious why, according to this twisted logic the "kesher' is even stronger?Why?The Rebbe died almost 15 years ago and was not able to function two years prior to that.How is that "kesher" stronger?
Nothing has changed either?Who are you fooling besides yourself?

puzzled said...

The idea is that one cannot have the connection to G-d without the Tzaddik,

or at least not the same connection.

The Tzaddik is Inganzten Bottul tzu Elokus,

Hirshel!!! for your level of Avoida why do you need such a [High] (bizarre) link to Hashem ,if you are looking for comradeship between fellow adherents then say so,

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...



why am I always on the spot here when it comes to my connection to Lubavitch? do I question your sincerity when you tell me that you like Reb so-and-so and you're close to him?!

Anonymous said...

I could understand someone who was a Chassid of the Rebbe for a number of years not "needing" a new rebbe when one passes, however Lubavitcher Chassidim younger than ~35 who never had anything to do with the Rebbe (other than receive dollars) who do they have a kesher with?

Anonymous said...

"do I question your sincerity when you tell me that you like Reb so-and-so and you're close to him?!"

No, but it doesn't matter who I'm close with and how close I am to them, because I'm not forced to have my shaychus with hashem depend on his existence. You on the other hand, without a kesher to a rebbe, are just a wayward soul.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Why does what he had in the past matter?

Also, if you're trying to put me down it's not working, since my connection even בחיים חיותו בעלמא דין was b"h not that limited.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

why should we be different? if my connection depends on it then so does yours.

Anonymous said...

I (anon 4:13) am not talking about you, I'm talking about people younger than 35 (or 30). If you fit in that age group, and had more of a connection than the average tam, good for you, but what about everyone else?

How can one form a new kesher with a non-alive Rebbe?

Puzzled said...

I was born and raised jewish i did not convert to something better , when i contemplated change as a teenager i was thinking about the future of my children more then my then urges, and decided to stay put i don't regret that decision, somehow i have the feeling that besides changing your social setting which was more to your liking for some reason or another your connection to Hashem is not better then mine so why such bizarre lingo about your connection to Heshem when in fact you are more connected to me "puzzled" because i read your blog and you read and comment a lot to my comments so you are mekusher to some anonymous person who when blogging is Leider not Butel Betzem

Anonymous said...

If you want to limit yourself, to that kind of connection, then ה' צלך and that's what your stuck with. People in klal yisroel who have other mahalachim, and don't need to come on to a Rebbe, are therefore not limited.

Do you have a problem with אלו ואלו or is you way the only way?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

That's the point! you don't REALLY have a different way. I bet you have a connection to a Rav or Rosh Yeshiva, and not only to hear his "Daas Teyreh" either. In essence you're not very different after all!

Anonymous said...

One טפח above ground is still לבוד to the ground.

LkwdGuy said...

I bet you have a connection to a Rav or Rosh Yeshiva, and not only to hear his "Daas Teyreh" either.

My connection with my RY is that I learned and whenever possible continue to learn torah from him. That's it.

My connection to hashem is in no way, shape or form related to my connection with my RY.

We most definitely DO have a different way.

Anonymous said...

It's more than to hear his daas tayreh, I hope being around him will rub off on me and I'll see the world hecher like he does, but that is nothing more than me shteiging.

I hope for him to shape me to learn better and deeper, but ultimately it's my learning.

I hope for his davening and yiras shomayim to rub off on me, but ultimately when I daven it's my davening, and my yiras shomayim.

And when he passes achar mayeh viesrim, it will my job to make sure I still grow without his influence, and that's the nature of it, אדרבה it's it's first when I'mm on my own, that I'll begin to shteig.

מדרש רבה במדבר פרשה יד פסקה ד
בעלי אסופות אימתי הם נטועים ד"ת באדם הזה בזמן שבעליהן נאספים מהן כל זמן שרבו קיים הוא היה מפליג לומר כל זמן שנצרך הרי רבי לפני ואני שואלו מת רבו הרי יגע ביום ובלילה לקיים תלמודו יודע הוא שאין לו למי לשאול הוי אימתי הן נטועין באדם הזה בזמן שבעליהן נאספים מהן

posen said...

Why are you not being truthful?
You got to know Lubavitch long after the Rebbe stopped seeing people beyechidus and a shortly before chof zayen odor (let's also not nitpick how long "shortly" is,k?)So what exactly do you mean by this :"since my connection even בחיים חיותו בעלמא דין was b"h not that limited."
"Not that limited" Dehaynu?You got a form letter from the Rebbe?
Is knowing about someone for a few years and passing by on a Sunday by dollars make a "connection"?C'mon, you are not being real.
If you had grown up with a Lubavitcher father who took you to 770 all the time and you had breathed and lived Lubavitch I could somehow accept that , though you knew the Rebbe as a young bochur it would leave a very powerful impression.

Dovid said...

I think it's a perversion to talk about a person who one can no longer talk to in Torah as growing in a "connection" to him.
How is one mekayem עשה לך רב.Do you think the mishna is talking about a deceased individual?

Anonymous said...

And gimmel tamuz is Rosh Hashana for ???

schneur said...

The film represents what is good and bad about Lubavitch of today. First we see the Levaya , really a mass funeral in NY in 1950 (when orthodoxy was considered nonsense) of thousands of Orthodox Jews of "alle shichte" Mah Norah ! We see the final kavod the Rebbe got. All of these is moving and worthy,
Then the propoganda machine comes in with its words and pictures basically saying that the 7th rebbe was more important and influential then his father in law.
And in the photo of the deceased rather than show the whole family you just show the rebbe and 1 son in law.
Why the need for any comment on the funeral film ??

Anonymous said...

Why is this narishe argument repeated so often? Lubavitchers base their hashkafah on the Rebbe's teachings. If you want to ding zich in the sichos, then go ahead. But it makes no sense to just ask a kasha, and that will conclusively prove the Chabad derech wrong. Nothing Tzig wrote in this post is not found in the Rebbe's own words. Lo aleinu telunoseichem.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit more bakavodik than the last levaya.

schneur said...

The cigarette, the Rebbe smoked Old Golds as he said because thats what we are -- the Rebbe and the Chassidim - Old Gold !!!

chaim said...

Another interesting thing was that by R'Yosef Yitzchoks funeral there are very few "traditional" looking Lubavitchers, almost everyone is without a beard apparently the vast majority were not chasidim at all, on the other hand by the Rebbes funeral the vast majority were real Lubavitchers with a weak component of non Lubavitchers

Anonymous said...

Lubavitchers base their hashkafah on the Rebbe's teachings...

Tzig is the one who said "why should we be different? if my connection depends on it then so does yours."

If Lubavitchers would only be able to accept their דרך is only one of many, %95 of מחלוקות in the past דור wouldn't have happened.

Anonymous said...

Please have patience as Tzig communicates with his handler to address the comments.

Friendly Anonymous said...

Tanya Perek Beis. Not that I understand it well enough to know how (or if) death changes anything, anonymous comments here notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

The only place where the AR discusses hikashrus is in michtav 27 by the histalkos of his rebbe Reb Mendel Horodoker ZY"A, and he writes based on the Zohar that its more then when he was alive, so what do you amaratzim want from the great TZIG

Anonymous said...

Why cant you get it, that no family or big family as a chassidus emphasize the black sheep? Chabad is open enough with its history I would say way too much.

Anonymous said...

The videos of the early years are norai noraios, Thanks,

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Thanks anon 7:22.

Psol etc: was he not succeeded by his The Rebbe? was there somebody out there who played Rebbe elsehwere?

Schneur: It's no machine. It's a few guys in an office with computers and software.

Danny said...

I was only 4 at the but I was there. When did hat go black and wide?

Anonymous said...

HT, Can you let the oilam know what happened at the lipshits (yated) wedding last night. Im hearing all kinds of crazy stories, R' avaram Schorr and lipa, and fist fights and who knows what else. some type of all out brawl.Can you find out?

webjem said...

Schneur: The clip of the Levaya and the subsequent titles were cut from a film produced in 1999 called "America iz nisht anderesh". It was a collection of vintage films of the Frierdiker Rebbe in America from between the years 1929 and 1950.

You rightly point out the unexpectedly large and diverse crowd present, and that in 1950, "orthodoxy was considered nonsense". It is for this reason the Frierdiker Rebbe's declaration that "America is no different" (from "di alte heim", yiddishkeit-wise) was regarded with skepticism. And it is for this reason the film ends off with a statement about the realization of that dream, in his lifetime and beyond, through his son-in-law.

Anonymous said...

To schneur (5:20) --

I don't understand that comment of yours.. The photo is of the "Accepting of US Citizenship" in the FR's office. There is no family to crop there; only clean-shaven men from the US government!

And if [I had mistook your comment, and] you had truly implied that [instead] a family photo should've been in place - there is no such available, AFAIK (Even one of all the FR's sons-in-law in one photo!).

Ha'Ikar, that m'zol shoyn ver'n tzuzamen with the Rebbeim ZY"A, along with shaar Beis Yisroel.

webjem said...

Mr. Tzig: Why do we get shrunk down to "guys with office and software"? I liked it much better when we were a machine. A bad, malicious, revisionizing machine.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I figured it would make for a kinder, gentler JEM. But if you insist, who am I to argue?

Milhouse said...

Off topic: DIDAN NOTZACH. It's fun to read the Taliban site and watch them lie through their teeth, as if people, as least those who can read English, can't read the two decisions for themselves and see exactly what happened. What are these idiots dancing for, they just lost? Do they really believe their own lies? Are they deluded enough to see some sort of victory here?

Milhouse said...

They say שקר אין לו רגלים, but these pictures prove otherwise.

An Ailmesher said...

The biggest problem with Lubavitch is the hiskashrus shita promoted by the last rebbe. The result is that Lubavitchers think more about the Rebbe than about hashem. One just has to listen to the post Mumbai speeches.

I marvel how Lubavitch is the group furthest from the chassidus of the Baal Hatanya than any other frum groups. Does any lubavitcher really believe or feel the כוליה קמיה כלא חשיב applies to the Rebbe?

Rav Shach taught clearer Hashkafas than the Rebbe. Rav Shach in the collection of his letters states that we don't have to listen to the Chofetz Chaim because the Chofetz Chaim said so, we listen to him because he's explaining to us what hashem states in his torah. The last Rebbe on the contrary said if it was up to him they would stop writing in a pidyon לעורר רחמים ממקור הרחמים because there is no need to go higher.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


you're splitting hairs. you make assumptions and decide based on what you assume. why does it matter how you explain it? both groups would say that they need to listen to their Rebbe - a Rebbe that was not listened to BeChayov, by the way - (the CC was NOT the final word at Asifos Rabbonim) only one group dresses it up better, by saying that they do it cuz he has Daas Torah. big deal.

Anonymous said...

Hershel says:why does it matter how you explain it? both groups would say that they need to listen to their Rebbe
No jews listen to hashem and talk about hashem more then their rebbe

Voted? said...

Hirshel says:by the way - (the CC was NOT the final word at Asifos Rabbonim) thats the reason RaMash didnt go to any asifus rabonim he couldnt stand to even apear being voted down and lahvdil the chofets chaim beside being rabon shel yisroel was a anov

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

עניו, right. That's why he came, to be an onov and not have his opinion accepted. right.

Tell me, you feeling OK?

Arthur said...

"The last Rebbe on the contrary said if it was up to him they would stop writing in a pidyon לעורר רחמים ממקור הרחמים because there is no need to go higher."
I wish to differ with you.Thats not what the Rebbe said.What he did say is that there is no need to say "mimokor horachamim vehachasodim ,vail der Rebbe der shver vais fun vanin men darf betten rachamim vichsodim".

feeling OK said...

He came without cheshboines of Gava like your rebbe ,he was an anuv and he wasn't holding back daaas torah because some one who holds different then him will vote him down,and appear for that instant bigger then him,and hershel will have proof 100 years later that he wasnt rabon shel yisroel
you see more people are learning his seforim today then from any godel in his generation so if he dosent have the Final Word he still has opinion quizzed in any topic he wrote about
and he did not do any PR work this should happen
i know in lubavitch they dont learn chufets chaim if they wouldhave learned they would have stoped all their narishkeiten

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

עפרא לפומיך
How do you know what his cheshbones were? were you there? did you ever see my Rebbe? speak to him? spend time in his presence?

Is there a bigger waste of time then going to an asifa of people you know don't agree with you, have them vote you down, and accomplish nothing?

The CC came to the asifa to get his way, not to be an Anav.

Naivete is cute, but only up to a certain age.

Shmuel Grainom said...

how in the world can you justify disparagement of the chofetz chaim?

allowing comments refering to anash as "taliban" just shows you for who and what you are.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

who disparaged? certainly not me.

Allowing? some people get their comments only glanced at, they have a certain chezkas kashrus. Milhouse is one of them.

All of a sudden you're worried about what I call "Anash?" You who had so many nasty things to say here???

Anonymous said...

An ailimisher
I don't know what Rav Shach is talking since he himself was shooting all his hashkafa from the hip, but the Chazon Ish writes that the Chofetz chaim is the lishchas hagozis, and his statements were ironclad,

Responsible Adult said...

Tzig, be fair. You did sound kind of disparaging.

Also, until recently I learned mishna brurah 3 nights a week with a lubavitch bachur. Strike one libel.

Apparently the bone of contention is two different derachim: The Chofetz Chaim held that it was important to voice his shitah by the asifos in the hopes that what he firmly held to be ratzon Hashem would be done.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe seems to have held that his words were tochacha rather than psak and came under the heading of "just as it is a mitzva to say what will be listened to it is also a mitzva not to say what won't be."

Now since everyone is hung up on history, let's go for a little statistics:
Slightly less than .2% (not 2) of the world's population is Jewish. About 20% of those are frum, using broad definitions of the term. Far less than half of those belong to either the Lubavitch or shtark litvish camps.
That being said, why can't you all tolerate each other?

Anonymous said...

Appears that Goat did not want to discuss the win or loss in court that millhouse was referring to.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Rebbe's sicha that the Mishna Berura was accapted in the world because of the Zechus of his great Ahavas yisroel, Let Tzig find it and posted for the crazies to see it,

efr said...

Responsible Adult
You ask why Lubavitch and the so called "Litvish" can't get on.
Lubavitch has a notion that they have to spread their wellsprings to every Jew,INCLUDING,Jews who are already frum.They have always targeted other frum yidden to become Lubavitch.How would it be possible for the other group to accept this?
Think about it for a sec.Litvish and Satmar disagree, many other groups disagree, but they get along.When you have to make sure that your naive son is not somehow talked into joining a Tanya shiur, which is the gateway to making him a Lubavitcher, it causes strife.That is what caused a lot of the problems between Satmar and Lubavitch, because of underground tacticts.

Anonymous said...

In the Litvish world of sipurim there goes a story that the CC arrived to a asifa uninvited that Reb Meir Simcha was the rosh hamdabrim and he got mad and asked the CC who invited you in here, you are just a dorfs rov or dorfs yid ( the idiot Kamanetzky has a few versions on this story in the infamous banned book)
The bottom line, he went to say his view with full confidence.

Anonymous said...

"Also, until recently I learned mishna brurah 3 nights a week with a lubavitch bachur. Strike one libel."

Let me guess it was one of with with "piskei haador hazaken" on botton

Isaac Balbin said...

Anonymous: I am not sure which Torah you have learned, but calling Rav Kamenetzky "the idiot" is completely uncalled for. I have listened to some of his speeches (on and he most certainly does not sound like an "idiot". I have read the banned book, and for the life of me, I still struggle to understand what was so offensive in it. I found some of the scholarship less than scientific, but it was transparent and if one had a different conclusion, I can't imagine Rav Kamenetsky being offended by such.

Speaking of scholarship, the previous "anonymous" cited a story about the CC. I for one, do not believe this story. Unless I am missing something, I was not aware that Rav Meir Simcha had the type of temperament usually attributed to the Rogachover. Ironically, if Rav Kamenetsky would have relayed such a "story" they would have banned him for the slur!

Anonymous said...

Only an idiot can write every bube masse in 7 versions my galicianer bube could say a story in 2 versions but not in 7 versions, You have to admit that only an idiot can stoop so low, Don"t get me wrong I love his gossip, but he is a narishe yente, and it doesn't bring kovod for a ben horav, The Mekor Boruch or Reb Meir Bar Ilans books are of much more taste,

Anonymous said...

The story is a big part of yeshivese stories, I saw years ago the Novominsker Rebbe telling the story in a Mishpacha interview in the name of Rav Shach by adding that that the only person the CC quotes in Mishna Berura that was still alive is Reb Meir Simcha to show that Ain Belibo Oluv. This is the legend, obviously you shouldn't use in a heter aguna, but its a legend.

shoyn said...

the sicha of the Rebbe regarding the MB is from hey teves mem ches, printed in hisvaduyos P 170, the following is a rough transalation

In honour of 500 years since birth of the R Yosef Karo, The Rebbe was making a shturem encouraging people to learn SA, especially OC, starting the SA, Remo, commentaries, SA of the AR halocohos with their reasons, and in regards to the entire OC, to learn MB, being that he was 'hoish hachofetz chaim', he merited that the MB has been accepted bitfutzos yisroel

Milhouse said...

I was there at that farbrengen, and my thought at the time was that the Rebbe had already made the Rambam a Lubavitcher proprty, and now he was doing the same thing to the Mishneh Brurah. I wondered whether the misnagdishe yeshivos would be throwing out their Misneh Brurahs, and maybe one could pick up a cheap set that way.

(BTW, in case you think my exaggeration had no basis at all, one of my cousins from Ner Yisroel told me that when he was there, one day the mashgiach got a his'orerus and put all the chassidishe sforim, e.g. the Chidushei Horim and the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch, in a locked bookcase. If you needed to look something up in one of these sforim you could ask the mashgiach for it.)

Isaac Balbin said...

Anonymous: It wasn't the Bube Ma'asehs that got Rav Kaminetsky into hot water, it was the true stories.

If you are going to call people who tell Bube Ma'aseh's idiots, then you'd have a hard time finding too many artscroll books and heilige newspapers that would have survived banning. They won't be banned because they elide the truth. Rav Kaminetsky is called names because he didn't hide the truth.

Ironically, if the story about R. Meir Simcha was true, then Rav Kaminetsky would have been banned for telling it, but others can allegedly publish it in "Mishpacha".

The real reason the CC was accepted was because the Chareidi world couldn't accept the Aruch Hashulchan's Psak about women's hair and hirhur and abandoned him.

gevezener ponovizher said...

i am looking at all the comments of the usual bitter sad people who have little happiness in life and have to restore to all the usual ibergekaikete taines of avoida zorah etc. it reminds me on the taines which the karoim have in their books prooving that the rabonim ( all of us who believe in teire shebeal pe )are kofrim because it says in tshba"p that kol hameharher achar raboi keilu meharher achar shchine or moire rabcho kemoire shomaim etc etc. so we are in good company and they ( these numerous anonymouses, aylimisher and all the other snags ) are also in a appopriate company of karoim. its also very interesting that just like with karoim one cannot argue because we are talking from a different premise - we believe in toshbea"p and they dont - similarly there is no common premise of toyre with these snags on this blog. i have tried a number of times answering their amaratsishe taynes( which never had any mekoyres or learning )about moshiach min hameisim, role of nessiim etc with some sources ( you can look back into archives ) but suddenly there was silence followed a few days later when they hoped my mekoires will be forgotten by the same amaratsishe empty allegations. keep up the good work! you are the best promoters of lubavitch and the best underminers of the farbissene misnagdim!

shoyn said...


הלכות חנוכה מנא לן?

"כמה התלונן רבינו על התופעה דאף שאכשור דרא, מכל מקום עדיין נגרע מזלן של ההלכות הצריכות לנו ולבנינו" (חצי שיעור)
הרב חיים רפופורט
קיום מצות תלמוד תורה

א) כאשר הדפיס רבינו זי"ע את קונטרס 'הלכות תלמוד תורה' לאדמו"ר הזקן (בשנת תשכ"ט) הקדיש חלק גדול מאחת מהתוועדותיו לציין עובדא זו. אז הדגיש שלא הדפסת הספר או קנינו מצ"ע היו חשובים לו ולכל ישראל, אלא סוף מעשה הוא שעלה במחשבתו תחלה; שאכן ילמדו ממנו על מנת לשמור ולעשות, דהיינו שיקיימו את מצות תלמוד תורה (והמצוות הקשורות במצוה זו) כהלכתה.

למרות כל הבקשות הנפשיות של רבינו ללמוד וללמד את 'הלכות תלמוד תורה', הנה, לדאבוננו, עדיין עדים אנו לחוסר ידיעה בהלכות אלו – חסרון המורה בעליל שעדיין ישנם רבים מאנשי שלומינו שלא למדו (או עכ"פ לא חזרו ושיננו היטב) את הארבעה פרקים של הלכות תלמוד תורה אשר בשו"ע אדה"ז. [ולהפוך בזכותם יאמר: אולי למדו הלכות אלו וחזרו עליהן תמידין כסדרן, אלא ש מאיזה סיבה שתהי' - תקפה עליהן משנתם. ובכ"ז, הרי ע"ד המבואר בענין "אונס דרחמנא פטריה" ד"כמאן דעביד לא אמרינן", הוא הדין והוא הטעם שאין בלימוד זכות זה כדי לשנות את המציאות ש"אין בור ירא חטא ולא עם הארץ חסיד" ].
חיוב לימוד 'הלכות הצריכות'

ב) אחת מההלכות היסודיות ב'הלכות תלמוד תורה' (פ"ב ס"ט) היא: "לימוד המביא לידי מעשה שהן הלכות הצריכות לכל אדם לידע אותן לקיים המצות כהלכתן וליזהר מליכשל באיסורים חס ושלום, והם [1] דברים שאי אפשר לישאל תמיד לחכם המורה שבעיר או [2] שלא יהי' יודע לישאל ולהסתפק כלל אם לא ילמדם תחלה, דהיינו רוב אורח חיים כמעט כולו, ומיעוט יורה דעה ומעט באבן העזר וחושן משפט כל הלכה ברורה בטעמה מהתלמוד ומפרשיו כמו הרא"ש או הב"י", הנה [לא מיבעי מי שהוא שכחן בטבעו וכיו"ב ש"צריך שיהי' כל לימודו בלימוד" זה, אלא] "גם מי שדעתו יפה שיוכל ללמוד ולזכור כל התורה שבע"פ, יש לו ללמוד ולחזור תחלה הלכות הללו הצריכות למעשה כי יש להן דין קדימה על שאר כל ההלכות שאין צריך למעשה כל כך".

ועוד זאת: "מי שלא הגיע למדה זו שיוכל ללמוד טעמי ההלכות ומקורן ואפילו בלימוד המביא לידי מעשה לבדו רק הלכות פסוקות לבדן אף אם יעשה תורתו קבע מחמת קוצר דעתו, ונקרא בור . . מן הדין יוצא ידי חובתו בקביעות עתים לתלמוד תורה לקיים מה שכתוב והגית בו יומם ולילה בקביעות עתים ביום ובלילה בכדי ללמוד ולזכור היטב לימוד המביא לידי מעשה בלבד שהוא חובה על הכל דהיינו השולחן ערוך מהלכות הצריכות לכל אדם לידע אותן בלי שאלת חכם" (שם פ"ג ס"ד).

את הדין האמור בהלכות תלמוד תורה על דבר חיוב לימוד הלכות הצריכות במיוחד שנה לנו רבינו זי"ע בהדגשה ובהטעמה מיוחדת כל ימי חייו עלי אדמות.

הנה דוגמא אחת מיני אלף:

"ידוע מ"ש אדמו"ר האמצעי בהקדמה לשולחן ערוך אודות החוב המוטל על כאו"א ללמוד שולחן ערוך, לידע את המעשה אשר יעשון, שזהו עיקר הלימוד (שהרי בנוגע לפלפול ושקו"ט אי אפשר לידע עד כמה מכוון הוא אל האמת), ובפרט בנוגע לחלק אורח חיים שנוגע לפועל ביותר, שהרי לעתים תכופים מתעוררת שאלה פשוטה באורח חיים, ולא יודעים כיצד להתנהג למעשה בפועל. ולכן, צריך כל אחד לעשות קביעות בכל יום, לכל הפחות במשך כמה דקות, ללמוד שולחן ערוך אורח חיים, בהלכות הצריכות למעשה בפועל, כמו דיני הפסק בתפלה לקדושה וכו', דיני ברכות הנהנין, וכיו"ב. ועיקר הכוונה בזה - לאו דוקא ללימוד מקורי הדינים בטור ובית יוסף כו' (שזה יכול לעשות מי שיש לו זמן לכך, ויישר חילו), אלא ללימוד השו"ע עצמו עם ה"באר היטב", ושאר ספרים שנתקבלו בתפוצות ישראל, שמזה שנתקבלו אצל בנ"י, מוכח, שנתקבלו גם למעלה. והעיקר - שתהי' הקביעות ללמוד הלכות הנ"ל בכל יום ויום" .
הלכות החג לפני החג

ג) במשנה תוקף דיבר רבינו על דבר לימוד ההלכות הצריכות 'שלשים יום לפני החג' וכיו"ב, והדגיש שחובת לימוד זה שוה לכל נפש היא, כקטן כגדול, יושבי אהל ובעלי עסקים, בחורים וגם בתולות זקנים עם נערים – כל חד וחד לפום שיעורא דילי'.

וכמה התלונן רבינו על התופעה דאף שאכשור דרא ונתרבו ספסלים בבתי מדרש ללון בעמק העיון, בסוגיות קלות וחמורות, מכל מקום עדיין נגרע מזלן של ההלכות הצריכות לנו ולבנינו - כולל הלכות החגים והמועדים - שבכמה מקומות עדיין מונחות הן בקרן זוית ר"ל.

ודברים כדרבונות דיבר רבינו: "ברובא דרובא חסרה הידיעה דהלכות הצריכות בחיי היום יומים, והיינו כפשוטו בהלכות ברכות הנהנין, הפסק בתפלה, מוקצה בשבת כו' וכו', ולדאבון הרב וביני לבינו ככל אשר תגדל ידיעת הבחור או האברך בתורה תמעט אצלו הידיעה בהנ"ל. והרי ידוע פסק משנה שלא המדרש עיקר אלא המעשה, ובפרט מעשה בענינים הבאים לאדם מדי יום ביומו ואשר ברובא, המציאות דהלכות הנ"ל אין פנאי לעיין בספר אלא צריך להחליט על אתר. ולמרות כל זה לא ראינו משתדלים בלימוד הלכות אלו, ולא רק שאין משתדלים בזה אלא שנעשה זה ענין של מהיכי תיתי, וכחלק התורה המשתייך לעמי הארצים ולנשים, אף שידוע ומפורסם שזה הי' מתקנת משה רבנו הראשונות, ללמוד הלכות חג בחג ולפני החג שהוא מפני טעמים הנ"ל. ועיין בשו"ע רבנו הזקן ריש סימן תכ"ט ובהלכות תלמוד תורה סוף פרק א' ולשונו של רבינו הזקן באגרת הקודש בסופו ". עד כאן לשון רבינו. ואנן מה נענה אבתרי'!
חסרון לא יוכל להמנות?

ד) הנה בנוגע לרוב חלקי שו"ע 'אורח חיים' אשרינו מה טוב חלקנו שזכינו לשו"ע אדמו"ר הזקן (או סידורו) שהלכה כמותו בכל מקום.

וכבר גזר אדמו"ר האמצעי על כל אנ"ש "שיעשו חק קבוע בכל מנין ללמוד ולהגות בהלכות אלו בכל ספר זה שבא בדפוס כל של חלק שולחן ערוך אורח חיים כמעט מראשו לסופו שזכינו והשגנו . . . כמעט מראשו לסופו".

ואכן, בעלי עסק ויושבי אהל הרוצים לשנן את ההלכות הצריכות לומדים בכל יום שו"ע אדמו"ר הזקן, כמצווה עלינו בתורת רבותינו נשיאנו, זכותם יגן עלינו.

אבל דא עקא, שכמה וכמה סימנים חסרים משולחן רבינו, כך שנבצר ממנו ללמוד סימנים אלו מתוך שולחנו הטהור, וגם בחלק 'אורח חיים', הגיעו לנו רק רובו ['כמעט מראשו לסופו'] אבל לא כולו ממש. והשאלה נשאלת מאליה: בשלמא אלו שזמנם פנוי ודעתם רחבה הרי יכולים ללמוד ההלכות מהסוגיות בש"ס, גפ"ת ועוד ראשונים, רמב"ם טור וב"י, שו"ע מג"א וט"ז, ובעזרת ה' יבררו את ההלכה ויסיקו שמעתתא אליבא דהלכתא. אבל מה יעשו אלו שאין זמנם או מוחם פנוי? גם הם רוצים לידע את המעשה אשר יעשון ואלה אשר לא תעשינה אבל אין להם פנאי לצלול בים התלמוד והפוסקים!

השאלה תוגדל פי כמה בנוגע להלכות חנוכה ופורים וכיו"ב שכל הסימנים השייכים למועדים אלו ודיניהם לא הגיעו אלינו; הם פשוט חסרים בשו"ע אדה"ז, מקומם נפקד וחבל על דאבדין.

יש אמנם אפשריות ללמוד שו"ע עם באר היטב [כפי שהי' נהוג בתפוצות ישראל בשנים קדמוניות], או ללמוד קיצור שולחן ערוך וכיו"ב [כפי שנהוג גם עתה בכמה בתי כנסיות, חדרים ובתי ספר ]. אבל מובן וגם פשוט שאין קיצורים אלו וכיו"ב מהווים תחליף למי שרוצה ללמוד את כל הלכות חנוכה ופורים לאשורן כמו שאנו לומדים את הלכות שאר חגי ומועדי השנה וכל הלכות אורח חיים "כמעט מראשו ועד סופו".

כמדומני שהוראה ברורה בענין זה יש לנו בשיחת רבינו בהתוועדות ה' טבת ה'תשמ"ח, כאשר דיבר ע"ד נחיצות קביעות עתים והוספה בלימוד השולחן ערוך "והדגשה מיוחדת בנוגע לחלק 'אורח חיים', אשר, כשמו כן הוא – פסקי דינים המהווים 'אורח חיים' דכאו"א מישראל בחיי היום יום, שהרי אי אפשר לשאול רב מורה הוראה על כל צעד ושעל כו' (משא"כ שאר חלקי השו"ע)".

באותו מעמד קבע רבינו שלימוד השולחן ערוך – "כולל גם ה'מפה' דהשו"ע – הגהות הרמ"א . . וכן נושאי כלי השו"ע ופשיטא – שולחן ערוך של רבינו הזקן, הלכות בטעמיהן, ובנוגע לכל השולחן ערוך חלק אורח חיים - חיבורו של המשנה ברורה, אשר, להיותו 'האיש החפץ חיים', זכה שנתקבל חיבורו בתפוצות ישראל".

ממוצא דברי רבינו אלה אנו למדים:

שה'משנה ברורה' אינו 'סתם ספר' שיש להתחשב בו או ללמוד בו לעת מן העתים. מרהיטת לשון רבינו אנו רואים דסבירא לי' שה'חפץ חיים' הוא פוסק שנקבע מקומו אצל גדולי עמודי ההוראה, וחיבורו 'משנה ברורה' קנה שביתה במדף ספרי ההלכה היסודיים וה'קלאסיים': המחבר והרמ"א (ונו"כ), שו"ע אדה"ז והמשנה ברורה. הרבי קבע שהמשנה ברורה "זכה שנתקבל חיבורו בתפוצות ישראל", וא"כ צ"ל שחל גם על המשנה ברורה מ"ש רבינו (כנ"ל ס"א) בנוגע לספרי הלכה "שנתקבלו בתפוצות ישראל" – "שמזה שנתקבלו אצל בנ"י, מוכח, שנתקבלו גם למעלה".

ועל כן נראה לומר דכיון שישנם חלקים מסויימים החסרים בשולחן ערוך אדמו"ר הזקן, ולאידך גיסא הרי חיבורו של המשנה ברורה הרי הוא על "כל השולחן ערוך חלק אורח חיים", הרי כאשר נעדר ממנו ללמוד בשולחנו הזהב של רבינו הזקן, יש ללמוד ב'משנה ברורה'. ועל כן, כאשר ימי החנוכה ממשמשים ובאים יש לחזור על הלכות חנוכה מתוך ה'משנה ברורה', ובהתקרב ימי הפורים הבעל"ט עלינו לחזור וללמוד דיני מצוות היום מתוך ה'משנה ברורה', כי כבר קיימו מלמעלה את מה שקיבלו מלמטה!