Thursday, November 27, 2014

יארצייט הגאון ר' ברוך בער פון קאמעניץ זצ"ל - 75 שנה

Remember how Dos Yiddishe Vort would recycle the articles about the Holocaust at every interval? 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, etc. We'll do a מעין of that and post a few oldies. You can also use the search bar on the top left corner to find more posts about RBBL.  I saw in di bletter that they've located his מקום מנוחה after all these years and are placing a מצבה there. 

2 years ago's post
The ever-popular "?למה נקרא שמו ברוך דוב"
דאס ביסאלע חסידות


yankel said...

Look at the amohlige fights on this blog. Mamesh a nachas. We have had more than five years of the cherson genizah and golems and other such important issues. We still haven't figured out the answer.
And now we have to deal with new issues like whose refusenik is bigger or more refused?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

so you like the amohlige fights, Yankel?

Kluge rebetzin said...

"amohl" they also said "amohl"

yankel said...

No, but the fights taught me one thing. Nobody in Lakewood has the strong feelings and convoluted conspiracies about Chabad like Chabad have about everyone else.
Your mission statement on this blog was telling enough. There is precisely one website that bashes Chabad. Just one. And it is not very good. There are literally dozens of pro-Chabad websites out there. Including blogs and official websites. No mainstream Charedi newspaper will express what most people really feel about Chabad (not hate, just apathy and skepticism about their massive effectiveness). Yet you felt the need to counter the Chabad-bashing prevalent in the blogosphere.
The only society I know of that is based on so many conspiracies and hatreds with such complex cheshbonos is the Arab street. Any book about them reminds me of your issues.
Yes, there are some interesting links, but this blog has brought out somehing pretty negative about Chabad.
Lighten up and rejoin society. With Chabad's drive and everybody else's sechel, maybe the world could be changed.

rebcharles said...

i'm certainly not a Chabadsker, but I say:

Chabad's drive zeht menn טאג טעגלעך

Everybody else's sechel, דאס זיכט מען מיט לעכט

Unknown said...

Anyone notice the tiny letters on the new מצבה? Who wrote the נוסח?
I was expecting Israeli style flat, so it shouldn't get knocked over.