Friday, November 21, 2014

בענין קו התאריך - קובאו"י שבט-אדר תש"ע


Amielus Hatorah said...

the Amaratzim cloaked as Yeshivaliet etc... are usually mum when you put up a real deep torah article. They are vocal when you are talking of the ARIM (exterior) of torah, but not when you touch the torah itself.
As a Avid reader of your blog how see this experience constantly

J. said...

There's lots of back and forth between R. Schwadron and his critics in the following editions. R. Schwadron does a great job, imvho.

Superintendant chalmers said...

I posed this question in another thread- anyone know why Rav chaim Zimmerman's opnion is not mentioned here?