Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Morning Links

Zionists Debate Rescue of Hungarian Jews 5/25/44
Austrain Synagogues Memorial Project
Michael Brown, you say? Justice for Amit Bornstein!
OTML:1830 Galicianer RaMBaM (?ע"ד וואס פארשטייט א פרענק אין א רמב"ם)
NYT:The Conflict and the Coverage


chusid101 said...

The satmar lie exposed. That the Zionist wanted Jews to get killed in order for them to get a Medinah. They specifically accused Y Greunbaum for writing Rak bedam thiyeh lanu haarets. (A letter that was never found even though every official Zionist letter was archived)
Here u see Gruenbam agreeing that they should send money not trucks like Reb Weissmandel suggests in his min hametsar.

Lazer Epstien said...

Thanks for posting this zionist info.
It takes off a big chilul hashem and a Kitrug on Yidishe kinder that this Bilams of Williamsburgh concocted and made it in to a fact