Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Morning Links

האלמנה זעקה: בגלל המחלוקת הגיע הטבח
Slate: Yiddish Thrives Online
HefkerVelt: Will new influx of Satmar families in Lakewood change the landscape?
Gary Rosenblatt went to a big dinner Sunday Night

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dovy j said...

there is no landscape in lakewood to change anymore.
the middle-aged are clamoring to move in, as are the chasidim seeking "billig" housing. the young (especially) the yeshivish are dying to get out. 10 years ago only the shvachste yungaleit (that still wanted to stay in learning) were willing to go out of town. today, you could make another 10 kollelim in cleveland and fill them in a day with real yeshivaleit dying to move out of town.
bme monsey is bursting at the seems with guys who in the past would've came to lakewood, even though bme had nothing to offer them besides being "not bmg"
this is the legacy of aaron, which has destroyed the mesorah of rav aharon.
years ago, a talmid chochom met aaron and asked him, "Do you know what your name means? It means you never saw your grandfather." how right he was.