Tuesday, April 12, 2016

החסיד ר' שמואל ע"ה גאלפערין שו"ב - 60 שנה

A recent article in Kfar Chabad magazine - (Yes! They still publish!) - where an eynikel remembers his zeide. Also, some bonus pictures, courtesy of Lubavitch Archives. Here was a Chossid who stayed behind in Russia, lived a life of Torah and Chassidus until his last day, and raised a beautiful Chassidic family under those circumstances. 


per diem rabbi said...

tzig: A recent article in Kfar Chabad magazine - (Yes! They still publish!)

Lubavitch used to publish children learning monthly's with great insight's in yiddish! but now they print some publications in english, or Hebrew for grown-ups, now when yiddish florishes they are not there, its the "children of yesterday" teadition mesora! that they capitulated on, to give them a modern day english/hebrew education, as was done with the litvishe masses.


פעליעדהייזער שוחט said...

אין וואס מיט די זכרונות פֿון ר׳ מאָטל ליפֿשיץ, ז״ל, וואָס האָט כּמעט 30 יאָר געדינט װי דער אפֿיציעלער מאָסקװער שוחט און מוהל

Pinchos Woolstone said...

We are the midgets sitting on the shoulders of such giants

prospect park bencher said...

we? talk for yourself.

shmelka bergman said...

Hirshel "prominent in the Orthodox Jewish community" members, are being investigated on corruption charges! why don't you do a lecture-rap how these bad apples ruining our upper west side prestigious rich and powerful reputation!¿ I can't even get a shwarma around the corner without being frowned on! I mean I don't even have a beard but my nose said it all! oy vey!

"Sources have said that the joint investigation is focusing on whether the two businessmen, prominent in the Orthodox Jewish community, gave police officials gifts in return for helping in their businesses or in their communities. The two businessmen also have ties to the de Blasio administration."

What you need to know about the NYPD corruption probe