Monday, April 18, 2016

פרסום ראשון!!!!! מכתב כ"ד ניסן תשכ"ג

A recently-discovered letter dated 24 Nissan, 5723. This letter is not in the Igros Kodesh, and not in any English publication either. as far as I understand. The addition of the word "some" in the Rebbe's handwriting  (paragraph four) is worth a million dollars. The foregoing of some of life's pleasures... לעילוי נשמת מרת רחל בת ר' אשר זעליג יאהרצייט י"א ניסן. link


מאיר אמסעל said...

זכותו יגן לכל הנלוים אליו

Anonymous said...

Was this letter ever signed by the Rebbe and actually mailed?

מי יהודי said...

! פירסום ראשון

JPupdates is the first to report localy:

"Demonstrators Call for Banning of Chabad in Russia"

by Menachem Rephun, JPupdates

Berel Lazar, denied the demonstrators claims that they were only opposed to Chabad, rather than Jews as a whole.

“The attempt to present Chabad as one thing and the Jewish community as another is false,” Gorin was quoted as saying by JTA. 

Hirshel what's up with this declaring by Rabbi Lazar, that Lubavitcher and Jews are one and the same! I heard rumors to the contrarily like that before in Brooklyn, but now in Russia too ? do we have a birther issue in lubavitche coming up?

just asking said...

whose signature is that!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ד"ר ניסן מינדעל