Monday, August 18, 2008

The Answer to Drudge

It's Chrudge!

I recently came across the site and was quickly impressed. It's clear, concise and uncluttered. You see everything right in front of you, without those lousy flashing ads distracting you eyes. Yes, it focuses on Chabad and Chabad happenings, but it also branches out into the general and Jewish world. The layout seems to be modeled after the Drudge Report, and the name is a catchy one too. He links to blogs and other websites with a twist of his own in the link telling you his opinion of the story, which gives the reader an idea of what he/she's gonna read.

I wish him lots of luck.


Lutziner said...

Do we REALLY need another one of these inane news sites?

Fred said...

sure its not urself Tzig?

Anonymous said...

The Na Nach's now have "NUDGE". It's actually a Neb Site.

EndOfWorld said...

Amazing. You link to him, he links to you, and the world goes round and round :)

I'm pretty impressed with this site so far, will check out more