Friday, March 2, 2012

"Ateres" goes to Poland

Time with Reb Boruch Mordche Ezrachi, pride of Chevroner Yeshivah, son-in-law of the Mashgiach Reb Meir (Paritcher) Chodosh husband to Rebbetzin Shulamit Ezrachi and brother of Reb Yitzchok Ezrachi of DaMir, is always special. Some of you may remember the now-famous story that RBME tells where he thunders "יצחק אלחנן שמאלה" - this video, of a trip to Poland, is very special as well. This video was sent לזכות את הרבים by a very good friend of Circus Tent. בחור "עטערעס'ניק זה משהו מיוחד. All the negatives of חברונ'ער ישיבה without the positives. אזוי זאגט דער וועלט.



snagville said...

After watching this beautiful video, I am trying to silence the cynical voices in my head that are telling me to write about the theatrics of RBME and the irons of him visiting all the Chasidishe mekomos and just focus on the beauty and clarity of some of the scenes. I have NEVER seen Auschwitz and some of the other concentration camps so up close and personal. Wow. That was really powerful. And be honest with yourselves I am sure it is as hard for all of you as it is for me to realize how these places are not really black and white like they are when we picture them in our imagination. What color. When they are going on the train and rushing by the beautiful countryside and woods I can't help but picture the Yidden trying to hide in the forests. Where did they get food from? And we fight about Shtussim all day???? I give up. Hashem Yazor.

עד מתי said...

Hirshel, "this video, of a trip to Poland, is very special"

יודעלעך שרייט עד מתי

According to the אר"י הק' : במקום שנהרגו שם ישראל יש רוח מסאבותא וסכנה לילך לשם

But even more so this people are נעבּעך ignorant living under the same murderers who where implicated of this atrocity and now there is a סכנה ח"ו that it could happen again! - Since 5 million יודן are concerated in one place - צדקה עשה הקב"ה בישראל שפזרן לבין האומות - souronded by 100 million arabs! Yet, they speak this לשון הקליפּה שלהם

עד מתי לעדה הרעה 'הציונים' הזאת

ג' שבועות הללו למה?..אמר רבי אלעזר: אמר להם הקב"ה לישראל: אם אתם מקיימין את השבועה - מוטב, ואם לאו - אני מתיר את בשרכם כצבאות וכאילות השדה".

Unfortunately, ועדיין מרקדין עם השטן

ACK said...

Hirschel - WOW! What a video. Thanks for posting. See what you can't give this up, where else would we find such gems.

Do you know what was behind this trip? I can't figure out the connection between the members of this group. Any insight?

On another note, this changed my view of RBME. He seems so genuine in this video, as opposed to the general view of his normal theatrics.

Mimushnik said...

א גרויס'ן יש"כ זייער אינטרסנט

CHAIM said...

Tziggele,how can we thank you for this amazing video,must have used up half a box of kleenex watching this,ZOLST ZEIN GEZUNT UND SHTARK BIZ A HUNDRED UND TZVANTZIG,and don't you dare give UP your MELECHES HAKODESH with this blog

Lukshen Torah said...

Ad Misai

"אר"י הק' : במקום שנהרגו שם ישראל יש רוח מסאבותא וסכנה לילך לשם"
I guess Reb Nachman didn't hold this Arizal or kevayochel didn't know this Arizal, since he wanted to be buried in Uman because of the 1000's of kedoshim that are buried there,and according to reb Nussen wanted all to come there for Rosh Hashana,
How about going to reb Shlomele Karliners kever? or Reb Akiva Kever?

tziki kedera said...

Lukshen torah... Please a מקור for this ארי״זל...

ej said...

I thought this video wasn't much. The goals seem to be diffused, a little tourism, pray at the gravesite of a tzadik or two, take in 2-3 concentration camps. The rabbi says they were there to be medabek with the yeshivos and tzadikim and that's pretty much what he sees. He babbles about R. Chaim Brisker, the Chidushei HaRim because that's what he knows and likes.He knows little about the Holocaust itself, or Polish chassidus.I saw in the video the distiguished Chicago philanthrophist Jack Rajchenbach, who was born in Poland and must be more knowledgeable, but he sits there quietly saying nothing. Warsaw,Crackow, Lublin, they all drift by, each getting pretty much the same speech.The voice over nigunim create a schmaltzy sentimentality, pushing the horror, the absolute awfulness even further way.This is The Holocaust for Dummies, not the way the subject should be treated.

In the Berlin Jewish Museum at the end, having viewed exhibits of the 1000 years of German Jewry,you walk down a long corridor and are told to go into this room and stay there for a while. The room is cold, very cold, very dark, perfect silence. You leave shaking and scared.

קיגעל שלנו said...

Lukshen Torah: "since he wanted to be buried in Uman because of the 1000's of kedoshim that are buried there" "Reb Akiva Kever?"

Please a מקור for this Uman shtig? Also Reb Akiva wasn't killed where his kever is. BTW Even more so reb akiva was reb shimon's rebbe every thing reb shimon knew came from reb akiva, yet we don't hold any יאר"צ for reb akiva why? and why because ת"ח המוסר עצמו למות על דברי תורה, אין אומרים דבר הלכה משמו ב"ק ס"א so we don't celebrate his יאר"צ their is long הסברים בס"חon this, so is on the מקור for the אריה"ק ... I'll not write more details here כך קבלני מבית אבא take it or leave it.

בת מלך said...

tziki kedera "Lukshen torah... Please a מקור for this ארי״זל...

I also heard the reb motele viznitz from monsey wanted to go tehre he went to SR z"l and the SR asked why he wants to go and he replied he wants to say a kadish there and SR told about the ארי״זל and he didn't go!

הסכינה בציקי קדרה said...

tziki kedera: "Lukshen torah"

הסכנה הוא במקום שנהרג ולא במקום שקבר

YONI said...

שלום לכולם
אני לא יודע לכתוב טוב באנגלית אז אשתמש בשירותי התרגום של גוגל סליחה
קוראים לי יוני איזנשטיין ואני יוצר הסרט
המסע לפולין יצא בערב ראש חודש אלול
בראשות הגרב"מ אזרחי שליט"א יחד עם קבוצת בוגרים ותורמים של הישיבה
אומנם היינו רק כחמישה ימים בפולין שזה זמן מועט בשביל להספיק הכל
אין לתאר את האוירה שהייתה במסע אווירה של התרוממות רוח והידבקות בגדולי התורה בפולין
אני רוצה לציין עוד... שאומנם בסרט לא יכולתי להוסיף את כל דברי הגרב"מ
אבל במהלך המסע ליד כל מקום בו היינו הוא השמיע דברים הנכנסים אל הלב בטוב טעם
אני מקווה שהסרט מעביר ולו במעט את האוירה שהיתה במסע

שאו ברכה
יוני איזנשטיין

Hello everyone
I can not write good English, so I will use Google's translation service, sorry.
My name YONI Eisenstein and I create a movie
Trip to Poland was the eve of Rosh Chodesh Elul
Civilian-led Hgrb"m Shlita with a group of alumni and donors meeting
Although we were only about five days in Poland it was little time to do everything
Not describe the atmosphere was a campaign mood of celebration and Torah sages infection in Poland
I want to point out more ... That, although the film could not add all the words Hgrb"m
But the journey at any place where we were, he made ​​things entering into the tasteful heart
I hope the movie moves even slightly the atmosphere was a journey

Shaw blessing
June Eisenstein