Saturday, March 10, 2012

יארצייט - דער רבי דער "פני מנחם" זצ"ל

פני מנחם - שנה אחרונה


schneur said...

Chassiduth needs another Rebbe like Rabbi MMS. It does not matter if he is called Lubavitcher, Tel Aviver or Gornishter.
This rebbe is not involved with silk robes, kavod, malchus and shtusim.
He is a rebbe 24-7. He does not vacation in Palm Beach. He cares about Klal Israel not zayne mentchen. He disopenses advise not shtussim about nonsense.
He knows the realities of the jewish people, Israel, US Jewry outside of Metro NYC. He cares about Reb Yisroel as much as Klala Yisroel
he is not overlly concerned how his father would have reacted. Dor dor vedorshav.His nesius is more than beinga shoshpilelr and a Cantor or a good dancer who macht noch tenuoth from a different time and place.The nesius is not a vehicle for great weddings and fancy shidduchim with other shoshpiller which ends in a great theatrical event in an armory.
In the current issue of Shma Magazine Zalamn Schachter writes about himself as a "rebbe"Believe me its a breath of fresh air and honesty.

Tomoshaver said...

The father of the 3 gerer Rebbes,Reb Avrohom Mordechai, was of the caliber of Reb MMS. He had quite a broad view on Klal Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel, but his son the Bies yisroel was extremely one track minded,His BIl Reb Itche Mier kept the old style runing, but as of now it is a very enclosed self centered comunity,

WBK said...

The Bais Yisrael was not "extremely one minded" when it cam to his relationship with other streams of Yidden. To the contrary, what you heard here from the Pne Menachem at the end of his drasha echoes what he saw and heard from the Bais Yisrael. It is true that in his later years the Bais Yisrael was more demanding from his own chasisdim than he had been when he was first rebuilding Ger. But when it came to inter-group relationships, between different chasidim or between the chasidish and litvish wings of the Agudah, the Bais Yisrael was a voice of moderation. And the Pnei Menachem during his all too short period as Rebbe followed the same derech. By contrast, the Lev Simcha was a far greater kanoi. The current Rebbe often seems to follow his father's mehalech.

Tomshover said...

My intention was not to portray the Bies Yisroel as a person that could not get blond with Jews outside of Ger,
Its the opposite, outside of his chasiduth he has no message on leadership of Klal Yisroel, on no issue, he was very passive and relied on his BIL Reb Itche Mier, he was involved obsessively with his inner hanhoga of Komandentan and lifestyle takonath.