Thursday, May 10, 2012

מחותנים מיט ר' שמעונ'ען

ספרי חסידות למכירה במירון

 Of course all Jews have a connection with RaSHBI, but some of us feel closer, since we like to think that we are עוסק in his teachings. The Karliner, or other Chassidisen that have strong roots in the Holy Land, consider themselves gantze mechutonim just from the fact that they build large fires to honor his name. I'd like to think that celebrating Reb Shimon's essence is more than any bonfire, as important as that may be , and is. Yes, Kabbalists may feel like they're in the front row, but we all know that it's all in there. All the Kabboloh you need is in Chassidus.

  Chassidus Chabad.


Ma Ahane Lon Rabunon, said...

All the Kabboloh you need is in Chassidus.
and all chasidus you need is in lekitei siches

hdu hu dicsiv yetoiru chadushu miEti sietzei

N Fox said...

From someone who goes every year and am there now a true thanks goes out to reb yossi halperin the shliach to miron who works overtime all year and especially the weeks till lag bomer to pull off a huge kidush shem lubavitch!! They sell and give away thousands of sifrei chasidus and kuntreisim... !!!

Chochom from the Ma Nishtana said...

By the looks of the props it does not look to me like the Tzfasi meshugoyim are in charge there as the wording for Moshiach is normative.

pitputim said...

This argument is used perhaps too much.
All the Nigle you need is in Chassidus
All the mussar you need is in Chassidus
All the Kabolo you need is in Chassidus.

Nu, so only learn Chassidus?

If not, then you should learn all the others, including Kabolo if you are that way inclined.

chaim said...

"All the Kabboloh you need is in Chassidus."

I"m scratching my head trying to understand this "pearl of wisdom" :Do you mean that there is no need to learn kabbala, for the layman, since it's already incorporated in chasides?