Thursday, May 3, 2012

הצלם יוסי מלמד ז"ל

  כמה מילים לזכרו

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Admirer of yossi said...

I knew Yossi very well
He was so sweet calm nice , he was a נועם המידות
But that is not good for Chabad no
the fact that he photographed the rebbe ,Ahh that's his yichus ! Crazy people . Do you even realize there is no mitzvah or even an inyan to photograph rebbes? You get no mitzvah or schar for that.but being the amazing person he was that you get schar for. I keep him for thirty years I just found out now how much he photgraphed Lubavitch I knew the man not tge propaganda machine.
P.s I think he hung around crown heights for the eclectic mix,and not for spirituality .
So why is that his obituary ? I gues anything o give מלכות to the king is the main objective