Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The BOF has his say on the Citifield happening


The Bray of Fundie said...


Your a pal

The Bray of Fundie said...

c'mon people. i know that some of you are reading it. Can't you leave a comment either here or there?

bpunbound said...


Wish I had more time...as usual, well thought out and cogent.

I disagree on your assertion that unfiltered internet access, being an unprecedented and nearly irresistible nisayon in both Znus (אחרי עיניכם) and Qefira,(אחרי לבבכם), qualifies it as sitra achra or, as i prefer, sholosh kleipes hatmeos. we have the power to direct it and raise it letoiv or consign it to Ra. its as much noigeh as the average ccity block in Manhattan, if you have a reason to be there, you need to figure out how to deal with it.

Having said that, I wouldnt say its a mitzvah to deliberately and knowingly 'stroll through times square' (i'm dating myself) if we have alternatives. consequently, i direct the readership to opendns.com, which is identical to yeshiva.net at a tenth the price(sorry rabbi gottleib). if you want to screen pictures with skin tone, use SafeSquid.


1) if this issue become one more opportunity to 'lord it over' us plebians and begin exclusionary tactics, im agin' it. we are already hearing the retoric coming from the usual quarters (rodney and lee, for one) of kofrim and apikorsim for those that dont toe the line.

and no sanctimonious "daas torah" stuff, lets not go there, (by the way, the heilige daas torah was responsible for 'shaking down' r' dovid and forcing him to 'reconsider' and attend. the bully boys in the brown shirts are busy).

you knwo as well as I, all the takonos against tv and video only succeeded in driving it underground, not eradicate it. hence, my kids, going to THE MOST chareidishe yeshivas, coming from a home with no tv or video (and having to sign to attest to that fact) were still sitting in class next to kids from 'enlightened' homes.

2) i reject ENTIRELY this canard being foisted upon us that wonderful, pure, innocent kids are "stumbling upon the internet' and "unkowingly' falling prey to its enticements. soory. i am intimately connected to the professionals and educators that work with this stuff. the kids, adults, that get sucked down into this addiction are individuals with "prior" issues; shalom bayis, broken homes, learning disabilities, abuse, emotional issues that are looking to fill a void. THAT is a fact, this corn-ball stiory of the bais yaakov eidele-meidele that was ensnared and entrapped by the internet menace not with standing. it is an ois nam, if it ever happened. those addicted are just that, addicted. and addiction takes many forms, drug, sex, eating, obsessive thoughts and behavior etc.

3) finally, let malkiel and solomon and the viener ruv and the skulener launch assifas and campaigns to combat abuse (physical, mental, sexual) in our schools and communities (and the abuse of power of askunim/manhigim in protecting those involved) and I would not be so cynical of the real aim of the present assifa.

and, for that matter, dealing with the issue of so, so, so many children going through the chinuch system TOTALLY devoid of any self esteem and self respect. is it any wonder they are looking for soemthing to fill themselves up.

sorry for the rant, if i had more time i would put something more coherent together.

enjoy yourself sunday..will the concession stands be open??

bpunbound said...

oh, and another thing.

i am appalled at the cynical hypocrisy of inzerer manhigim that are so shook up at the internet yet could calmly back a chamor like coumo, knowing full well what was number 1 on his agenda, and than standing around with their hands in their pockets with sheepish dopey looks on their faces while he passes his 'progressive' legislation redefining the legal definition of marriage in thistate, with nary a whimper form der gedoilim. eech.

whoever believes such legislation will not affect our quality of life as torah-observant jews is sadly mistaken.

The Bray of Fundie said...

shkoyakh for the compliment, as for the rant I too have little time now to respond. perhaps tomorrow.

YKS said...

" bpunbound said..."

Wow. You are both a clear thinker and
articulate. Kenireh we are of the same generation. In any case, well said.

The Bray of Fundie said...

BP unbound is all that, and what am I????? Chopped liver?