Friday, May 11, 2012

א בריוו צו יעדער איד

כשמו כן הוא - ליינט און האט הנאה בריוו צו יעדער איד


Ploni said...

In my humble opinion - this is the MOST important post ever posted about the upcoming Asifa.

One point of slight disagreement, though: The solutions to our generation's problems can also be found in the Rishonim; Chovos Halvovos, Shaarei Teshuva, Sefer Hayosher L'Rabeinu Tam, etc.

In fact, as the Shproner Rov wrote in his sefer, Chasidus stresses concepts that the Rishonim already mentioned.

Now what we need to do is roll up our sleeves and get to work on the DETAILS.

PS: seems to be trying, to.

ushi said...

Written by whom?
Seems like a chasidishe turned Lubavitcher from some minor typos that someone who spoke yiddish with a chsidishe accent would make.