Friday, February 22, 2013

יארצייט - הרה"ח ר' יצחק דובער אושפאל ע"ה

Yud Beis Adar is the Yohrtzeit of Harav Yitzchok DovBer Ushpal, o"h, late Rov of Boro Park's Anshei Lubavitz shul. Here are some recordings as well as writings of his. He left no children. He is pictures 3rd from left in the picture below, which is a group shot of talmidim of the Tomchei Tmimim Yeshivah in Vilna c. 1940. Also seen above of Rabbonim Weinberg and Greenglass, oleihem haSholom.
I thanks those who sent me the clips, as well as the respective websites from which the writings and picture were taken. Being from the Vilner Gubernye you can hear the Rov's Litvise "sin" very clearly. The nigunnim are sung with a somewhat different, more elongated kvetch than what we're used to today.


Fact Checker said...

I thought Reb Yakov Landaus father was the Rav in that town?
Schneurs folks, who was a frequent visitor on this site, is also from that town, unless it is written different

Anonymous said...

How about bobover rov's hilula

Fred said...

Sorry Hershy but this is a shockingly confusingly written post.

3rd form left? top or bottom???

What on earth does this mean: Also seen above of Rabbonim Weinberg and Greenglass, oleihem haSholom.????

An Ailemesher said...

His father was a Ladier chosid, hence the Yitchok Dov Ber, after the Ladier Rebbe.

Farshlufen said...

ספרו דרכי חסד:

Cohen said...

See here for details:

Also here is the picture much clearer with everyone identified:

There is also somewhere another picture in New York on

Anonymous said...

Efsher someone can provide more information on Liadi Chassidus. Who was the last Rebbe? Were there (are there) any descendants who chose not to become Rebbe? Were there a significant amount of Liadi Chassidim who became Lubavitch? What was their connection to Kapust?

- Mottel