Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Haters jump all over אחב"י החרדים in a Modi'in Illit "Rape case" that was a HOAX!!!

Failed Messiah has 2 stories...

complete with sticking his opinions into the headline

Harry Maryles, of course

Kikar HaShabbat calls Modi'in "סדום"

Galei TZaHaL admits that it is כנראה not true, but of course will not apologize

That's right, a H O A X

JPost: "I made it up"

even Chaim Shaulson

With the "J-file" it wasn't even alleged, it was guilty, trial or not

But of course the press doesn't lie, and we all know that Haredim just lie and coverup all the time. There's no 5 year old child, there's no suspect, there's no complaint, there's no hospital, there's no abuse. N O T H I N G. But that didn't stop haters from jumping all over the story and IMPLICATING A WHOLE COMMUNITY OF THOUSANDS!!!! Comments about locking up Rabbis for not cooperating, the list goes on. And haters come in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately.

השנאה מקלקלת את השורה


yehoshua said...

Well, tzig, your friend Shoulson was all over the story, because he could score points against snags, so you deserve credit for not stooping to his low level

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Sahulson is not my friend and I never did what he does. Thanks for the credit, but don't make sound like I sit here and pump out Loshon Horah all the time!

gershy said...

"Even Shoulson"
The biggest soneh of all.
Made his money blackmailing people

Reb Kopel Riech said...

You Hungarian blood is starting to boil, you will earn the title in the Hungarian hall of fame
Lochem Milchamois Hashem,
Please keep it up...

Reb Kopel Riech said...

Reading the Jpost, you see that Reb Manis Zol zien gezund, was 100% correct, he should of have spine not to back off
The principal excused herself, that she is a victim too, and thats why she created a hoax that stunk universally.
Because victims have rights......

Anonymous said...

this guy maryles should read the al sharpton ym"sh story with tawana brawley before he writes one more brain-dead comment about this. sharpton's defense at the end was that we know whites rape black girls so even if this is not true, the idea is real. R"L he is using the same logic about accusing a kehilla in klal yisroel for coverup.

JJJ said...

One hoax out of a hundred. So now the others are lies too.

Anonymous said...

JJJ said...
One hoax out of a hundred. So now the others are lies too....

you're wrong JJJ in a major way. For years, the story that the germans ym"sh made lampshades and soap from holocaust victims. it's been proven not true & the anti-semites use this to prove the holocaust is fiction. U can't use bubbe maises to prove a point, it will always come back to bite u.

Abuse, molestation, child neglect is terrible, horrible and needs sunshine and unfortunately there's enough real abuse happening, we don't need sensational fiction.

Guzma said...

100's ???????

Anonymous said...

You forgot the worst of them -- WolfishMusings (Sam Berger).

Harry Maryles said...

Hirshel, I don't know why you allow people here to attack me. In fact I'm not even sure why you mentioned my name in a perjorative way: Aarry Maryles, of course.

Are you so sure what is coming out of there now isn't just another clever way of keeping the truth away from the public? Why would anyone make up such a story? What is gained by creating a Hoax like that about the community in which you live?

And why all of a sudden now? What 'convinced' her to come out now and tell the "truth"?>

It may be a hoax or it may not be. But one thing is certain. True or not - the behavior described about how sex abuse was handled is not an anomaly in these circles.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

because you never fail to attack, even before anything real is confirmed!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

and you're sooo sure that it happened, because we all know that women don't make up rape stories... so who cares if there's no girl and no abuse, it could've and should've happened!

moshe moshel said...

Hirshel, this post is a true public service!

About Harry, you are spot on.

Harry Sharpton said...

Harry is begging for mercy for his image, but he has no problem to smear and ruin the image of a Eida Kedosha of 1000's of families who are leading holy and pure families in Airtzienu Hakedosha, shame on him. He gets dragged in by the OTD guys gotcha attitude on Klal Yisroel. At the start his site was like semi interesting, but by now its 99% dirt and slander on frum jews. all in the name of helping us.
He gives all kind of pilpulim why the hoax is true, is that the rotzan hashem that it should be true, shame on him.

dovy in j said...

it's funny that harry is so insulted that hirshel lets people "attack him" when he has a blog that's sole purpose is to attack people.

somebody call a waaaaambulance for harry please.

moshe moshel said...

Shameless Harry didn't even have the decency to post an update to his post about the "scandal" let alone an apology/new post with the current information confirming it a hoax.

Harry Maryles said...

And the attacks against me continue unabated. Very nice.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

so you want me to censor comments? You want to be able to attack Haredim unabated? tell me, please.

Harry Maryles said...

Your reading of my blog posts is very shallow if all you see is me attacking Charedim. And I would never allow the kind os attacks against you that you allow agaisnt me.

Yes, you should censor insults. I censor comments that are insulting to others. I think you should too. It would make your blog a lot more civilized. The comments by some here about me here are very insulting.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

it's not all we see, Reb Harry, but it's more and more these days, close to 3/4 of the time, if not MORE!

Cheski said...

Harry...and the comments that you made and that you allowed to be made about Rabbi Manis Friedman were not insulting?!?!?!?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Reb Harry

you never miss a chance to knock the ultras! It pains me to say this, but you're a Failed Messiah with less time on his hands because he's married and has a family! At least this has been the case in recent memory. I don't like personal attacks, don't engage in them, and have a hard time allowing them through on my blog. Commenters on my blog will attest to that. But you're way over the line with your posts! Write a dvar Torah once in a while, don't just knock the Haredim!


shulem said...

Don't pay heed to these primitive basement dwellers.
I don't know the details of this story and it may not be true, but your blog is generally even handed and well written.It's a pity that many of the black hat world choose to "blame" the stick as in when a dog gets hit by a stick
Specifically Hirshel is busy a large part of the time on his blog in "defending" Chabad, which gives him a carte blanche to say whatever he wants on people who disagree with Lubavitch.Additionally, as we all know Chabad is full of indefensible stuff, so he has to stray from the truth.Sad
(btw, your readership is many times the tzigs as is the level of the comments)

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

so you see, Harry

it really doesn't matter what we losers say about you anyway, says Shulem

shulem said...

Not losers per se.just very primitive.
I can usually guess what, you, or Lotzi, or yosef 718, will say. Typical, chareidi cannard.
They demand respect but don't give any, and they seem to be very ok, with molestors or nobodies dressed in fur coats preaching empty rhetoric.
Its blows the mind that the new trend in chareidism is to disallow walking outside with ones own wife!
This while their are daily reports on another frimmeh caught , but still, they want to prohibit what is muttar and right.
chareidism for you.

shulem said...

Btw, i grew up in the frim world, so i know about what i mention

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

so there you have it, ladies and Gents, straight from the horse's mouth. Shulem grew up in the frim world. He knows.

Tibi Lotzi said...

"Its blows the mind that the new trend in chareidism is to disallow walking outside with ones own wife!"
Its a chazal, and a Rebbe has the right, to enforce a higher level of Tzenius.The facts have shown that Tzenius works to keep a moral compass.

Tibi Lotzi said...

".just very primitive."
what exactly makes you more intelligent???
Just being non frum gives you the credentials????

Tibi Lotzi said...

"Shulem said...

Btw, i grew up in the frim world, so i know about what i mention"

As I told you, look who is siding with you, the OTD crowd.

Tibi Lotzi said...

"Your reading of my blog posts is very shallow if all you see is me attacking Charedim"
a Shallow blog, you read with shallow eyes.
I never ever saw a good dvar torah of your Rebbe Reb Aron.... or some letter of his that throws light on a torah issue.
stop calling yourself his talmid....his specialty was not Drekk 24/7.
You can start by learning his Purach Matie aron....

Tibi Lotzi said...

"(btw, your readership is many times the tzigs as is the level of the comments)"

shulem said...

"Its a chazal, and a Rebbe has the right, to enforce a higher level of Tzenius.The facts have shown that Tzenius works to keep a moral compass."

No he does not!
There is gemura about a talmid chuchem not about your average yid and not about your average gebleemteh kaften either.
We know exactly where those higher levels of tznius bring one to and also where the daily mikveh can bring one to.

btw i"m not off the derech, i've just had it with the toires lokshen of chasidem oiseh maaseh zimry, and yes, they are quite stupid as evidenced on this blog.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

the Vizhnitzer never forbade his chassidim from walking with their wives, he suggested it. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Very "big" difference.Not
Taking a walk with ones wife is. can be very holy
Chasidem/Frimmeh. should look to work more on their choisen mishpot and stop worrying so much 'bout tznius hanushem, the average chasidishe vabel is dressed way lifnin meshiras hadin
Tis on of those chasidishe

things yo use them as scapegoats

Hyman said...

HT, I hope you take what I'm gonna write as a compliment:
I Almost never ever agree with a word you say. I certainly don't agree with your religious beliefs. But... 1.This post is dead on! 2. I thoroughly enjoy the way your slapping Harry around silly. The man is so open minded his brains fell out, that hater of frum Jews. 3. "Even Chaim Shaulson"?? That had to be a typo. If not then you don't know that guy. He is the ultimate chareidi National Inquirer with a pinch of KKK. The guy makes up stories by the minute. He also reminds me of an old senior citizen who sits on his front porch all day waiting for a fight to break out between the neighbors in order to get his daily fix. The guy is addicted to fantasizing about fights in the frum community that don't exist. His problem is, with all his hate he wishes they were true. And by the way, many people would say the man is not much different than shmarya, just Shoulson has a beard and a yarmulka.
Bottom line is: that all the haters like Reb Harry are cholei le'osah davar, always trying to find ways to see frum people as molesters and crying bloody murder any time some OTD or lefty hater comes out with an accusation that he either dreamt up or didn't, and then we all get attacked for not joining them in they're bleeding heart crocodile tears 'blast the f***ing Jews' sessions.
So thank you Tzig, and keep on swinging, one day these guys will get theirs.

shulem said...

Just read Harry's blog:I really commend him.Here is a person who is prepared to take a stand and actually use his own name?! Unfortunately not Something that Hirshel does.
Most of his posts are spot on, especially about the Frimmeh's obsession with "tznius" which is crazy and anything but.(he has probably not been updated about the new "t'kuneh" not to walk with ones own wife in the street)
I don't agree with everything he says, but thank God there is someone to stand up to the Frimmeh lunatics

Tibi Lotzi said...

"especially about the Frimmeh's obsession with "tznius" which is crazy and anything but"
Tzenius is a integral part of Torah, it is not invented by chasidim, you are a idiot and a Porek Ohl if you think different.
You can find some Kulos on stuff, but that is not the Derech Hayosher.
This policy of having more Kulos, in order to preseve the family structure, has shown as a farce. MO family structures are much weaker then Charadiem. The divorce rate is much much higher in the MO world.Having the wife not wear a shitel, pants, sleeveless did not help at all, so it was just a kulo to be a porek ohil.
Harry is a Kal shebekalim by harrasing non stop charadiem for trying to live a stringent life of Tzenius.
With all the accusations and allegations on some charadiem, they are still the Jews that are Medakdek Kaleh Kebechamiro on every Kutzo shel yid of Shulchan Orech.
Even if you see some trangression on any halacha, may it be Choshen Mishpat etc... it is still minute against what is happening in the MO world.
Dont forget,A real yid is a yid because he keeps the shulchan orech, and noting else matters, this is yiddishkiet.
Sitting with a magnify glass to find sins on the yid that holds the Shulchan Orech with no kulos,is worse then Maseh Bilam Horoshe, because Bilam listened to the dvar hashem, but Harry is not looking in to the Chofetz chaim to find the dvar hashem before he maligns the yid who tries the outmost to live a shulchan Orech life

baalbatish said...

This used to be a great blog with great comments. As Shulem says primitive cellar dwellers . Primitive,yes. Personally I don't like Harry's blog. I don't think he's informed and he drones on. Regardless, of this, he always speaks with respect of those he disagrees with and doesn't personally attack those that disagree with him. This blog has no problem with personal attacks. Tzig has allowed the dialogue to descend to these levels and many intelligent readers have disappeared. Too bad. Tzig, you could have been contender.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

what can I say, BaalBatish?

I'm damned either way. If I censor then I'm a wimp for censoring, if I allow I'm letting cellar-dwellers (?) take over. I don't see you coming around here very often to balance things out.... You may visit, but if you don't comment I have no way of knowing that you're here. As far as Harry goes; what can I say? other than he brings this on himself, with his incessant "cordial" attacks on Charedim. I also think he's a little too sensitive when it comments about him.

Harry Maryles said...

Thank you, Shulem for your kind words. I can assure you that you are not alone.

Most Charedim actually agree with my criticisms. You would e surpiresd at the perosnal feedback I get from s great many of them all the time.

That's because most Charedim are what I call moderate Charedim whose values are not all that different from my own.

So when they see Mishigas taking over and proclaimed to more Kadosh than normative behavior, they see what I see: A new custom in the name of Tznius (for example) that makes Judaism the laughing stock of the world.

Witness the latest piece of censorship by a mainstream Charedi Newspaper - Hamodia (The shoes in the drawer picture.)

Another thing. To those critics who say that I am not a Talmid of my Rebbe, RAS, well... that is in direct contradiction to what my Rebbe personally told me.

That said, I do not consider my views to be identical to my Rebbe's on every single issue. Nor did he expect them to be. He encouraged us to use our brains.

The views on my blog are my own. They are not my Rebbe's views. Although he is the person who most influenced my thinking, he is not the only one.

This is one major difference between me and Lubavitchers. Lubavitchers consider it near blasphemy to disagree with their Rebbe... and certainly would not call anyone a Talmid of the Rebbe if they did disagree with him on something.

As for why do not post Divrei Torah... I do. But I don't do it regularly. My blog is not a "Divrei Torah" blog. It is an opinion blog. It is all about - my - opinion, which I believe reflects the opinion of the vast majority of (but certainly not all) of Orthodox Jews. At least most of the time.

In any case, Shulem is far more typical of the Charedi world's attitude than those here who have been saying these vile things about me.

Be well to all here - even to my critics. I have no hard feelings toward any of you personally.

As for Hirshel, depsite his criticsm of me, I consider him a friend.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Thank You, Harry for seeing it for what it is, criticism to get you back in the fold.

If you'd pay more attention to the nuances you'd know that by attacking Hamodia you're attacking Gerrers with hangups, not all the rest of us, but since it's one of only 2 papers it attacks all of us by extension. Most Chicago MO'ers, which I see are a nice chunk of your readership don't have your background and get the wrong idea.

From one Hirshel to another...

baalbatish said...

There is nothing wrong with censoring personal attacks. People don't want to comment if they are going to be tasered. Schneur, the eminence grise of this blog disappeared due to the vicious personal attacks on him.

Anonymous said...

Harry Maryles
"Most Charedim actually agree with my criticisms"
thats good for erev rosh chodesh adar.
99.99 dont know you exist and dont care for your toughts....
Something went to your head...
You think when you receive some kudos fron 9 charadiem who are boxed in the charadie world and have no guts to leave, that they represent some segment of the world they are in.

shulem said...

I miss Shneour

Tibi Lotzi said...

"There is gemura about a talmid chuchem not about your average yid and not about your average gebleemteh kaften either"
the source is a Oves Dereb Yonasan perek bies, and it is for all

Tzvi said...

Harry said: "Most Charedim actually agree with my criticisms". Now Harry how do you know this? Did you take some sort of pole of all the Charedim? Did you ask all the Charedim? Actually, do yo even know any chareidm? The world you come from is NOT the Charedi world, and I would not be surprised if even they mostly disagree with your very twisted, closed-minded views. I highly doubt there are too many charedim who agree with you.
So that leaves us with the question: why did you make that statement? The Terutz is Raboisai that Harry made it up! So now that we know that he makes up stuff we know that everything he says might be sheker. Not that we needed this as a rayah, all you have to do is read his schoira and its obvious that he invents stuff up about frum people on the hour. But here we have a black and white example that maybe even the haters can understand

shulem said...

"the source is a Oves Dereb Yonasan perek bies, and it is for all"

Uvos de'Rav Nussen?

Tibi Lotzi said...

"As for why do not post Divrei Torah... I do. But I don't do it regularly. My blog is not a "Divrei Torah" blog. It is an opinion blog. It is all about - my - opinion, which I believe reflects the opinion of the vast majority of (but certainly not all) of Orthodox Jews. At least most of the time."
I guess you have no opinion in Torah and of Torah. I think a religous Jew should use torah for least once in a while.Without torah you are a simple Yente
Btw, What did Reb Aron say about your greatness? is it a secret? You dont seem like a humble please share it with us

I'm not wild about Harry said...

Did you see Mr. Maryles's latest vent in the Jewish Press?

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

ACK said...

So Harry finally apologies

Or did he? Is that called an apology? Read the whole piece.