Friday, March 24, 2006

Not that it's necessary

But, for those who question the validity of it, brings HaRav Henkin's Haskomoh on Mikvaos with a Bor a"g Bor

The Bilbul haMeychen in this subject and the lies spread about supposed Tshuves from Poskim is mindboggling. No amount of Kuntreysim and Seforim published to counter that lie will be totally successful in dispersing the lie, but we do what we can.

In its entirety:


tzib said...

what sforim?

Anonymous said...

Quiz:i wonder if any one of the readers here can answer the following??? when was the first mikvah with a bor al gabei bor built ? why was it built different then before? was it built by chasidim and approved by misnagdim? or vise versa? Only grand childern of russian Machteres can know the answer.or maybe a historien like shneur, i hope he will comment.

Hirshel Tzig said...


there was Tohoras Mayim by HaRav Telushkin where there's a large part attributed to it.

The Kolel In Montreal, guided by HaRav Hirshprung

HaRav Landa in Bnei Brak and his Kolel published much material as well.

Hirshel Tzig said...


why don't you choose a name and start the information flowing?

tzib said...

hirshel,i meant sforim against.

Hirshel Tzig said...

Seforim against I'm not aware of, but that's no proof, but the widely-held erroneous belief is that Poskim like the Divrei Chaim Passeled them.

leo said...

In the sefer Taharas Mayim (by the Helmetzer Rav - if I remember correctly) there's a lot of material against.

The letter by Rabbi Henkin, in my opinion, doesn't say much.
It should have been titled: R' M. Feinstein says it's Kosher.

We all know the Lubavitcher view on this issue.
Then again, Perhaps this itself is a nice point - that Rabbi Henkin bases his P'sak, in part, on the Lub. Rebbe.

leo said...

I meant Taharas Yom Tov.

Hirshel Tzig said...

with all due respect to the Helmetzer, I do think we need an earlier Posek to prove that it wouldn't be OK. The Rebbe Rashab and the Rebbe have no problem "zich farmesten" with the HR.

Kurenitzer said...

Was not the first Mikveh of this kind built by the rebbe the Rashab in Rostov prior to his petira ?In Lubavitch ther ewas no need fof this sort of Mikveh .I think Rav yankev landau kashered it.
But I want some of the chasidim out there to tell me if I am cotrrect. I may be mistaken.