Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Religious Bloc

The Rebbe would speak often of a Chazit Datit, a religious bloc, all Religious parties running together at elections, with each one maintaining his independence after the elections. The Moetzes couldn't fathom doing it, they claimed it would hurt their independence. Yeah, I know, they have Daas Torah. The damage done for lack of voting as a bloc is actually twofold.

1) less was and will be accomplished as far as instituting laws that would strengthen the religious character of the country as a whole, not just for "Unzere" and "Heimishe". Although they claim to want to strengthen it, they miss chance after chance.

2) It increased the distances between the different segments of the religious public. Although they claim that going together with the Mizrachi is worse than sitting with Labor or Likud, it would've done tremendous good.

Now, after last year's disengagement, a move that affected the Religious Zionists tremendously, and disenfranchised them from the State, I hope it will show all of us, that although we have differences, and although we may have some different priorities, the similarities are greater. At least when issues concerning security are concerned, let's see if the Agudah and Shas, as well as the Religios Zionists will be able to say that they had no part in it. It need not diminish the importance of the funding of Mosdos HaTorah or Government stipends to families.


Kurenitzer said...

In 1949 there was just such a bloc and it did well but not great in the elections.
In those days the differences between AI, PAI and even the NRP were not that great.NRP leaders included traditinoal Jews like Reb SZ Shragai, Moshe Chaim Shapiro, Z. Warhaftig etc
But by 1970 the yeshiva world turned very kanoish. The NRP turned very "territorial" and become a 1 issue group , the chassidim turned very extreme as well and PAI disappeared. This party was really the one closest to the Rebbe for many reasons.and everyone became very propritary about their political power.
again this is in my opinion an example where the Rebbe was correct in his time , but dor dor vedorshav, the situation today needs re-assesment and excuse me for saying it, Chabad needs a central leadership if only to guide Israel in these trying days.

Hirshel Tzig said...

No need to excuse yourself, Kurenitzer, Chabad needs leadership for much more than Israel.