Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is Your Brain on Acid

Dov Shurin's a super sweet guy, I say that with complete sincerity.
I guess in his case the drugs were a good thing, they made him a nice friendly guy who thinks he can sing and dance, all the while entertaining thousands of Jews.

The Zeide Reb Yaakov must be proud.

Thanks Amshinover


Anonymous said...

Who was the zeide?

And why should you pick on Dov? He belives in something, that's all. When people belive in something we consider the nuts or worse - but that dosnet make them worthy of scorn.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Excuse me, sir. Please don't put words into my mouth. I love the guy, but it's well known that he was a heavy druggy. He evens references it in some of his songs. I believe he called it "Spikey Apples."

Anonymous said...

Dov is a fun guy - and a real character! When I met him years ago, it was around Purim time and he claimed Boruch Goldstein's neshomo had entered his body. To that end, he was planning to get an aliya as "Boruch Koppel ben Yisrael," which was Goldstein's name. He certainly is an original, but I did not know he used drugs. I thought he was just the ultimate nonconformist.

Anonymous said...

Drop the drug refrences H, it's not mentchlach.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

But he speaks of them as a part of his past! It was the '60's maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!

Anonymous said...

He has a lousy off key voice and zilch charisma. An eccentric too but lots of enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

What's his story?

I met him once in Gush Katif.

Anonymous said...

IMHO An over abundance of testosterone is his problem. just look at his facial hair.

Anonymous said...

...in his case the drugs were a good thing, ... all the while entertaining thousands of Jews.
Is he a Moshiachist or a regular Lubavitcher?
BTW Youre obviously checking out Amshinover

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Mr. Spade

He's not a Lubavitcher, thanks for asking, but he is an einikel of the great Reb Yaakov Kamienecki

I thanked Amshinover in the post. It says Thanks Amshinover. He sent it to me, yes.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


he was wild and crazy in his younger days, he became a BT, and found Israel, Hashem and tons of other things on his way back.

He's in love with the one above!

Anonymous said...

Tata Sheinala,

You added the fact that he is an einekel of Rabbi Kaminecki not for any other reason but for mockery.

(You also thanked Amshi after I commented)

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Bubbele Shaine

1) Dov speaks about his Zeide all the time and has a link to Shiurim on his website, so it's no secret.

2) I added the link at the same time that I posted the story, not later. ADJUST YOUR GLASSES, BOY.

Anonymous said...


(Kol Hakoies kilu oved avoda zarah).

While the information is well known, your intent young man was not to glorify Rabbi K. BTW his father's name is not Efraim it is Yisroel.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

BTW his father's name is not Efraim it is Yisroel.

That has been mentioned already in the comments. I did say that was not sure about his father's name, right?

Der Shygetz said...

Ah - so the problem is that "Quality Broadloom and Carpet" on 814 Coney Island Avenue sold him drugs instead of rugs!

If you want some carpeting, carpeting, carpeting
If you want some carpeting so you can roll around your floor....


My new carpeting, it looks so beautiful
Quality charged me AGAIN
Quality sells carpeting that is always nice
But why does Heshy Frank always charge you TWICE?

Purim is coming...nope, it's Chanukah soon, but what's the difference - you say al hanissim both times, no?

Anonymous said...

Can somebody who knows R'Yaakov Kaminetzkys family give a bit of info,please.
R'Yaakov was related to R'Mendel Futerfas,anybody know how exactly?
I once saw a pic with Avremel Shemtov,his uncle R'Mendel visiting R'Yaakov in Monsey.
No politics please.
Btw apparently R'Shmuel Kaminetzky and R'Avrohom Shemtov both from Philly are related.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

See this post and the pic you ask about

Anonymous said...