Monday, November 27, 2006

A "Tsfati's" take on Sunday's events

Anonymous comments to Circus Tent: Sign Here, Please

Here is the other side of the story, the true side.

Today I cry, as I read what some people want to do to us. They have names for us like “Meshichistim,” or “Tzfasnicks”, is it not enough that we have to wear Yellow Flags on our garments to identify ourselves? Is it not enough that we have to sing together loudly and shout while others are davening just to get noticed? We have been persecuted by the right for many years. While they get to Daven upstairs we are kept downstairs in the cellar. While they have offices they were given, we have to squat just to get a place of business.

While you have stores to go to for clothing and other necessities we have to shop in flea markets that are open on cold street corners and in courtyards of buildings. While you eat in fine establishments like Mermelstein's, we get to eat whatever is handed to us, (cholent, cookies and milk in 770). While you are out working and bringing in your hard-earned dollars we are stuck on Sunday giving out dollars. I find it hard to believe that you people who feel that we should be thrown out, or our visas should be taken away from us, would have the audacity today to come out on a website to say something like this. Our people have been persecuted for so long its time for us to be heard, and unlike your way of violence our way is the right way.

What some of you might say from looking at a picture of some of us throwing a bench, is that we tried hurting someone. What really happened was, there were so many true mesiras nefesh shluchim in the room that we tried to make room, while taking out a bench it fell and it might have hurt someone or broke his leg. By the way we are very sad about this and would like to offer our help to this shliach, it is a thought that maybe we should send a delegation to Vietnam to live, eat, and sing with him.

What some of you think was us hitting or punching others, what really happened was as follows: we were so happy to be around such true people that we were putting out our hands to dance with them, as we were singing loudly such a wonderful song. Which leads me to the next issue. While some might think we were trying to make noise as some were trying to farbreng, really we were singing in-between speeches. So as you can tell, we are very hurt by what some of you are calling for us to be thrown out, as we are just peace loving Jews who go out of our way to just fit in.

One last example of how we help out; the wood on the walls in 770 were getting old, so instead of spending money to fix it we came up with a genius plan, made signs, and hung them up all around the shul. So now instead of being afraid to bring in your supporters to show them an old building you can show them a room with great art hanging on the walls.

Please remember, we are the ones who for so long have had it so hard, and we are the ones that just want to help in anyway we can. (By the way you can send in your donations to us, Make your check payable to Terrorist Squatters, 770 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY) For $300. you can help save one boy from the dirty streets of Tzfas and help bring him to the USA where he can join us in our love for peace and quiet).



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LOL - that is a great parody. I sent in 18*300 dollars already but I sent it to a post office box at the Creedmoor mental health facility!

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I love watching you idiots take shots at each other.