Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hendel's Rebbe wore a Shtraimel

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There are all kinds of rumors and hearsay why the Rebbe never wore a Shtraimel on Shabbos like his predecessors. They say it was a Mayseh with a Yerushah, they say that the Rebbe didn't ever want to. Some thought that the Rebbe was about to put one on on Yud Shvat 5730, when he carried the big box, containing the Keser Teyreh, down the stairs and into the big Shul. One thing's for certain, Peylisher Chassidim would've flocked to CH after that.

Hendel Lieberman (Futerfas), brother of Reb Mendel, made as if it did actually happen. In this work of art, Hendel paints the Rebbe at a Farbrengen wearing a beautiful Shtraimel. ( At least that's the way I see it from this angle! )


Anonymous said...

Reb Noson never wore a shtrayml because of humility. He didn't like to wear fancy clothing (though his talimdim did dress more "rebbish"). Most Russian Chasidim didn't wear shtraymlach because of poverty, and not because of ideology. Also the gzeyroys of the Nikolay I yimach shmom affected many even after they were basically removed.

Anonymous said...

Reb Noson even didn't wear a hat, while rabonim were freed from prohibition against hats. He was wearing a kasket, like all simle Yidn.

Anonymous said...

1. Vos iz mit dier? Eihr zeht di zach vi an Ungarisher - Dein kup ligt in Streimelach!
Remember that the Rebbe Maharash specifically told the Rebbe Rashab that he must remember that the Shtreimel he wears iz nit kein Peilisher Streimel.
2. This is the first time you've seen it?????

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

?וואס איז מיט מיר

I have seen it before, I just never paid that much attention to the actual painting before. What does it mean that it's not a Peylisher Shtraimel?

I guess Mein Kup darf ligen in Chassidus, but it wanders sometimes, although this isn't very far, it being the Rebbe and all, albeit with a Shtraymel.

Anonymous said...

A Streimel macht nit a Rebbe; es iz a Rebbe vos macht der streimel far a Streimel.

I think the Rebbe Maharash/ Rebbe Rashab story can be found in Migdal Oz (?)

Mottel said...

The minhag in Chabad was that only Beis Harav (The Rebbes, their children etc.) wore a shtraymel.
As a note (If memory serves me):
1.I believe after the initial fight over the FR Spudik, Bochurim got a new one for the Rebbe -the Rebbe declined to use it.
2. At a later point in time the Rebbe was offered the original Spudik, but did not want it.
3. As well, a group of eltere Belzer (I think) Chassidim came to the Rebbe after Reb Aharon was Nistalik. They told the Rebbe that if he put on a shtraymel he would get hundreds of Poilisher Chassidim. The Rebbe said that what interested him was getting the Kibutznik to put on tefillin etc.

Anonymous said...

I think for other Russian Chasidim (I don't speak about Hungarishe now) outside Chabad these issues were never a part of such hot ideology. Shtrayml yo, shtrayml nisht - a chosid darf zayn a chosid.

Anonymous said...

mottel, the belzer misnagdim as lub chassidim would never have worked out, even with the rebbe wearing a shtreimel. וד"ל

FrumWithQuestions said...

I stayed in the persons house who owns this painting for a shabbos and he told me the story behind the painting and that he was offered lots of money for the painting. The Rebbe does have a streimel in the painting and the Rebbe was aware of this after the painting was made and did not have a problem with it because he said that an artist has the right to interepret things how they like it.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


is that the only copy of the painting. Was it never printed or copied like his others? I don't think I've seen it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I saw the picture for sale at Itche Misholovin's a long time ago. I asked him about it and he said something like: "Nobodody gonna buy a picture of the Rebbe dressed up like it's Purim."

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


was that the idea? that Belzer "Mordim" would suddenly take the Rebbe as their Rebbe? hmmm.


I'm surprised that Itche would say that. Is it still available for purchase?

Anonymous said...


Milhouse said...

I only remember Reb Hendel slightly, and our conversations generally revolved around subjects like chewing gum and toys, not heyche inyonim (yes, that dates me). But I spoke tonight to someone who knew him very well. He told me that when Reb Hendel showed the picture to Rebbetzen Chana, she commented "ביי די יונגע איז ער א רבי אויך אן דעם שטריימל".

There was never a hava amina by the Rebbe that he should wear a shtraimel, since he always saw himself merely as a hemshech of the FR, not as a rebbe in his own right.

Me'inyono deyoimo: One of my few clear memories of R Hendel is from a day this week many years ago, of him telling my mother "Happy Thanksgiving". (Then she had to explain to me what Thanksgiving was, since I had never heard of it.)

Anonymous said...


what did Rebb. Chana mean by that statement?