Monday, November 20, 2006

Call to action

Reaction to last night in 770

From Reader "Just a Guy"

"Lubavitcher Chasidim, We need to wake up and remove this impurity and wickedness from our midst. These vicious thugs who viciously attacked Chasidim and Shluchim at random had every intention of doing their dreadful work.

Stink bombs, fire extinguishers, eggs and tomatoes were prepared earlier in the evening to be launched at those that were to come to 770 after the banquet. HUNDREDS of Chumashim, Siddurim and other holy sefarim were stacked up and then used as weapons to be thrown. This was no flare up. These animals knew way in advance that this is what they wanted to carry out and they would do their mission at any cost. And now a young Shliach has both his legs broken.

Rabbosai, I was there. I saw the murderous fury in their eyes even before the Farbrengen started. If we have any care or sensitivity to what is right and just we must seriously come together to remove these beasts from our midst.

To the esteemed members of Anash of Crown Heights: Stop your stupidity! We know your dislike and distrust for Rabbis Krinsky and Shemtov and you may or may not be right on that issue. But you are allowing a growing tumor to eat away at the very being of our Rebbe's community! When you go against something on their agenda they will pounce on you just as wrathfully. Remember what the Gemara tells us: "Hamisrachem al Haachzor basof yachzor al hamisrachem" which means One who has mercy on a cruel person will end up being cruel to one that needs mercy."


yehupitz said...

V'imru Omein.

friendly anonymous said...

The Vaad Hashluchim should have been prepared for this based on past experience. It must be a worldwide Jewish machalo (not only in Israel) not to defend oneself until one's already a victim r"l.

As for the real victim in this case, it seems Vietnam is safer than New York for the Rebbe's Shluchim.

friendly anonymous said...

"Karmecha sheloch loy notorto"

interesting said...

hmmm, now people a posting their comments both with tzemach & antitzemach...

Shocked said...

I am a member of the Anash of Crown Heights, but I don't think anything can or will be done until aguch exercises the power the court gave them to take back 770, by force if necessary.

We have lost 770 to the dreads of society. We have lost our home base, our home field and the place we all came to just BE chassidim.

Fred Titmus said...
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Anonymous said...

What do you expect those of us already hostile to Chabad's Messianic wing and Chabad's general tolerance of it to say? I'm just curious. How do you expect us to react? Do you expect us to not note a connection to Messianism at the expense of traditional Jewish values, like say, not throwing Chumashim or pews at each other?

What do you expect us to think?

Hirshel Tzig said...


I too am hostile to that "wing", as you call them, but they are not part of Chabad, and never were. They take advantage of the Rebbe's ideals of Ahavat Israel and use it to their advantage. Their end is near.

ready to walk the walk said...

What needs to happen is an operation shock and awe floowed by a global war on terror - nusach chabad.

it is high time this cancer be eradicated and we free oursleves of 'cults from our midst'.

it is only when we are ready to deal with the situation with 'realistic rationalism' by the power invested in the yoshvei rosh of our organizations by our rebbe zy'a that we will hope to see a better tomorrow.

enough with apathy and pacifism; youth raise your voices (and perhaps you arms) and start a revolution.

demand from our leaders to take action for we will be silent no longer.

we have an insergengy growing under our very noses, and untill be recognize it as such and take the proper course of action in dealing with it for what is we will be stuck in the same vicious cycle.

we demand change. we demand action. we demad it now.
let the counter-insergency begin.

all in favor say ay.

Itzhak Schier said...

These nuts and their leaders are not US citizens for the most part and they must be moisered to the INS for deportation. If there are any locals among them, cherem is what they deserve.

This is pikuach nefesh; there is sadly no way out.

Dovid said...

David, I, for one, am a mishichist, and condemn such behavior with the exact same passion and anger as anyone else would.

Don't try to make that connection because it is false.

ready to walk the walk said...

dovid - the connection between mishichist tolerance and tzfati violence (and existance) is undeniable.

in the words of the esteemed sir baron choen "I think it's an interesting idea that not everyone in Germany had to be a raving anti-Semite. They just had to be apathetic".

most card carrying meshichistim would rather execise samson's "vatamos bafshi im plishtim" i.e. see there entire community and neighborhood spiral into hell's abyss before seeing the 'establishment' in power. not under their watch.

yes, they hate the tzfatim to an extent (which sane person can't) but right now they are their brothers in arms, they have a common enemy.

"Friendship can be mistaken for comradeship. Comradeship is the feeling of affinity that draws people together in time of war or when people have a mutual enemy or even a common goal." Are the mishcistim friends with the tzfatim? perhaps not. comrades? without a shadow of doubt.

i can go on, but i really think it's time to come out from under that rock and recognize this beast for what it is and the monster that gave bith to it.

Hirshel Tzig said...

Ready to walk:

גוט געזאגט, זייער גוט געזאגט

It's all about Shemtov and Krinslyy not being "in control", the whole Lubavitch be damned!

Itzhak Schier said...

NO one sane in CH supports the Taliban. I'm probably classified as an anti, but a lot of my friends are elsewhere on the spectrum and they are more disgusted by the Taliban than I am.

It's just that we don't sink to their level the way they would in certain other communities, so we don't beat them to a pulp as they deserve. If there were no Moshiach issue, these guys would find another reason to commit violent assault - they are our Shababnikim or tire burning types. BH we only seem to have 25-50 of them here in CH.

Itzhak Schier said...

NO one sane in CH supports the Taliban. I'm probably classified as an anti, but a lot of my friends are elsewhere on the spectrum and they are more disgusted by the Taliban than I am.

It's just that we don't sink to their level the way they would in certain other communities, so we don't beat them to a pulp as they deserve. If there were no Moshiach issue, these guys would find another reason to commit violent assault - they are our Shababnikim or tire burning types. BH we only seem to have 25-50 of them here in CH.

moshe emmes said...

Sad that nobody in Lubavitch realized that you cannot call a departed person 'alive' and not attract irrational people.Sad, that real 'rabbis' are few and far in between.I'm referring to respected Crown Heights bais din rabbis who were/are meshichist.Sad that Izhak Schier is still not sure if he is an anti or not 'probably classified as an anti'.Itzhak:Is it so difficult to decide if the Rebbe is alive or if we'''ll see a second coming?

berl, crown heights said...

truth is, there is only one 'mem' in 'emes' and it does't have a 'dogeish', since it comes after a 'hataf-segeil'.

We need you! said...

Dear Fellow Lubavitchers,
As the ugly noose of radicalism tightens around our collective necks once again many of us ask, what can we do to help the state of affairs?

The episode that took place in 770 Sunday night was not an isolated one. It is the latest in a long list of fierce attacks perpetrated by a group of violent ruffians against those they deem deserving, over the last few years. Time and time again we see the same faces and hear the same names of people who terrorize. Many of these are bochrim from Israel brought here to learn by the administration of the Central Lubavitch 770 Yeshiva. These bochrim are given accommodations and food and are considered 100 percent part and parcel of Tomchei Temimim.

After each assault that took place we waited to hear something drastic would be done by the administration to ensure that this would be prevented in the future, and time and time again absolutely nothing is done at all. Even calls of condemnation are yet to be heard.

The situation is now unbearable. 770 is now fully controlled by the wild mob. Attempts to do anything they find objectionable and you can be sure to be met with violent behavior and intimidation. If we want to have any hope of reversing this calamity the time to act is now.

Bellow you will find a list of the phone numbers of the administration of the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva of 770. We ask you to please take a few minutes TODAY and call them up and express your disappointment. Make it clear that the situation is out of hand and that anyone who acts in a way to physically harm another Jew should be dealt with in the harshest of terms. Make it clear that there is no place for vicious bullies in Lubavitch. Make it clear that you DEMAND something to be done! How they choose to deal with it is their own prerogative but no longer do they have the luxury to close their eyes to this dire situation.

The responsibility of what happens lies squarely on the shoulders of the Hanholoh of the Yeshiva. We demand change!
Rabbi Shloima Zarchi- 718-778-1070
Rabbi Yitzchok Springer-718-774-3407
Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp- 718 467-1055
Rabbi Yekutiel Feldman- 718 604-2708
Rabbi Sholom Ber Brod- 718 756-8797
Rabbi Zalman Labkovsky's number is unavailable but he can be approached in person.

Remember that you CAN make a difference! May Hashem Yisborach bless each and every one of us with true unity and happiness and obliterate all evil with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

מאה_חמישים said...

חבדניקים יקרים
תשמעו טוב, אנו בברסלב סבלנו מאותם טיפוסים אמנם בצורה אחרת ומצבנו היה קשה יותר כי הם היו יותר מאורגנים מאיתנו ויש להם רב (ברלנד) ולנו כידוע אין ,
אך ב"ה יוזמה של מס' צעירים שהחליטו שמתנתקים מהם,
לא מתפללים איפוא שהם, לא מדברים איתם, לא מתעסקים איתם כלל, אין להם אפשרות לקבל עליה או מקום בביהכנ"ס אפי' במחיר מלא,
כך הישגנו מצב שבו ה"ה ברלנד ושיק ונ נח נמצאים אי שם בהרי החושך ואנו ובנינו לא רואים ולא שומעים עליהם כלל וזה יוצר מצב שהקצת נורמלים שבהם עוזבים אותם וחוזרים לזרם המרכזי ,
אפי' באומן אנו מתפללים בנפרד אוכלים בנפרד ונותנים להם להשתולל חופשי ברחובות ,
כך הגענו תוך שנתיים שאיננו רואים אותם בתחומינו למעט כאשר חלקם רוקד ברחובות קריה,

Itzhak Schier said...

Clarification. I am a non-meshichist, which means I do not believe in yechi and what it stands for. I don't, however, waste my time arguing with my many friends who hold differently because I believe the mistaken emunah will quietly die out on its own (or quickly die out when Moshiach comes!)Anti- means actively opposed. Non- means I don't believe it and don't get involved against it. There is no such term as non- so I'd be classified as an anti-.

moshe said...

'The mistaken emunah will quietly die out on its own'
Right! Almost 13 years and its getting stronger............You are irrational, you would do better joining your 'friends'.

JJ said...


I don't know if what you said is true, although many would like to think that. In America, for one, it's definitely getting weaker by the day.

moshe said...

How is it getting 'weaker'.770 is theirs, Rabbi Schvei is theirs, Bais Moshiach sells many more copies in the U.S.A than Kfar Chabad.I've been hearing for years how 'weak' they are becoming,in the meantime they have opened up their own quality schools.The youth is with them, Oholei Torah is largely meshichist including a larger than life portrait of the Rebbe in the zal(unheard of anywhere!!)

berl, crown heights said...

I see that moshe dropped the emmmmmmmes. :)

berl, crown heights said...

I see that moshe dropped the emmmmmmmes. :)

cernin said...

The story that happened was as follows. The shluchim coming back from an inspirational kinnus (at approximately 12 in the morning), thought it to be appropriate to go to 770 and farbreng. At first the the tzfatim tried to stop the shluchim from pushing together the tables to farbreng. When that didnt work (the shluchim struggled with them, until they had the tables together), the tzfatim then took out the next weapon in their arsenal (their hands didn’t work this time against the high volume of shluchim). They brought out their fart spray and started spraying all the cans to make the shluchim leave. The bad odor did not intimidate or deter the shluchim and they actually just ignored it and farbrenged further. So they tried to sing yechi extremely loud but the shluchim just ignored them and farbenged further.
The shluchim sang “hiney ma tov uma noim sheves achim gam yachad” for about fifteen minutes in unity (there were shluchim of all stripes and opinions farbrenging together). It was unbelievable. The inspiration it brought was so thick and tangible. You couldn’t even hear the ten tzfatim which were screaming yechi. The Tzfatim gave up on their shouting yechi after about two hours of making themselves hoarse). The shluchim finally got to farbreng without menius veikuvim (hecklers). At approximately 3 AM rabbi Avremel Shemtov walked in. As soon as he walked in, the tzfatim brought back their arsenal of fart spray. It was ignored. The shluchim farbrenged further, beautifully, despite the unpleasant odors the tzfatim so graciously extended to the shluchim.
Twenty minutes later (after the tzfatim apparently informed their friends to immediately wake up, come to 770 and prepare for war against the shluchim) the tsfatim started whipping seforim into the direction of the farbrengen. The seforim instantly turned into live fire, which was literally dangerous. The shluchim and anash scattered for safety to be out of fire from the tzfatim’s seforim arsenal. Rabbi Avremel Shemtov was immediately ushered out by about ten shomrim to safety.
The tzfatim were unhinged (the police which had eventually arrived, were not equipped to confront these tzfatim, thought they successfully arrested several of them. It became increasingly dangerous to be within a mile from these tzfatim. It was ugly.
After the violence from the tzfatim was wrought upon the shluchim, the idea was proposed (in a shout out loud) to tear the yechi banner down in revenge.
Rabbi Moscowitz (head shliach to Illinois) walked out (in anger) bleeding from his face from an apparent tzfati gash in the face. Rabbi Yisroel shem tov was brought out onto a hatzala with a big gash by his eye. Rabbi Hartman (shliach to Vietnam) was brought by ambulance to the hospital after a bench which was thrown by the tzfatim crushed his leg. I didn’t notice any injuries amongst the tzfatim, though I can’t attest that there weren’t any.
The violence the Tzfatim brought onto the Rebbe’s Chassidim and shluchim, that sad and painful evening, was indescribable. At that point fearing for my personal safety I went home. I therefore cannot inform you on anything which occurred after the first half an hour of the initial (physical phase of the) tzfati attack.
Note: I copied and pasted this post and posted it on the tzfati – web site. I have no faith that it will be posted by them for they carefully filter out posts which counter their agenda.
Please don’t copy and paste my post, on any non Chabad site, thereby bringing out our dirty laundry into the public eye.

Itzhak Schier said...

Most of the normal meshichisten just pay lip service to the whole belief and that lip service gets weaker as the years pass by. I think they realize they made a mistake but can't admit it outright so they just keep the outside appearance of believing in the Rebbe as Moshiach.

Yechi is not the yechi of yesteryear - a few diehards are really into it, some halfheartedly reply, and the rest just pay it no heed. That even goes back as far as 5757 in places like Kfar Chabad - the only real diehard communities left are Tzfas, Bat Yam, some of Kiryat Gat, and some small communities led by meshichisten.

Then, sadly, there are the politicians who make yechi into an issue for the sake of power.

And Kfar Chabad is boring and completely farkoift to people who buy articles there like Boymelgreen and Leviev. Nothing against them but I can read about them in the Wall Street Journal or Globes. That and not real belief is why Beis Moshiach, which also has a (pidgin) English section, is so popular. I read it online myself from time to time, but I skip the hashkafah parts.

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

I sure hope what Itzak Schier writes is true. It would do a lot for Shalom in Klal Yisroel if so