Friday, August 4, 2006

Your connection to the wall


"The « Tzetel »
This word means, in Yiddish « little piece of paper », a kind of note or message.

At the Kotel, some of the people don't limit themselves to talk to G.od or to say psalms when they're at the Kotel : they write down a request on a « Tzetel » that they insert into a cavity of the Wall. This tradition is more than several hundred years old.

The goal of doing so is that when someone has to express a deep feeling on a paper, the internal work is more intense than during an oral prayer. This method increases tenfold the feeling, therefore we go from something abstract to something more truthful.

Some people might ask for the recovery of some ill person, another will ask for a soul mate, a third one will look for help to overcome a personal issue...

It is obvious that all the prayers, said in any place in the world can be heard by G.od, but the Kotel has always been the shortest way to « G.od's ear » because it's written that His presence is specifically located in this holy place, and that It will never leave Him."

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