Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Memories of Monroe

The Satmar Rov's yohrtzeit on the 26th of Av (Sunday) brings back childhood memories for me. As a child my father would take us to the ציון of the Satmar Rov in Kiryas Joel, then it was still somewhat feasable to go on the day of the Yohrtzeit. What I remember is not so much the people there or the actual קבר, but rather the booths on the road up to the ציון, the booths manned by one or two Bochurim or married men collecting Tzedokoh for the various Satmarer institutions around the world and shouting out their names:

!דעם רבינ'ס מוסדות אין ארגענטינא

!דעם רבינ'ס מוסדות אין לעיקוואוד

!מוסדות רב טוב

!סאטמארער ביקור חולים

!די ערשטע מוסד וואס די רבי האט מייסד געווען אין אמעריקא

and so on.

I just thought I'd share it with you.......

Photos courtesy of the Times Herald Record


ggg said...

Im from Argentina and here is the Biggest Sefaradic satmar community of the world =).
I love Rabi Joel, iehi zijro baruch.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

much gusto conocerle, Ilan. Nosotros amamos al Rabi Ioel tambien.