Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nine Eleven threads and counting

Since Moshe Kanovsky jumped to his death Friday, loyal mentalblog readers the world over have been subjected to NINE threads about his and other suicides amongst memebers of the frum community. Anything from blaming everybody but the kitchen sink, to making him into a Tzaddik, (which he may have been, I did not know him) to posting news and video clips, to "was he allowed to jump?" I've been asked by others and I've thought to myself:

"Is this a call for help?"

Do we need to heed this call so that we don't regret it later? I'm sorry if you think this as harsh and cruel, and some of you may look at this thread like some Purim joke, but it's not. The warning signs are there, and if they are there wee need to pay attention.


Video around the ESB

Halachic aspects of suicide

Bending his body like a pretzel

Rabbi Moshe Kanovsky, Esq.

Last person to see Moshe Kanovsky in his final moments

remembering Moshe Kanovsky

daloy textual rituals

frum suicides

MK leaps to his death from the ESB


Anonymous said...

Tzemach has shown suicidal tendencies before, why is this the first sign?

If it is another one, Tzemach, please don't jump.

Anonymous said...

do not worry

Anonymous said...

but I am not finished with the suicidal posts...

Anonymous said...

contribute to the mentalblog.com fundraiser, my life is dependent on it.

Anonymous said...

How about coming up with some original ideas instead of commenting on Mentalblog all the time....

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


I won't worry then. But why so many posts on the subject?

I'm sorry to hear that your life now depends on the blog.

maybe if you'd comment a bit more around here I'd see that there's a point in caring as to what YOU want me to write about. So far your comments are very few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tzig,

I gotta agree with Menatzpach, if we would be interested in what Atlas has to say we would be at his place, not here. Just continue doing what you do best (which is pointing out the obvious) keep it up, and please no more of the Atlas stuff for a while.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how insensitive TA is being to the Kanovsky family by keeping all these posts up. It is beyond sickening: Yes, there is definitely a discussion to be had about suicide in the Frum community, but for now, the family deserve privacy, not a media circus. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I know the family quite well and they are very fine people. They have a cousin in 770.

The boy was bipolar. So please stop making judgements.

It is simply a rachmonus and Hashem should bentsch us with normal children!