Thursday, January 10, 2008

Must see DVD

If you're looking for Kosher, inspirational and educational audio-visual material, and if you wish to see how Chassidim lived and inspired others, then this DVD is for you. You have one in your computer anyway, so you might as well utilize the drive for what it was meant - Gutte Zachen. Reb Chaim Dalfin has taken upon himself the all-important task of eternalizing some of this footage, and we thank him for it. The fact that the events took place within the confines of his home and Chabad House in California also didn't hurt his cause.

You see, Reb Mendel O"H would spend a few weeks each year traveling to collect funds for the Tomchei Tmimim Yeshivos, and Northern California was one of the stops on his itinerary. While in California he'd join with the legendary Reb Shmuel Dovid Raitchik o"h, and together they'd go to their list of supporters. The "Algemeiner Journal" readers amongst you will remember that there seems to be a Kibbitz of She'aris HaPleitoh Yidden in S Francisco and the environs, I guess these were the Yidden they'd relieve of some of their money and use it for bessere zachen.

At times like these Reb Mendel and Reb Shmiel Doovid would stay at Reb Chaim Dalfin's home for a few days, and it's one of these days that the footage was taken, much to Reb Mendel's chagrin. He didn't like the fact that he was the subject of the video, a very Chitzoniyus'dikke concept in his eyes. The fact that the Rebbe allowed it was a Rebbishe Zach, and for one to do it of stam Chassidim was Chitzoniyus. We thank Reb Chaim for this Chitzoniyusdikke act, one that may bring some Pnimiyus into our lives. We sure are lacking, and what better to get some back than to watch those that did attain some through hard work, and see how they did it. Other works by Reb Chaim include "Who's who in Lubavitch," "Davening," "To be Chassidic" and more. See This website for a full listing.

The mission statement of "Who’s Who in Lubavitch – Oral History Project" is: To retain the rich Chabad-Lubavitch tradition and flavor in the consciousness of Chabad Chasidim, young and old. Through written, audio and visual means we hope to remember the past, influence the present, and assist in the development of the future. If you are interested in having your Lubavitch family member remembered, we encourage you to contact us. WWL Project is a nice wedding memento, Bar/Bas Mitzvah gift, or for any other occasion. To order the DVD, email or call(212)444-9105.


Anonymous said...

I will tell you as a bochur (in Israel) Reb Mendel was to me the only true Chassidishe Mashpia he cared truly for the Bochurims well being if there is any chasidishkeit in me it was due to his loving farbrengens I had with him In Israel. He got us to study Tanya Baal Peh wholesale, he got us to learn and made us feel special to be the Rebbes a Chossid.

tuvia said...

i am happy that you are finally addressing the sugya of gedolai chabad yidden like r'mendel z'l were maspia on all ballai daas like r'elya dessler z'l this is what chabad is about avodas hatifeela etc & every thingelse is fine & voil but kimt nist tzu chabad all the opposition to lubavitz in the velt & all the causes for this opposition is because many non cbadskers [chizonin] in lubavitz i think your forum should address this sugya
ps i remember your grandfather from chicago we davened in the same shul he was a yid from dor hayoshon

Hirshel Tzig said...

Thanks. may I ask in which shul you davened with him?

tuvia said...

by the ehaler rov zl

neuhaus said...

R'Mendel was a Meshichist,no? His grandson Zalmanov from Flatbush is amongst the biggest.

Tuvia:I missed your point about the 'chitzoinim in Lubavitz'.What were you trying to say?
R'Dessler did not know R'Mendel, who was half his age anyway.R'Itche masmid spent time with him in London in the 30's

Anonymous said...

for sake of accuracy: reb shmiel doovid joined not only in california, but all over the u.s.

Guravitzer said...

Inaccurate: Reb Shmuel Dovid did not join him anywhere else.