Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pic of the Day

Can You Guess?


Anonymous said...

The Stolliner Rebbe with Reb Yiddel Ackerman behind him.

Hirshel Tzig said...

זייער גוט געענטפערט
Maybe tell us about Reb Yiddel?

The Bray of Fundie said...

z'kan hayenukos :lol:

schneur said...

I bought this picture in Jslm in 1971 There is another one where he is walking in a "feld" with his father.

Anonymous said...

the chasne debei nesiah?

Anonymous said...

I remember Reb Yiddel as head counselor in Tzelemer Camp 52 years ago. He is an American geshmake zeese Chassidishe yid. gevaltige baal chesed, great great dancer.... mesameach chosson vekaleh mit alle zeine kochos.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Me'INYAN L'INYAN (b'Oso Iyan - Chassidishe kreizen). I thought this was an "overlooked" hanhoga:

In the Simchas Torah 5724 farbrengen, the Rebbe quotes the famous encounter of the Alter Rebbe and HaR"R Yosef Kol Bo.

[On a side note, the hemshech haMayse is quite interesting with horaos on every tenuah of a tzadik..]

B'Leshono HaKodosh:

רבינו הזקן, בא' מהליכותיו ממעזריטש, בשנת תקכ"ט, עבר בדרכו בעיר שקלאוו, ונכנס לבית המדרש באמצע הלילה, וכיון שבחוץ שרר כפור, נגש סמוך לתנור כדי להתחמם, בהחזיקו את ידיו לצדדין, שכן, עפ"י קבלה, אין להחזיק את הידים מלאחוריו.

In the Haoro there:
ראה שער רוה"ק דרוש א' הב' (קרוב לסופו).

Basically, what seemingly yotze m'zeh - that at all times, one should not hold his hands behind him.

HENCE, the "minhag haNofutz" of litvish circles to daven such - l'choira is mufrach for those choishesh to divrei Kabbala, as Chassidim bichlal. ?

I may emphasize, I am not 100% sure, so please correct or add as fit.

Anonymous said...

An obvious point here - The coat is right over left.

M'redt doch veg'n chosidim..

Hirshel Tzig said...

reb Yidel was always a Stoliner?

Pinsker said...

The poor child had no childhood. They stole it from him, based on a similar act perpetrated on his great grandfather.

Anonymous said...

better to steal a childhood than a child.

@ lwast he was comforted with a rebbistava. More than you can say for his b'chor.

Pinsker said...

his b'chor's book has yet to be closed. With the Stoliner Rebbe having so many children DYS may still get a piece of the pie...

don't count him out yet

Anonymous said...

I heard that Reb Yidel was sitting for years by Reb Yoels tanya shiur on 46th st.

An Ailmesher said...

Tell us more details about his bechor. Where is he now and what is he doing?

מאנסיער איד said...

his bechor lives in Monsey. א שיינע תלמיד חכם who has a nice family. I'd say he's a bit more chassidish looking than your average stoliner.

old timer said...

R Yidel was not always a stoliner. He originally went to telz but was as legend has it thrown out over a purim play that didn't go over well with the hanhalah. He then was back in willy where he met the helige R Yoichonon. I have heard that at first his mother who was mike tress's mother in law was very upset but eventually became a chossid of the rebbe herself . R Yidel was also the main person who is responsible for the present 2ebbe being rebbe today as his parents were not intrested as his father was a misnaged.R Yidel is also an amuliggeh chusid with every fiber of his being the kind you don't find today anymore. A person who has not had an easy life but is fiiled with genuine chassidishe simcha.

An Ailmesher said...

מאנסיער איד,

What's the b'chor's name and which chassidus does he belong to?

Anonymous said...

מאנסיער איד

his name is Dovid Yehoshua and he belongs to


An Ailmesher said...

his father's a chosid? the next rebbe?

Anonymous said...

Was the Stoliner rebbes 1st wife from the Karliner geza? or from the Shochet side?

Anonymous said...

His first wife was named Soshay from Los Angeles. She was a cousin of his, but not cut out for Rebbe's wife duty

Anonymous said...

not Soshay, but Sochet, still, pronounced the same as Soshay.

Anonymous said...

>but not cut out for Rebbe's wife duty

Let's humor you for a moment. But if your right it raises another troubling question- Is a Rebbe who is maskim to such a shiduch cut out for "Rebbe duty"?

schneur said...

I recall the Algemeiner's coverage of the wedding . It was an attempt of the Shochet family to insure their control of the dynasty.
The NY Post had an "interesting" article about the divorce as well.
One can write a lot about the various rebbes and their backgrounds but the reality on the ground remains.

Hirshel Tzig said...

control? is the Rebbe being a "Sochet" not enough? I don't get it. And what claim does a cousin have if they didn't marry into the family?!

burech said...

The hayntiger Stoliners father, was from what backround?
Lets have some bio.

Лeв Давидович Бронштéйн said...

Ezra Shochet was an American from a Stoliner family,the LA Shochets also call themselves Socket/Soshay.
Th LA grandmother says she is the bubbe of the future Stoliner Rebbe.
This past summer,the Stoliner Rebbe took his father's widow to a Din Torah in Beis Yosef-Novardok over the house his father left her.
By the way weren't the cosuins Morris Sherer/ Mike Tress from a Stoliner family?

A Stoliner on the Web

Stolin-the shtetl

Anonymous said...


Very nice song (from Nochem Shternheim):

(Singer - Yacov Shapiro).

Az vet kimen der fraytik oyfdernakht -
Oy,s'aza fargenign!
Der tate mit di kinder zalbe akht
Zingen zikh tsi a nign
Flegt di mame mit di oyerringlakh
Tsubomken mit a lefele,
Un tate mitn fingerl a knak
Flegt di bobe mitn goyderl
Shoklen mitn kepele
Oy vey, vi geshmak, oy-vey vi geshmak

S'iz shabes haynt, in kheyder geyt men nit
Oy, oy,s'aza fargenign!
Der tate geyt fun shil trit bay trit
Zing zikh tsi shtil a nign
Flegt der tate zikh avekzetsn farhern mikh gemoreh
Un gebn mir a knipele a bak:
-Oy, es vakst a talmid-khokhem -
Flegt er zogn - keyn ayn-hore! -
Oy vey, vi geshmak, Oy vey, vi geshmak

Az vet kimen der shabes oyfdernakht
Oy,s'aza fargenign!
Di bobe mit di kinder zalbe akht
Zingen zikh tsi a nign
Flegt di bobe undz dertseyln
A mayse fun gazlonimlakh
Vos blondzhen in der fintster mit a hak
Flegn kinderlekh bagisn zikh
Mit trerelekh vi perelekh
Oy vey, vi geshmak, Oy vey, vi geshmak

(Sorry for transliteration).

schneur said...

The Slonimer rebbe Reb Sholom Noach ZTL writes about a nittuk , a loss of Massorah because of teh Holocaust.
Many Chassidic groups (even the Ungarische- how much did the brothers rabbis Aron and Zalman mekabel from Rav Yoel ?) lost a generation of leadership and it passed on to young men whose parents were not shayech to nesius or hanhoga like Munkatz, Boyan, Stolin , Koznitz, and others.
When you read the likute Diburim of the Rayaatz and you see the chinuch his holy father gave him from day 1 you see what a rebbische chinuch really is. The same was true of the Raza and the Rashab , they were the essence of a rebbe, that was their mahus. With all respect to most heintige rebbeim they are gemachte rebbeim. The Stoliner rebbe has many good qualities a fine Tore journal, a valuable library he runs from akvod, runs from machlokes he is not a politico, etc etc and deserves our respect.

schneur said...

There is much interesting background material on the marriage of Ezra Shochet to Feigele Perlow. But why bring it up ?
The Israeli press printed many articles about this issue when the Chassidus was divided with the Lelever rebbe

Anonymous said...

Reb Yoel of Satmar was a self made man, as he quipped to some one, how come his brother the Sigeter wears a hat with a smaller brim and he wears a wide brim, he answered when you are continuing a existing business you don't need big sinage, but for a new business a big billboard is needed. Reb Aron is basically a new kid on the satmar block more Chassidish.

An Ailemesher said...


"The same was true of the Raza and the Rashab , they were the essence of a rebbe"

You opened up a can of worms. From contemporary sources outside of Lubavitch we know that the Raz"a was Rebbe for a short while and then resigned. Tell us more about it.