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גוטע זאכען לכבוד חנוכה

The Makarover Rebbe of Winnipeg, Canada. From an Anonymous reader.
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Chanukah Fabrengen in Winnipeg. I guess they figured it was press worthy!

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Letter from Rav Hutner to Rav Kook regarding his sefer "Toras haNozir." HaMercaz

My father's rebbe, Reb Aizik, and his name dilemma, and how Reb Lazer Silver hut mechaven geven tzum Rebben. I always knew that the Rebbe had once told that to somebody, but I never heard it from any other source.


MICHOEL said...

B'm'chilas k'vodan, I don't care for the raya.

Chavos Yair means "the chavos of Yair". It is not a shem toar, in the usual sense. If he had called them Yitzchak Yair, after himself and his alter zeide Yitzchok Avinun, ken zein the Torah would have said that he called it Yitzchok Yair "in his name" and in the name of his zeideh.

Hirshel Tzig said...

but even without the Raya isn't Avrohom Yitzchok different than Yitzchok Eizik? Even according to TRYH it is!

Michoel said...

Yeah. Harayah, assuming Rav Bloch was makpid on Tzava'as Rebbi Yehudah HeChassid, he still took Rav Ausband as an eidim.

Anonymous said...

I had a similiar question regarding my son's name. R' Zushe Wilhelm of yeshiva oholei torah wrote a sefer, ziv hashaimos. He told me that he asked R' ZS Dvorkin A"H about this, and RZS paskenned based on a Tzemach Tzedek tshuva in gittin. If they split the name, writing for example yitzchok on the first line and aizik on line 2, the get is possul. The reason is that yitzchok aizik is one name. Splitting it is like writing yitz on line 1, and chok on line 2. Therefore RZS said that the name mendel is not the same name as menachem mendel. Or yizchok aizik is not yosef yitzchak.
I did not see this tshuva myself, and if u have a chance look it up and comment.

schneur said...

R. Yonah Landau wrote many articles about the Makarever Rebbe in Canada. He even led a pilgrimage there several years ago. I think a child of his is still living there.There was a time when almost every American town had a Chernobler eynikel (Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Chelsea, Phil,Los Angeles, Montreal etc)
At one point Winnepeg was a major center of Judaism with many impt rabboim like rabbis Hurevitz, Kahanowitz, Cherson, and Rabbi Meyer Schwartzman. Many Russian Jews resided there, I guess the weather was the same ...
Today not much going on there except for rabbi Altein.

Anonymous said...

Hirshel -

What's pshat in your words "mechaven geven tzum Rebben" - As it's vague in your link - Is the kavanah l'Nosi Doreinu ?


pulcheh said...

Just so you know, yingaleh, you don't say "mechaven geven tzum Rebben" when the one who says the opinion was twenty years older.
You also don't tell us when Nosi Hador said the same, and of course you don't tell us whether the Rebbe may have actually heard the story from R'Leizer and like the idea.

Hirshel Tzig said...

just so you know, tatteleh, this has nothing to do with who said it and when it was said...

Anonymous said...

Idiot, don't you know when the Rebbe quotes a pasuk we say Moshe Rabbenu iz mechaven geven tzum Rebbe.

pulcheh said...

I liked the term "pious Hebrews"

Anonymous said...

about the names

There is a famous SHU"T sefer called
Chavos Yair and Reb Chaim Bachrach writes in the Hakdama that he named the sefer after his bubbe, because she was very lerned and holy (the Shalo"h Hakadosh wanted to marry her because she was so holy) and since all of his Torah was in her zchus and her name was Chava so all he is, is just "Chava's Yair". As it would be said in Yiddish.

About the 2 names...
There is a sefer of great Gaon who was Rav on Yassi in Romania. Where the Ruzhiner came first when he ran from Ukraine. So in the Hakdama of תפארת יוסף he qoutes the Ruszhiner Rebbe as saying that matching names of a a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law of a "Rebetzin" should not be a problem since nobody will call the Shviger by name, she is called "Rebitzin" it is not a problem.

Then I remember seeing the same answer in the name of the Steipeler Gaon I am sure the Staipeler took it from the same mekor.

Yosef 718

Anonymous said...

how many genarations was the Makarover from Reb Motel Chernobler?

Was there a Skverer Rebbe in the states ?

Hirshel Tzig said...

there were several skverrer Rebbes here before Reb Yankev Yosef.

snag18 said...

anonymous 4:48

so Reb Lazer Silver is Moshe Rabbeinu now?

Anonymous said...

Hirshel -

I'm lost in the rubble.. Excuse my ignorance, but WHERE/WHAT is the Rebbe's vort, which you are referring to?

A "Rashi sicha"?

Ha'Tzamei lodaas erkim b'Toras Rabbeinu.

-Anon 4:21pm

Aron said...

I don't know about you but the letter is the best find on this post. Go figure, Hoid Kvoid Admur..Ateres Yisroel...a few years later becomes persona non grata.

He did have a way of dumping friends, particularly the ones that were no longer PC.

Modeh B'Miktsas said...

Question for anon 2:25: Is that the normative psak in chabad? I'm only asking because I was once at a chossid's kiddush for a baby girl, whom he said he named mushka instead of Chaya Mushka because his shvigger is named Chaya.

Isaac Balbin said...

If you pasken from Gittin, would the name be Chaya Mushka or Chaya Moussia on a Get?

How is she named on her headstone?

Modeh B'Miktsas said...

That one even I can answer. חיה מושקה
Now I look stupid because it was with an aleph, right?

schneur said...

Was Rabbi Aron Kotler's fathers name Schneur Zalman. If it was he called his son Schneur because his father in law was Reb Isser Zalman Meltzer. Why could rav Ausband not have called his son Avrohom al shem chasno ?

Hirshel Tzig said...

he was called Schneur Zalman, and he cut it short because of his shver.

Maybe they disagreed on this point. Maybe Reb Aizik wanted the whole name.

Also Reb IZ was alive when RSK was born. Reb Aizik's son Avremel was born after his zeide was killed AK"H.


Milhouse said...

What do you mean mechaven? More like ra'ayah listor. I haven't got shaarei halacha uminhag handy, but if you look there you'll find that the Rebbe said the opposite, that if you're following the minhag Ashkenaz not to name after a living ancestor then you can't use even one of the names.

Tzavo'as RYhCh is a different matter; bichlal it's a strange thing, and we don't keep most of it, and what we do keep we are often mekil with, or hold to the strict letter. For instance, TzRYhCh says two brothers should not live in the same city, and also that two brothers should not marry two sisters; the Rebbe Nismoso Eden said you can break one of those two but not both, so if two brothers marry two sisters they shouldn't live in the same city. So with the tzivuy not to marry someone with the same name as ones parent, we go by the exact letter, and if the name is even slightly different then we allow it. But one thing hasn't got to do with the other.

Anonymous said...

Re Tzava'os R' Yehuda HaChossid --

In installments below, an interesting likkut on those protim which the Chabad Rebbeim ZY"A did address/practice (B'NOSAF to hamista'ef odosoi bichlal):

If it won't show as url, just copy & paste.


Third and Final:

bshem horav yosef dov said...

i was asked by horav yosef dov to make the following comments (he thinks not many read when he writes in yiddish and maybe no one will look at this post anymore anyway ).
1. on a get of a woman who is official shem koidesh is chaya mushka and everyone calls her musya you would write chaya mushka demiskaria musya.
2. the rebbe did not say that lechatchila you can give haf a name of a father. he said quoting tzemach tzedek that when you want a marry a girl whose father's name is like yours you can add a name to yours and then legabe tzavoas r yehodo hachosid its a diferent name. but lechatchile the rebbe and other ashkenazi poskim would say to name a child avrohom and not avrohom yitzchok