Thursday, July 21, 2022

Today is merely סתימת הגולל.... (Guest Post)

I don’t know where to begin. 

 The pain is overwhelming and the wounds are fresh.

We lost someone today who was truly a - - חד בדרא a unique individual with a myriad of accomplishments.

We lost a real and true בעל יסורים. 

Reb Sholomo Carlebach זצ''ל זי''ע endured years of suffering in Germany. He made it to the hallowed shores of America as an orphan – and suffered even more, on a greater, deeper and more existential level.

Rav Carlebach was the victim of a מעשה רציחה many decades ago. Although it is public knowledge, we will not delve into the details. Suffice it to say that today is merely the סתימת הגולל, וד''ל. 

It is said over from the "חכמי עבודה" that animals, particularly chayos, are so cruel that they eat their prey while the poor victim is still alive. Human beings can succumb to such depths that their proverbial prey can still be technically alive while suffering; enduring total societal isolation. It is not enough to win the war, but the victim has to be savaged. 

All for the sake of גאווה דקדושה. 

On a positive note, the groyse niftar should be a mayletz yosher

In the spirit of הלכות דעות וחובת הלבבות, I think it would be proper for Tzig to quote from himself…