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Tuesday Links

How Iran kept its Jews
Rav Shmuel Aron Tamares
הכירו: אדמו"ר חדש בשושלת אזארניץ-חאטין-קופיטשניץ
He made the Forward 50
His website  Ah Rebbe mit Twitter   One of Aish Authors
חבר ה'מועצת' קילל ופעילי התנזים שאגו: 'בוגד' • צפו
צפו בתיעוד: הגר"ש מרקוביץ ב"לחיים" על פסק הדין

I find it hard to decide what the reaction should be to the implosion at Shas. Rather, the implosion of Aryeh Deri's Shas party. Some Lubavitchers like the idea of Eli Yishai because it gives them a viable option to the Marzel/whatever party that never crosses the line and makes the cut. Others like the idea that Yishai would most likely be more right wing than Shas had become under Deri, which we see now that Rav Ovadia himself now blames Deri for Oslo! That would allow at least 4 MKs to vote against whatever the leftists are planning once they take over. Until now Shas voted as a bloc. The general frum opinion is that Shas is better united because it allows for a stronger bloc against the Bayit HaYehudis and Yair Lapids of the world.

ימים יגידו

Monday, December 29, 2014

What do Lutvakkes and Yekkes know about Yiddishkeit anyway!

A description of the 1922 conference in Csop, headed by the Munkatcher Rov, upon his return to Munkatch from Poland. The Rabbonim were told about the terrible plan of the Agudah, founded by Lutvakken, Yekkes and Italians whose idea of Yiddishkeit is foreign to us, the Orthodox of Marmures and Hungary. What is a flaw for us is not a flaw for them, and what they teach their children is not what we would teach ours. They are just like the Mizrachi. Their supposed differences and arguments are only to show the world that they are different, but they are really one and the same. They condone and encourage the building of the land, and they plan on splitting it with the Zionists. They're also taking the money meant for the kollelim, the charities of Reb Meir baal haNess, now that people will support them instead of the holy kollelim. And they're trying to bring "Gymnasiums" and
"Rabbiner Seminaren" into Poland, where all great Rabbonim of the past and present forbid it. The decision of that conference was to ban any and all association with the Agudah. Many chashuv'e Rabbonim, attended, including Rav Yonasan Steif, the Satmar Rov, then of Orshive, and Reb Mordche Leib Winkler of H'Mad. 
Similar to what the Rebbes of Lubavitch said about the AI, actually, but not in as many words.

Friday, December 26, 2014

גליון שיח חסידים עם תמונה - עש"ק ויגש תשע"ה

 אנו שמחים להגיש לפניכם את הגיליון "שיח חסידים" פר' ויגש תשע"ה. מצורפת תמונה מבר מצוה של כ"ק מרן אדמו"ר שליט"א, כל היודע פרטים על תמונה זו אנא יודיענו. כל המדפיס את הגיליון ומזכה את הרבים, תבוא עליו ברכה 
א גוט שבת 
מערכת שיח חסידים

No 12 foot banners. No wine decanters and silver goblets. No gabboyim standing behind the Amshinover. No six rows of tables for Rebbishe kinds of every level. No bleachers. No 30 man choir. Just plain old simplicity. Amshinov. Prshischa. Next to the Amshinover Rebbe sits Rav YY Piekarski z"l.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"ואת הנפש אשר עשו בחרן"

Hungarian Lubavitcher בעלי תשובה that we can all look up to

It may be hard for non-Hungarians to understand this, but to see this kind of rebirth in Hungary, after decades of Jews hiding their Jewishness, is nothing short of amazing. Little kids with yarmulkes, peyos and tzitzis speaking Hungarian? Holy Toledo!

Rabbi Mendel Berman, Toronto


"Rabbi Mendel Berman performed in Toronto during the 1920s and moved to Israel later on and died there around 1935." If you have information about this Jew with a הדרת פנים please share!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Morning Links

Maliner Rebbe's Business Card
American Judaism May Change
R' Avigdor Miller: What to do about a meddling shvigger
1923: Gerrer Rebbe lifts railway ban

I guess the Gerrer Rebbe didn't hear about the terrible sin of התגרות באומות - Telling Jews to boycott the Polish Railway?! What was he thinking?! Did Moshiach come yet? no. So we're supposed to "turn the other cheek" and say thank you, sir! I am your humble servant until the Messiah arrives. Also, the Rabbi Schneerson of Homel is probably Prof. Fishel Scheerson's father, Reb Schneur Zalman Schneerson, (son of the Retchitcher Rebbe, Reb Sholom Ber, son of MaHaRiL of Kopust) great-grandson of the Tzemach Tzedek and Rov of Homel. I'm not sure what it means when it says that Rabbi Barashansky, who was the Misnagdishe Rov, was a witness that the Rabbis had performed these functions...

The oylem is scratching their heads about the ad that appeared in an Israeli leaflet that gets distributed in Bnei Beraq and Beit Shemesh. Tanya, Maamorei HaRaSHaB and V'Yoel Moshe.... who is giving these shiurim and what does he want?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

!אוי, ווי די ליטוויקעס האבען מורא פאר די שקיעה

Don't get me wrong, ביי אונז אין ליובאוויטש we also light soon after the shkiah, but these guys are like terrified! And how does the saying go? Shabbos ahin, Shabbos aher, m'darf doch tzinden Chanikeh licht! This sefer is about Reb Dovid בהר"ן, a great gaon and tzaddik in Yerushalayim, son of Reb Nochum Shadiker, hence the name בהר"ן. I heard a story from a Yerushalayimer Yid who was Reb Dovid's son's - Reb Hillel Vaisfiche - neighbor. ממש א טיר נאך א טיר. Reb Hillel would wait for the muezzin at the mosque to start croaking - they pray at sunset too, להבדיל - and he'd yell "פייגע, די גוי שרייט שוין!" and immediately begin the brochos....

Friday, December 12, 2014

ביאור פרשת גדולת החג י"ט כסלו

Read it on HebrewBooks

מכתב כ"ק אדמו"ר זי"ע לישיבת טעלז אודות י"ט כסלו

A letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to one of the Telsher Roshei Yeshiva/Chavrei HaHanholoh where he goes through all the hanhogos and sayings and that Chassidim through the generations said and did. The Rebbe writes about his hesitation, whether or not to answer the letter, since he's not sure what the point of the letter was, i.e. do they REALLY want answers?... Worth your time. 

From ספר שערי המועדים י'-י"ט כסלו.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

טעם למה חוגגים את י"ט כסלו הלילה

למה הה"מ ממעזריטש נ"ע נטמן באניפאלי - מספרו של הגה"ח ר' ישראל גרוסמן זצ"ל

Thursday Links

שיעור בוידאו: המאסר והגאולה - עפ"י המסמכים שנתגלו
Ner Israel's 81st annual dinner
Kupat HaIr's giving out toys this Chanukah
Ami Magazine: Oops!
מעמד חנוכת הבית והכנסת ס"ת בקרית צאנז טבריא
שרבי אלי' לאפיאן אמר שצריך ללמוד תניא

POTD - Williamsburg

Menu: Shtop Gentz with Goulash
Mashpia: Lemel Shvartz
Sugya: על הגאולה פרק ז
Conclusion: Nishtakcho Toras... from the era of the Tzemach Tzedek
Nigunim: רבינ'ס זעקסטע הקפה ניגון for a Freilekhs and רבינ'ס שלום עליכם ניגון for התעוררות
Dancing: Bonfire burning Volumes of חסידות מבוארת

בדרך צחות, כמובן

שני מאמרים - לכבוד י"ט כסלו

עבודת הלוי - להבין הטעם של י"ט כסלו

מאמר ד"ה להבין הטעם שאין תקיעת שופר - תקס"ח

Shalom Uvracha, 

In honor of Yud Tes Kislev, please find attached a newly revised edition of the Maamar, Lehavin Inyan Bechinas Haneis from Reb Aharon Helevi Horowitz of Stroshelye, with Chassidus Metzuyenes. B"H over the last several years we have been able to spread the teachings of chassidus through sending out Mamarim with Biurim of Chassidus Metzuyenes. 

If you can help support this effort, please send your donation to Akiva Shavrick, 6414 Park Heights Ave, Apt A3, Baltimore, MD. 21215. 

Thank you.

 גוט יום טוב! לשנה טובה בלימוד החסידות ובדרכי החסידות תכתבו ותחתמו

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Wednesday Afternoon Links

the NYT discovers shmaltz
WSJ: How did Moses part the Red Sea?
עתון "המבשר" על ממלכת חב"ד בפאריז
יא"צ: כ"ק אדמו"ר הרה"ק ריי"צ מאוורוטש נ"ע
ראש השנה לחסידות: מנהגי חב"ד לי"ט כסלו
Monah Rosenblum and 28 piece band to perform at Satmar 21 Kislev function
2 Chassidei Shuvu Bonim bochurim die in crash, r"l

רבי ברוכ'ל קריגט נישט קיין הרה"צ, און אויך נישט קיין זצ"ל אדער זי"ע

זעהט דף ב' ביי די סדר הדורות

'דף השבוע חגיגה כב:א ב

Sunday, December 7, 2014

נפטר געווארען ר' יוסף וואלדמאן ע"ה

Reb Yosef Waldman, the man who has a big part in the Rashi Sichos
More in English

 I knew Reb Yossel's brother somewhat. I think he was Hershel. He lived around the corner from us in Boro Park and I would see him on the street and in shul sometimes, although he didn't daven in our shtiebel for the most part. Then, when I started becoming closer to Lubavitch, I somehow got to know that he was a תמים who had a shaychis to the Rebbe, even if his family didn't really. I think he passed away some years ago. Then I discovered that he had a brother Yossel that lived in Crown heights and קאכט זיך זייער שטארק in the Rashi Sichos. He was the one who convinced the Rebbe to continue with the Rashi Sichos after officially he would stop due to lack of interest. He asked the Rebbe to provide him with Marei Mekomos, which he did, and often times he would know of a farbrengen before even the mazkirim would, since the Rebbe would tell him on his way into 770 on Shabbos morning. I heard that his whole davening Shabbos morning was consumed with preparing, looking at every conceivable sefer that would discuss the Rashi and discussing his findings with anybody shayech to it. By the actual farbrengen he would שלינג מיט דורשט every word that the Rebbe uttered. At word in the Diamond District any ben torah he came in contact with knew about the farbrengen and the Rashi sicha...

It seems like they were originally from Munkacs and came to this country in 1939. They soon entered the Lubavitcher Yeshiva, and Yossel especially formed a very special kesher with the Rebbe. Maybe if I was more of a yenta I would have spoken to him when I saw him in Crown Heights. But alas!

We bring you here - for the very first time - a recording of a speech by RYM to a small women's group in the spring of 1969/5729. You can skip ahead to 2:50 on the recording to skip the introductions and crowd noise. It is interesting to note that he starts in English and then switches to Yiddish at the request of the crowd.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

How Lakewood פראוועט ליל שישי

The truth is that it's mamesh heartwarming to see the קירוב לבבות between Lubavitch and Lakewood. Only music can bring hearts and minds together. Not only music, kugel & chulent help too. I hear they sell, like, heaps and mounds of that stuff every week in Lakewood. Not what the original Kletzkers had in mind, that's for sure. Chassidus can bring people together too, but we'll take what we can...

Friday, December 5, 2014

to Yankel: with Love

This goes out to my friend, the commenter Yankel, who said things about what defines a true Gadol B'Yisroel. Maybe this will enlighten him a bit. In truth we can all learn from this.
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חסידות מצוינת - מאמר ד"ה כמשוש חתן על כלה פרשת ויצא תקס"ח - מכ"ק אדמו"ר רבי שניאור זלמן זצוקללה"ה נבג"מ זי"ע

Shalom U'vracha, 

 Tonight, Yud Gimmel Kislev, is the Chasunah of my good friend HaRav Chaim Dov Taub. In his honor, please find attached the Ma'amar, Kimsos Chasan al Kallah, delivered by the Alter Rebbe on the occasion of his grandson Baruch's Chasunah, on Yud Gimmel Kislev, 5568. I transcribed the Ma'amar directly from a manuscript of the Mitteler Rebbe's own handwriting and added notes of Chassidus Metzuyenes. 

 Kol Tuv, Akiva Shavrick

Box.com link

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The staff of Circus Tent does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this picture. But the picture is A W E S O M E !

h/t Chakira

יארצייט: הגאון רבי חיים מרדכי קאטץ ע"ה, ר"י טעלז-קליוולאנד - 50 שנה

As a child of a talmid of Reb Mottel, I grew up hearing stories and vertlach about him. Then, when the Alumni Association starting sending out the tapes I would often listen to them. As a child it was difficult to listen to, with the accent not being what I was used to, but I got used to it. I may not relate to him like a shtikkel Yated, with all the cliches, but Reb Mottel, who was not a כהן, has a special place in my heart. You might call it Litvak royalty. The world could have used more good Litvaks like him, but sadly Hitler and the Litwaukees yms"h all but wiped them out. It's ironic and sad that none of his, nor any of Reb Elya Meir's descendants are currently in any leadership positions in the Yeshiva that they built with the sweat of their brows.

Direct Link to the full article and Dos Yiddishe Vort issue

Photo Source

Thursday Morning Links

a Trip to Kletzk and Volozhin
Maybe we can start sending some bachurim back to Kletzk? Start the freezer there, make them be there for 6 months. There it's REALLY cold, so it would actually be a freezer. Maybe at the same time do some community service, help out old Jews in Belarus. Like on Friday afternoons and such, not cholileh during seder.
How Satmarish is Haredi Satmar Yiddish?
עלייה להר הבית בימינו במשנתו של הגר"מ אליהו זצ"ל
Was Prof. Saul Lieberman Orthodox?
Montreal: Outrage to put time limits on Sukkahs, critics say

Hershel Taub's Bar Mitzvah

Hershel Taub's Bar Mitzvah in Vancouver, 1950
The passing of Hershel Taub, son of Reb Shaul Yedidye of Modzitz (d.1947)
Hershel was a young child of ten when his father passed away. Rabbi Ginsberg married the ex-Modzitzer Rebbetzin, daughter of Reb Yechezkel of Ozherov, brother of Reb Yisroel of Modzitz, who then moved to Vancouver. She was not married to the Modzitzer when he passed away. Notice how the Rebbetzin spoke at the Bar Mitzvah as well! She passed away in 5727

Rabbi Ginsberg. Source
More on Modzitz (Yiddish)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ישיבת תומכי תמימים ליובאוויטש בעי"ת ברינוא, תש"מ - פרסום ראשון

These great pictures were taken by Aviv Itzhaky back in 1980 who maintains the copyright. It is with his kind permission that we feature these pictures. The great figures that built Brunoy were still there. Reb Yossel Goldberg, Reb Nissen Nemenov, etc. The great influx of Sefardic Jews into the Chabad system was also well underway, as is evident from some in the pictures. Reb Itche Nemenov, son of Reb Nissen, born in 5708, was apparently some kind of rebbi/mashgiach in the Yeshiva.

Photos © Aviv Itzhaky

הגה"ח ר' יוסף גאלדבערג ע"ה - ראש הישיבה

ר' איטשע נעמענאוו - לינקס

הגה"ח ר' הלל (הילקע) פעווזנער ע"ה

באמצע, מוסתר בחלקו, הגה"ח ר' יוסף גאלדבערג ע"ה - ראש הישיבה 

ממראות הישיבה

More about The Rosh Yeshiva, the Gaon Reb Yosef Goldberg

מרן הקדוש אור שבעת הימים הבעש"ט הוסמך מאחיה השילוני הנביא.... והוא סמך את העני הזה

I guess, maybe what the Komarner is saying that you can't just start a בראנזשע and teach people, you actually need "סמיכה" from somebody who has semicha from somebody who has semicha, thus until the holy BeSH"T.

'דף השבוע חגיגה כב:א א

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

סיפור מאסר וגאולת אדמו"ר האמצעי

שיעור מאת הרב שלום דובער לוין

Now in "Jewish Action" magazine

I haven't been able to read it all, which means I cannot yet comment, but there is a slight mention of the fact that this is all very strange to a hereto very rational crowd, which you may have called the neo-Litvish crowd, since it did differ, albeit very slightly, from the mother country, Lithuania. I would also venture to say that many in that crowd, especially the old-timers raised on Hershey bars and Bnei Akiva, resent the fact that they're ultimately being told that the way it was just isn't good enough. Much like the black hatters who go off to the Yeshivos Hakdoshos in Eretz Yisroel tell their parents upon returning home... Again this is all without fully reading the article....

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Neo-Chassidus brings inner light to the MO
Q&A with Rabbi Moshe Weinberger