Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The ד' מינים only symbolize אחדות - Please keep the other types of Jews far, far away

You can say this about the Satmar Rov; he doesn't go with the flow. He sticks to his guns, no matter what. While everybody else is busy trying to unite, he keeps his fences up. Builds them even bigger and stronger. And he has all the proof in the world to back up his point. This is from the sefer חידושי תורה, not the דברי יואל. I wonder if it was published in the דבר"י as well.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

חב"ד און-ליין | כמה טבילות טובלים בערב יום כיפור? ● דיני יום כיפור

  הרב מרדכי שמוא-ל אשכנזי שליט"א אב"ד כפר חב"ד: דיני יום כיפור

Here's a זכות לכבוד יום הקדוש

Received via e-mail:

Save Your Soul by Saving Another's

Last year 15 Yidden gathered in a small Amish town near a river. We davened and heard shofar and enjoyed as most were not planning to do. The money for that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur came from donations to this website. 
Working with those who left the fold can be heart-wrenching – so many stories, so much pain -with seemingly endless conundrums without solutions---- We provide services for those who left and are sure they are not coming back. The fifteen Jews in Pennsylvania were all Yiddish speaking, yet none of them attend services, keep kosher or are involved in anything Yiddish. The Mayim Institute of Mystical Studies has been providing services for the past few years to ex-Charedim, who have fallen on tough times, or, those who wish to check in and connect with a cultural Jewish experience for whichever reason it may be. This Rosh Hashonoh we went overboard. We wanted to entice people to come so we rented a few townhouses in Ocean City MD, overlooking the Atlantic. The sand in the yard leading to the water… And so they came. The water beckoned. We had 25 holy brothers praying in our synagogue overlooking the water of the great ocean from three directions. Tekios intermissions had waves for silence. We were reborn. The world was reborn. We have worked to raise money for these events as the expenses are steep. Yet the rewards are plentiful. This year may you be inscribed and signed in the book of life, and may you help others sit in the House of the L-rd. Thank you once again for your generosity. Rosh Hashonoh bankrupted us. Yom Kippur and Sukkos will only happen if the money comes in. As Shimoshon Stock, of blessed memory would declare, "WE NEED YOUR MONEY!!!"

 Issac Schonfeld
Rabbi Shimon Grady
Mayim Chaim Institute

...יום שלש עשרה מדות איז שוין נישט ווי אמאל

אמאל איז עס געווען אן ערענסטע טאג ביי היימישע אידן, זעה נאר וואס מ'האט געברענגט דא אויפ'ן בלאג פאראיאר, ווי ביים ייטב לב זצ"ל האט אויסגעזעהן, אבער היינט איז עס א טאג פאר נצחנות. אוי לנו אז מ'האט עס דערלעבט! היינט איז מען פארנומען אין דעם טאג מיט שיקען אנאנסען צו די וועבזייטלעך, ווייזן ווער ס'איז ארויס א געווינער אין די שטאטישע נארישע וואלען אייער נעכטן.

לייענט און שטוינט

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

'דף השבוע חגיגה ו:א א

Youngest Great-Grandson of the Sanzer Rov passes away

Reb Yakov Yisroel Halberstam (Yankel) was the youngest great grandson of the Sanzer Rov ztvk"l. Born in 5695/1935, He was the son of Reb Yecheskel Shraga Halberstam who was the son of Reb Yitzchok Yeshaya (Shaye'le) of Tsehchoyv, both of whom were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators during WWII. Reb Yankel's mother Rivka Beila was a daughter of Reb Bentzion of Bobov HY"D, which made him a nephew of Reb Shlomo of Bobov II. Reb Yankel passed away on Erev Rosh Hashonoh. We were informed of his passing by his daughter. The above photo, despite it being listed as that of Reb Shaye'le, of Tshechoyv is actually that of the Tzeshinover Rebbe, a nephew, or great-nephew of Reb Shayele. This is obvious from the writing on the photo, as well as to those who knew his son in Boro Park. The strong features are very visible amongst later generations as well.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ווען ניקלשבורגער רבי גייט צו תשליך איז א שמחה אין אלע עולמות

אום ראש השנה איז דער רבי שטארק פארנומען מיט'ן דאווענען און קען צו קיין טייך נישט אנקומען, גייט מען אויב אזוי אום עשי"ת

דער גרויסער מורה דרך ווייזט פאר'ן יונגען דור את המעשה אשר יעשון

און אז מ'גייט שוין צו תשליך גייט מען שוין באזוכען די יצורי כפיו של הקב"ה