Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Filling the void

(Rabbi Avigdor Miller in his younger years)

YW Editor, I gotta give you the credit here, if not for you I don't know if this topic ever comes up.

You speak of Rabbi Avigdor Miller z"l, a truly unique individual who taught Torah and Jewish thought to thousands, not to mention Jewish History. The points about him being a Misnaged are nothing but lies, and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that. You probably thought that his son, Shmuel, somehow reflects his views on Chassidus, yet nothing can be further from the truth. Until you quote him to the contrary my opinion will not change on that.

His time in Yeshivas Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin not withstanding.

As far as Chassidim flocking to him and 95% of them "dropping their Rebbes", I'll say this much. The fact that these Chassidim, many of whom I know personally, did flock to him is proof positive that so-called Peylishe and Hungarian Chassidus, without a unique Derech in Limud HaChassidus and Aveyde do nothing for the man searching for something to fill the spiritual void he feels.

Rabbi Miller was of the old school, nothing fancy about him, a Yid who made nothing of himself. In Eretz Yisroel he'd have a car, driver, and a houseful of MeShamshim at his beck and call. He spoke of Tikun HaMidos and of Emunah in the Eibershter, not of seams in the socks and 3 feet Shtraymlech, keeping it simple. His "lead by example" way of life didn't hurt either. He was easily accessible and could be spoken to in a down-to-earth manner, never away in Palm Springs and Miami with all the others.

If I remember correctly he was from Baltimore, a לאנדסמאן of the late RY of Telshe-Cleveland RMG, although much older. Unlike his counterpart, Rabbi Miller was not a hater, he was respectful of Chassidim and their good qualities, and from what I understood a staunch Republican too! If my memory doesn't fail me they were both educated, at least partly, by the Chossid Reb Avrom Elya Akselrod who came to America in the earlier part of the century and passed away in 5712. I guess some learned more from him than others....

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shlichus in Hah-Ved Ya-hd

[that's Harvard Yard for those of you from Flatbush]

(Shlucim of the NE United States gather for a "regional conference" in Boston this week)

Some people just don't get it, they look at these human beings, men of no special characteristics, who make it their life's mission to seek out and teach other Jews about their unclaimed heritage, and they see monsters. These are not scions of Chassidic dynasties who live off the masses because they're not allowed to procure paying jobs, they're regular guys, sometimes less than average, who do great things. Many have flaws, but they've attained greater things than we ever will, and their merits are immeasurable.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Go בג"ץ Go!

(Elkanah, E Yisroel)

All of a sudden the BaGatz (High Court) in Israel may find some friends in the Charedim of Israel, especially the Chabad haters.

It Seems like some Chabad people in the Yishuv of Elkanah would like that the Mikvah under construction include a pool of בור ע"ג בור according to the Minhag Chabad and the Rabbi won't have it. So now it's up to the High Court to decide whether they're a part of Orthodox Judaism, which would force the Religious Council to heed their demands.

From YnetNews: "The two sides failed to reach a compromise and the High Court will have to decide whether the Chabad movement is part of the Jewish Orthodox group. If not, Chabad will be entitled to a separate and independent funding of a religious group, like any other recognized group."

Which means that the Chabadniks there are hoping that the court rules that they're not part of Orthodoxy so that they can get their Mikveh? What about the local Rabbi?
So which way do the haters root, part of Orthodox Jewry or not?

Read it here

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why no flag?

As much as Frum Jews claim to love The USA and all that it stands for, and they do, there's one thing they can't bring themselves to do, fly Old Glory on legal holidays that call for it. Why's that?

Jews have no problem taking the days off on legal holidays. They have no problem barbecuing when called for. Some will even go as far as to condone the consumption of turkey on Thanksgiving, yet no flags. Those that feel it important are few and far between.

I was thinking that maybe deep inside the Jewish psyche there's a sunbliminal allegiance to the כחול ולבן, the eternal Jewish Flag, but that seemed a bit far fetched. Then the idea crossed my mind that maybe they associated a flag, any flag, with Nationalism, which basically excludes Jews, but that seemed like a bit of a stretch too. Is it considered חוקת הגוי? I cannot imagine that it should be, especially in a non-Jewish neighborhood or city, where מפני דרכי שלום it may even be required!

Jews had no problem flying all kinds of flags during the 1st Gulf war, but ever since, even since 9/11 that display of patriotism has yet to be matched.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

How NOT to write Yiddish

The issue on hand is somewhat irrelevant, although the flyer begs to be discussed as well.

Here's what it says:

לכ' די חברה מיט די גיפיצטע בערדאלאך פין אינזער הייליגער חברה
אין הייכעט צי די חברה מיט דעם פס עכו"ם אויפן גענאק
אין הייכעט צי די חברה וואס מאכען אינז בזיינות אין גאנץ שטאט
מיט זייער אמעריקאנער וועסטלאך א.ד.ג. אזוי ווי זק"א אדער הצלה
אין די וואס דרייען זעך ארים אין דער וועלט פארשטעלט אזוי וי האלבע גוים רח"ל
אי הייכעט צי די חברה וואס פארן ארים דא אין לאנד
אזוי ווי סי וואלט גיווען לית דין ולית דיין רח"ל

אין מער וילן מיר נישט מאריך זיין מטעמים מובנים וד"ל
אבער לאנג וועלן מיר זעך נישט איינהאלטן אין מיר וועלן מיזן מפרסם זין נעמען מיט בילדער
ראו הוזהרתם בחומרה רבה

דער זט"ה וועט הייכעט באקימען דעם צעטיל

It's apparently a Pashkevil thrown in Toldos Aron threatening to expose people with straight back haircuts (פס עכו"ם) - Pas is a line - and emergency worker vests who frequent certain places.

"הייכעט" is supposed to be אויך OR אייכעט

all words like און AND ארום AND קומען are written as they sound, using the Yud instead of the Vov, sort of like in Soviet Birobidjan, except that they do use the שלאס אותיות

I guess Yiddish is still written as it sounds in the Holy Land, at least in the bowels of מאה שערים

Hot News while-u-wait

(Photo courtesy of The YeshivaWorld

If you want constant and "exclusive" updates, pictures, and articles of the trip by the Gerrer Rebbe and HaRav Steinman by all means, pay a visit to our (former) good friend Yeshiva World. [Congrats on the new website]! Anything related to scandal in the non-Yeshivishe world also gets covered there, but of course, no mention of any scandal in the Frum world.

The reason I didn't cover any of those stories is because I don't usually copy stories from EVERY other blog, unless I have a unique angle on it. That's all there is to it.

If it's scandal in the Frum community you're after, Child abuse in particular, pay a visit to Unorthodox Jew. (I never understood that name, since he does claim to be a fully Ortodox Jew with an axe to grind against certain "bad apples". There you'll find links to many more stories of abuse and corruption in the pristine Torah waters, including embezzlement, breach of public trust, abuse and molestation by Rebbes, Rabbis, Teachers, Chazonim, gurus and counselors. He also goes out on the limb, calling the current scandal in YTT The Greatest Single Tragedy To Smite The Jews Since W.W. Two. A little much if you ask me.

The visit of these 2 Torah luminaries does seem a bit strange, not that it's not appreciated, it definitely is. It's just that it's not clear to me who actually ASKED that they come, I don't believe they decided on their own. Usually when a Rebbe or RY travels to a city it's either at the request of Chassidim/Talmidim there or to collect money. In this case there was no large group of Gerer Chasidim in LA or Toronto, and they did not go to collect money. Also each stop was for a very short time, not enough time to actually have much of an impact.

The incident in Montreal, where the Erev Rav wanted to protest the visit had a happy ending. I just wish people, and by that I mean Satmar, would see for what they are, not well-meaning people who go a bit far, but rather Jew-haters of the first degree.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Legends of the Hasidim"

An Introduction to Hasidic Culture and Oral Tradition in the New World.

by Jerome R. Mintz

(The current Stoliner Rebbe as a young, young man)

[Some choice stories]

"When the (Stoliner) Rebbe was sick the last year of his life, a man stayed with him. Once he came in to the Rebbe and the Rebbe was in a sweat. He said he had been in the Heavenly Court. They had wanted to make war against the Jews. It was the time of the Arab war, (in 1956) but he prevented it."

FF, Stolin, E

"A woman comes in for a Kvitl. She writes her name, her mother's name, and her problem. The (Unknown) Rebbe doesn't look at the woman. The Gabai - The Rebbe's secretary - lets her in. The woman says "My husband left me."
The Rebbe says "He will come back."
The Gabai lets her out and says, "Your husband won't come back."
"How can you say that? the Rebbe just said that he will."
"He didn't look at you."

UU, Satmar, E

"The Rebbe's father had a gabai - Moshe Gendarme, Moshe the policeman. The Rebbe used him for many strange things. One kiddish levuneh, the seventh day after the new moon, when it was cloudy, he would have Moshe whipped. Then the moon would come out. It's common to make the moon come out. "Makhen a levuneh" is to give someone a hit."

M, Stolin, E

(E = English, the story was told in English, Y= Yiddish, the letters FF, M, and UU are names he gives to the people relating the stories to him)

No Kipah? No Problem!

(Mivtzoyim, in an unnamed Israeli Army base)

Photo by

Monday, May 22, 2006

Midwood 2

(What a waste of money my annual membership ended up being, even when I went I'd do very little. I just didn't have the stamina to lose weight......)

(Can Sidney Hecht still compete with Eichler's and the others down the block and around the corner?)

From "Satan's Laundromat". Strange name for a blog, no?

All this...... for a horse?

(Barbaro pulls up lame)

In the old days, and in story books everywhere, when a horse went down with a broken leg or ankle he/she was put to sleep. They would say that the pain was too great for the horse to bear, and he'd be better off in "horse heaven", roaming free in great, open pastures.

For some reason this horse has no such luck, they won't let him die. This guy Is getting the best care money can buy, and will not race again. I understand that Millions of dollars was invested in him, but he'll make them no money racing, and save for breeding purposes has no worth. Then again, breeding may be the answer, I don't know, I'm not a horse trainer.

The New York Times even made it a human interest story a topic usually reserved for "Palestinians under occupation".

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Memories of Kazan

COL reports on the Shliach in Kazan, Russia naming his son after the last Rov, הרב שמריהו-בנציון-אלתר סטאלאוו , who passed away in 5728. He was a Talmid of Tomchei Tmimim who remained behind in relative obscurity doing what his Rabbeyim taught him to do; have Mesiras Nefesh for other Jews. The name Kazan got me thinking.

I remember reading 2 years ago about the passing of R' Yitzchok Silber, "The father of the Russian BT movement", or "רבם של יוצאי רוסיא" in Hebrew. As is the custom of the Artscroll/Agudah world we live in today, whenever they find somebody other than Lubavitch doing "outreach" they go into full PR mode. That person becomes a Tzadik, chief Rabbi, pioneer, you name it. Those of you who remember the Eliahu Essas parades will know what I mean, but that's for another time.

In the obituaries written you would think that RYS he lived alone in Kazan all those years, hiding from the authorities, בקדושה ובטהרה, with no contact between him and other other frum Yidden. He would learn in the dark fearing the knock at the door at any time. A quick glance into the Kfar Chabad magazine, biased and prejudiced as it may seem, would've told you otherwise.

Silber had plenty of contact with Chabad in Russia, EVEN AS FAR AS HIS SON, HIS SUCCESSOR, LEARNING IN TOMCHE TMIMIM TASHKENT FOR YEARS, WITH HIS CHAVRUSA LIVING IN ISRAEL TODAY. His son would probably not have remained Frum today were it not for that. Of course the "rusty nail" publishers would have you believe that his father taught him Gemoroh underground , making him a Talmid Chochom all by himself...

Upon leaving the Soviet Union (if my memory serves me correctly) he traveled to New York to have Yechidus with the Rebbe. THE REBBE was the one who told him to travel to Israel and do "outreach" with Russian Jews, something that he had no interest in doing. I would imagine that were it not for the Rebbe he'd remain an unknown, which was what he was upon leaving the Soviet Union. Why did none of the Charedi rags mention any of this? probably because these 2 Tzaddikim, upon reaching Israel, realized that it's not something you want to mention in Today's Lithuanian-controlled society, so הכרת הטוב be damned, make up a story if you have to.
Upon returning to his hometown many years later Silver encountered Lubavitcher Shluchim there, not emissaries of the Agudah. He as warmly greeted there by them and encouraged the work being done.

That's what the name Kazan conjures up in my mind.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Last of the "old guard"

Yitzchok-Ben Aron died this week. He was the founder of the current day Labor party in the Holy Land, and a political mentor to the entire Israeli left, of which there are many.

He was a child from בוזשינטשע Bukovina (Chassidic parents perhaps? is Vizhnitz to blame for this? Do we string up the Ahavas Yisroel and deem him a failure as well?) who decided to join the Shomer HaTza'ir as a youngster. Like all others of his generation who rebeled against prevailing Jewish society he had no love for Torah or those who observe it. He seemingly retained the old Russian manner of thinking, namely that it's my way or the high way. When the Likud was voted in to power in 1977 he was quoted as saying that if "this is will of the people we need to change the people".

What caused people of that generation to become sooo far removed from Torah? Was it so revolting to them that there was any observance of Torah? If it was the Golus look and mentality of Jews that so irked them why hate even those who did integrate into modern society while retaining their religion?

He asked that upon his death his body be donated to medical research. Some would say that the Holy Land is proud not to have him buried there.....

Friday, May 19, 2006

נאר ברכות

דער אלטער רבי איז געווען די בעל קורא ביי זיך אין שול און דער מיטעלער רבי פלעגט פון אים הערן דאס ליינען. איין מאל פרשת כי תבוא איז דער אלטער רבי נישט געווען אינדערהיים און אן אנדערער האט געליינט. ווען ער איז געקומען צו ליינען די תוכחה האט דער מיטעלער רבי געהערט און האט געחלש'ט. ווען מען האט אים אפגעמינטערט האט מען אים געפרעגט "מה יום מיומיים" , ס'איז דאך נישט דער ערשטער מאל וואס דו הערסט די פרשה? האט דער רבי געענטפערט "אז ווען די טאטע ליינט איז אלעס ברכות!" וד"ל

Remember that when you hear the תוכחה tomorrow.

א פרייליכען שבת

"Berl Yeimi"

A new blog with old ideas

Thursday, May 18, 2006

עס געזונט אין קארט סטריט

Kwik Kosher in Downtown Brooklyn

Man, that English is awful, and to think he was born right here!

Thanks for the link, friend.

The case against me

Received via e-mail (writer's identity unknown)

(edited for clarity and grammar)

"Your blog is dead and you deserve it.

Your immature obsession with spinning Lubavitch as 100% pure and almost all others, especially 'snags' as 100% treif has done you in. Even Lubavitchers, notorious for twisting history and making up stories about themselves and their Rebbes, have abandoned you, frankly because even they have had enough of your silly, self congratulatory, back-slapping.

A blog is about news, ideas, and intellectual challenges, not the same dumb, repetitive, Lubab nonsense. You did not even cover the sad elections of your clowns in Crown Heights also known as 'Rabbonim'(Off on a tangent here, but it's takkeh sad the Lubavitch cannot even come up with even mediocre acceptable תלמידי חכמים with some basic שימוש אין הלכה, וכדי בזיון וקצף)

No coverage of the fights with וועד הקהל(and I'm not pushing you to that btw, cuz there is no reason to be מרבה מחלוקת, but you, a real גראבע עם הארץ, has the gall to attack, תלמידי חכמים who have been learning non stop for 70,80 years, but suddenly are חושש to לשון הרע וכולהו, when dealing with convicted felons and סתם verifiable feeble minded idiots)

Zero coverage of the two bozos whose credentials to lead the largest חסידות, even if that חסידותwould be split in two, is their brand new white knickers. Oh, I forgot, they are related to you. Btw, the man they want to replace had not better credentials, besides having a whiter beard.

No coverage of the תורה תמימה debacle.

No דברי תורה.

Your worn out lines that anybody , רב or laymen, who had anything negative to say ,about חסידים, was fed 'lies' or is bad' is mind-numbing stupid. The best proof is your own sick Lubavitch cult and the best proof in your own cult is the guy who proves the fears of Rav Shach, who said about Lubavitch "לבסוף וועלען דינען עבודה זרה 'Rabbi' Ariel Sokolvsky.

The manic depressive Russian בעל תשובה that caused you to open your own blog to 'defend' (lol) Lubab, runs at least an interesting blog. He is creative, quite open, at least on the days he takes his meds,and brings up interesting discussions about Lubavitch, but not only. Some of the historical stuff about Lubavitch discussed there is very interesting without any negativity.

The little action you did have on the blog was in the posts and that has been killed by moderation.

To sum things up Tzig: You probably are not a real bad person, but must be kicking yourself, at least subconsciously, for joining the Lubab and therefore are now looking to 'prove' how 'bad' snags and others are to feel good about joining a mad, עבודה זרה cult.

As a post note:The leading Lubavitch yeshiva in the U.S.A for teenage Lubavitch bochurim has a larger than full size portrait of the Rebbe in the Yeshiva's בית מדרש!!!! (more than 6 feet tall) This is a clear sign of how the Rebbe is soon going to be worshipped just like Sokolosvky does. In the meantime the picture in 'only' in the back of the bais medrash, but it's just a question of time till it's moved in front the ארון קודש.(this fact is not widely known, since Lubab, thankfully are still ashamed of this, but eventually the לכתחילה אריבער attitude will 'win') "

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 1:19:34 PM

[ I apologize to anybody offended by his words, but I needed to keep his original "thoughts" intact)

So what do you think? Any valid points made?

Rebuttal to follow shortly, Iy"h.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meron, then and now

(The old Shul above the ציון הרשב"י ז"ל)

(when you could still find a seat)

(culture clash)

(!הצלה, אני לא יכול לנשום)

Monday, May 15, 2006

?מאי שנא ל"ג בעומר

ל"ג בעומר has recently, and in America very recently, become a Yom Tov celebrated by one and all, Chassidim as well as non-Chassidim. The fact that so much good can come from singing, dancing and lighting bonfires is something that everybody is excited about. Add to that the fact that it all comes without the expense of food or drink (save for the Chai Rotel) and it's a real winner. I see Yidden dancing and singing the praises of RaSHBI yet to them his teachings (Chassidus and Kaballah) are taboo, but that's part of his greatness, that we cannot help but dance on the day of his Simchah.

Standing and watching the crowds illegally blocking off streets and singing to a burning fire while the fire truck sirens were blaring all over the neighborhood, I wondered. First I had somewhat unJewish thoughts of how strange this seems to the Non-Jews passing by in the buses and cars, and what the Irish Firemen were thinking about our strange customs. I then realized that me riding on the train, with lots of extra hair on my face and sides was just as strange to them.

I then wondered why to these people dancing, taking a Yid and putting Tefillin on him "on 5th Avenue" was strange and unacceptable, yet doing a "raindance" in middle of the street while blocking all forms was traffic was just fine. Now, far be it from me to Chas VeSholom laugh in the face of Minhogei Yisroel, but you can see my point. The point of accepting that what you do is fine and what others do is strange at best.

כדאי הוא ר' שמעון לסמוך עליו בשעת הדחק

Friday, May 12, 2006

Our 1st Anniversary!

Today, the 13th of Iyar, was exactly one year from when we got fed up with the hate and lies and decided to act. The "anti-Tzemach" was born. Since then we have expanded to include exposing general lies and misconceptions that are prevalent about Lubavitch, especially those propagated by the Misngadic world. At times it's been difficult, there just wasn't any time to write, but we found the time and you were there for us, checking back many times daily for something new and exciting.

I'm not up to nominating posters to the Hall of Fame yet, simply because so many of you take extended vacations or leave for good. Also, one year of excellence doesn't make you qualified yet.

There is no intention to defame or expose people or movements, if I'd wanted to I'd have done much more of that and would've seen my hits skyrocket, making money or getting fame on other people's צרות is way too easy.

Your ideas are always appreciated, they're just not always suitable. So if I don't post the story you sent me don't get discouraged. I've allowed the vast majority of comments to pass even after needing to turn on comment moderation, so my objectivity is second to none.

Let's hope that B'Ezras Hashem the second year will be twice as successful for all of us.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

R' Yaakov Emden, Chassidim, and the Vilna Shas

From Seforim Blog

ואינו מתגלה אלא ליחידי סגולה לא עמוד איש בליעל ורע בסודה, ולהוציא גם
ממה שנהגו מתחסדים חדשים מקרוב באו לעסוק בספר הזוהר ואר"י בקבע, ועשו תלמוד והלכות עראי וטפל, אין חפץ ה' בהם, הלא מזקנים נתבונן שעיקר למודם ותורתם לא היה אלא בנגלה בלבד, וסתרי תורה לא היה נמסרים אלא ליחיד עמוד בחצי ימיו על פי תנאי פרישות הרבה כמו שאמרו פרק אין דורשין, ואף זה לא אשכח ותני רק למבין מדעתו וחכם, והללו עשו פומבי לדבר פתאים בל ידעו מה, כסילים נעדרי דעת, השה אלוה חכמה ולא חלק להם בבינה

[Kabbalah] should only be given to a limited set of people, one who can understand its secrets, this excludes the new hassidim who spend their time reading the Zohar and the works of the AR"I, but only spend a small amount of time on the Talmud and the laws, G-d does not want them. From our ancestors we have learned that the majority of ones time should be only in the revealed Torah, the secret Torah was only for special ones, who where older [at the mid point in life] with conditions of ascetism as is described in the Talmud Haggiah, it is only given to those who can understand by themselves, however, these [the hassidim] they make public things which should be private to those who don't know anything, idiots totally lacking in knowledge, God who gives wisdom did not give them understanding."

[HT - I guess Reb Yaakov Emden was also a victim of the vicious lie campaign perpetrated by the Antis. That's no surprise, seeing what the GR"O z"l was lead to believe.]

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More self-degradation

I detect some stereotypical aspersions cast upon a certain group of Chassidim originating from the Romanian-Hungarian border. Notice the Baal Midos Yeshivishe type accepts his punishment with honor.

Sad, just plain sad.

Place your bets!

Tomorrow is the 13th of Iyar, the Yohrtzeit of Leibel, the Rebbe's younger brother. I'll be taking bets on whether or not TA will be posting, for the 40th time, about Leibel's lack of religious observance. I don't know what the line is in Las Vegas, but any bet will be accepted. All proceeds will go to the charity of your choice.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Harav Landa? who's he?

a recent ad in the "rusty nail" newspaper featuring Coca Cola:

notice the Kashrus symbol.

what it should look like:

It seems like certain everloving people in Bnei Brak don't like the Rov of the city, so they decide to disregard him. And we're the ones that are hateful, right?

Friday, May 5, 2006

Sefirah Beards.

(Jews in Detroit, 1900's)

They may quite possibly be the most horrible look on a man. Especially on old men. The men pictured here are for illustration purposes only, no actual Sefirah beards are shown.

Truthfully I have nothing but great respect for those who refrain from shaving on Sefirah. I don't know if I, a מפונק of sorts, would be able to overcome that נסיון.
I have seen men who otherwise don't seem to be pinnacles of Yiras Shomayim go 5 weeks without shaving when they could easily get a full-fledged היתר because they "work in Manhattan and need to ride the train".

Hang in there guys, only 11 days until ל"ג בעומר

Thursday, May 4, 2006

More revisionism

This time courtesy of Feldheim (not Artscroll)

from Hirhurim

" An English language book has just been published on the life and teachings of the great Roshe Yeshiva of Lakewood. I trust that it has much merit, but it also puts on display the problem we face. There is a photograph from the first Chinuch Atzmai dinner which was held more than a half century ago. Amazingly, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik has been cropped out of the picture. What makes this distortion especially egregious is that he was at the dinner because Rav Aharon Kotler pleaded with him to come and be the main speaker. I might add that his speech was a memorable occasion that I still cherish fifty years later. It served as an expression of how our most eminent leaders from different segments of Orthodoxy knew of their obligation to work together."

Marvin רעדט צו דער זאך

Tuesday, May 2, 2006


Bergen Belsen 1945

I could swear I recognize some of the faces in the picture.......

Monday, May 1, 2006

יארצייט ג' אייר

הרב חיים מרדכי אייזיק חדקוב ז"ל

13 Years since his passing.

I remember learning in Eretz Yisroel at the time and opening the Kfar Chabad magazine the following Friday, reading about his passing came as a shock.

(in Riga seated second from left)

I never was involved in the Shlichus system so I never had reason to "complain" about him. I saw him as an awe-inspiring (sorry if that's over the top) figure who was always at his side and yet completely בטל to the Rebbe.

An anectode worth telling is when he once fainted in 770 the thing that worried him when he was revived was not his own well-being, but rather Halochoh. His words were "אפשר זאלען די כהנים ארויסגיין?"

(at the Tziyun of the FR on 10 Shvat 5711)

Here's something he wrote in Tishrei 5702 (1942)

"מההנהגה של הרמ"ש [= כ"ק אדמו"ר] אשר הי' מוכן לפניו [...] איזה ספר (בודאי הכין בכונה) לעיין בו משפסע פסיעותיו אחר שמו"ע עד התחלת חזרת הש"ץ. למדתי עד כמה שנחוץ ליקר את הזמן".

Some of his early writings were published in the Orthodox journal "Der Shabbos" in Riga in the late 20's and 30's, and were reprinted by KeHoT in 5740.

(with the Rebbe at a Chupah)