Thursday, September 24, 2015

HaRav Reb Tuvia Goldstein saw the difference between Chassidim and ליטאים in Siberia....

Reb Tuvia tells us how in Siberia the Litvishe bochurim found excuses and reasons why they were exempt from mitzvos. The Matzos wouldn't have a shiur and it would be too cold to sit in the Sukkah. [He was the pride of Kamenetz and Baranovich before being exiled to Siberia by the Russians in Vilna.] The Chassidim did not seek such excuses and had mesirus nefesh for mitzvos even while in Siberia. He would sing a niggun that he learned from the Lubavitcher Chassidim from Nevel, the Jews who knew not of a reason not to sit in the sukkah, now matter how cold. Reb Tuvia tells us how the Litvishe Bochurim האבען זיך געפטר'ט מיט לומדות.... The Chassidim didn't know of such heterim. He also tells us how the Gr"A and the first misnagdim would never have made the "cherem" if they had seen the (Chabad) Chassidim in Siberia and the mesirus nefesh they had. Something tells me this book doesn't sit well with some in the Misnagdic community.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beis Rivkah's "charidy" campaign yields a treasure!

The main Beis Rivkah Girls School in Crown Heights, which educates some 2,000 girls, is having major financial difficulties, and is trying to climb out of it. So they started a Charidy campaign to raise a million dollars in 24 hours. All or nothing. To pay teachers for last year. Nothing else. A noble cause, to say the least. It's tough paying teachers when you have a hard time collecting tuition. They're well on their way as of the time of writing this post. $360k in a few hours. And this isn't pledges to be paid in months/years. This needs to be MITB. Maybe that's TMI for some of you. Anyway, what they found lately was this book, embossed with gold letters, and inside we see an inscription from the Rebbe, זי"ע, who at the time  - Elul 5710 - had not officially the mantle of leadership, ווי מ'רופט עס, of Lubavitch. The Rebbe had been appointed נשיא of the Beth Rivkah schools, among many other public missions, after they had been founded in Elul of 5702. Then too Beis Rivkah, which was basically educating many, many Jewish girls for free, had hit a brick wall and was in major debt. A campaign was launched to clear the debts, and those who contribute to the fundraising campaign would be inscribed in this book. It's not clear to me - מי אני ומי אני - if this book of names would be read on the Tziyun of the Frierdige Rebbe, who was nistalek on Yud Shvat of that year, but it would make sense.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is Ezra Friedlander selling us out for his client Jerry Nadler's sake?

See his op-ed here.

Some surprisingly sensible comments there too.

We don't do politics here much, but this is different. I understand the Satmarites saying stuff like this, the whole baloney "loyal to the government" shtick they do. But Ezra? Does he not worry about our good fortune?! In Jerry Nadler we trust, is it? Just because? Is the Chasidic garb to make me feel better when he says trust Jerry? Or is the "grandchild" of Holocaust survivors" line supposed to calm me down? Maybe some people are just plain alarmists. Granted. Maybe Dov Hikind falls under that category. And then there are those that always take the Ipcha Mistabra route. The one guy in shul. But to do this just to please a client is ewwwwwwww.

Yitzchok Stroh's review on Prof. Marc. B. Shapiro's latest work

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