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A mother is מספיד her son - ה"י

Mrs Chaya Subar eulogizes her son R. Dovid Winiarz at the YI of SI

I assume that VIN posted this story with that headline to grab attention - which it did. The story is a heartbreaking one. What can one say? Somewhere out there feminists are smiling. I also guess that after the dust settles, so to speak, somebody out there will criticize the shul, and maybe some the black-hat Rabbonim who attended and did not speak up. I did not know the niftar, but they say that he had a tremendous amount of Ahavas Yisroel and did much to bring Jews closer to Hashem and his Torah.


Monday, January 12, 2015

From the mailbox: Hashem will forgive even מחללי שבתות


This Friday night I saw a sefer from Reb Usher Horowitz. בן האמרי נועם מדזיקוב, He was a Rebbe in Rimanov and passed away in 1935. Some Kushitzky family printed it. I went through the sefer from cover to cover. It was a long Friday night davening... He talks alot about Tzadikim, takes a stand against the Agudah because the גדולים aren't leading it, it's the Germans that lead it. He claims the Rebbes are powerful enough, let them lead, why the need for German ballebatim? There's also lots of Torah on התקשרות to צדיקים. My friend, a Rebbe in New York and a member of the family, told me that the עטרת יהושע was into building a רעביסטעווע, he has alot of Torah about התקשרות, the ראפשיצער in זרע קודש has a lot of Torah on צדיקים, but does not get into the detail of התקשרות. In the attachment here he has a Torah on the Zemiros, משוך חסדך ליודעיך, He's מליץ יושר on Mechalelie Shabosim that they will eventually bring קרבנות after Moshiach comes, and they'll be forgiven for all their עבירות, so they're good as of today as well. Kind of retroactively. This Torah has a lot of value, because it's from the Hiemishe Ropshitzer Cheder, not some Lubavitcher or Breslover Torah....He was probably a first cousin with the Ploncher Ruv, Sakmer Ruv's FIL.

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שיעור בהלכות בחורים וסבון

There was a time when issues like these were discussed behind closed doors. You didn't publicize it, and if you were asked about by a stranger you told to butt out, and דער וואס פארשטייט דער פארשטייט. All the rest figure it out for yourselves. Like the Gerrer Takonos... Now, the younger generation doesn't seem to get that; they just babble to anybody that asks and don't consider the consequences. This Tzadikkel may have meant well, but he sounds like a caveman, although he looks quite neat and put together. Maybe he's married, so he used soap... I also don't think that this is the case anymore with many Chassidishe Yeshivos. And besides, there's unscented deodorant for a reason.

did you notice all the new "Chassidus Mevueres" publications out there?

They don't actually call it that, since that name is already taken, so they call it חסידות מפורשת. I suppose they got tired of skipping גאנצענע שטיקלעך חסידישע ספרים and saying דאס איז העכערע זאכען וואס מיר פארשטייען נישט. I guess they saw Chassidus Mevueres that Heichel Menachem publishes and saw that these concepts CAN be explained for אנשים כערכינו. לדעתי this is a wonderful idea, and we wish them much success, להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה. We bring you one such גליון, published for פרשת ויגש. I think what they do is choose a different every week. I have seen קאמארנא מפורשת as well. For some reason it is not available online.  Update: I see they do have it online. This week they have a shtikkel שפת אמת, as well as the אוהב ישראל and דברי חיים. I also see that they had a shtikkel Toldos that week as well! Apparently they publish whatever they get sponsored, as much as three a week.To receive the weekly kuntres send them an email to:

the holy Chasam Sofer tells us that they will hate us even after Moshiach comes

We look at today's yesterday's events in France, where one of אחב"י was murdered בתוך שאר חפים מפשע, and the haters from Jewish mothers seem emboldened. They say that it's the fault of those who provoke the beast by printing cartoons and so on. That it's no different than what the Israeli Government does, and that they provoke an animal that would otherwise sit quietly by and live peacefully. The holy Chasam Sofer says that it's not the cartoons and it's not the wall or the blockade or the tanks in Gaza. It's because they are jealous of our religion and our relationship with the Eybershter. Why those who claim to carry the torch of the CS insist that it's the Zionists that created this hate, is beyond us.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

...קצת היסטוריה חסידית של ימינו

I do not vouch for the accuracy of the chapter, nor do I know if the author wears Rabbeinu Tam's Tefillin or wide-sleeve shirts. I have read the entire article but cannot say that it is even all accurate. But it makes for a nice read, sans any real Loshon hoRah. I received this from a friend who has very strict standards as far as what he reads and recommends. I post this on his word.

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גליון עלים לתרופה מספיד את הרה"ח ר' יהושע מונדשיין ע"ה

ראה עמוד האחרון למטה

אבל יחיד עשי לך
אלון בכות נעמיד בזה לזרו ולעילוי נשמתו של האי רב ספרא
איש אשכולות, ירא ושלם, איש מדע וחכמה
הרה"ח ר' יהושע מונדשיין ז"ל
ר' יהושע היה מחשובי קוראינו ומגדולי תורמינו בידיעות
ובחומר בקודש, אם בקורות דברי הימים ואם במילי
דחסידותא, ובשאר מקצועות ותחומים הנוגעים לנו. רבות
בשנים היה מאיר ומעיר לנו תמידין כסדרן, כמעט מידי
שבוע בשבוע, בתרי ותלת מילין המקיפין יריעות שלימות
ואף גם זכינו שמעט מהערותיו המחכימות יעטרו מפעם
לפעם את גלינותינו. חבל על דאבדין ולא משתכחין.
 ובזה שולחים אנו את תנחומנו העמוקים לכל בני משפחתו החשובה שיחיו
המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים ולא יוסיפו לדאבה עוד
ולא ישמע עוד שוד ושבר בגבולינו
ומחה ה"א דמעה מעל כל פנים, אמן
המשתתפים בצער וביגון.  חברי המערכת link

סליחות עשרה בטבת תשכ"ה - 50 שנה

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