Thursday, August 22, 2013

'זמן פוניבז

  I write this having watched only 20 minutes of it. It's an intimate look at the Yeshiva from an angle you've probably never experienced. Reb Berel, the Mashgiach Kellerman, younger and older bachurim, seemingly speaking their minds. 53 minutes worth watching. Hard to believe they allowed the cameras into these situations! So like I said; I do not know if they get into the dark side of the Yeshiva today.

"עולמו החב"די של הגאון הרב יצחק הוטנער"

By now - after years of doing this - I can see the excuses from the CB'ers and Litvaks בכלל. Wishful thinking and projection on Chabad's part, and so on. Take it or leave it. link

Source:Shturem via Heichel HaBesh"t

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

B&H gets a crash course in Customer Relations in Today's New Reality

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What started it all

The very polished apology from B&H

I do not envy the good people at B&H. They're in the heart of it all, New York City. They pride themselves in trying to please every single customer - so I hear, anyway. Many of their customers are of the alternative lifestyle. I'd say disproportionately so. And they need to keep them happy customers. All this is part of the general "פרנסה שאני" umbrella היתר. They don't want to be the next Chik-Fil-A that gets boycotted. I see "sensitivity training" in the future at B&H, and I can only imagine what that will do to a young Hasid from KJ or Monsey... Who knows? maybe the Rabbonim will soon forbid yungeleit from working there! nah. So is the internet the biggest threat to today's youth, or, perhaps, working at B&H can be hazardous to your spiritual well-being. But truth be told, don't you think this woman was just a wee bit sensitive? So some guy from the dark ages was surprised that "Heather has two mommies." Big deal. What's up with forcing people now to think that this is the new normal? And some of the commenters want that poor guy fired! But it WAS stupid of him to ask, no matter what his feelings are about their lifestyle.

G-d save us all.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

!שכתוב הסטורית הסאטמאר רוב - ודוקא ע"י חסידיו ותלמידיו

From when he was a young child doing a favor for another Yid - a very noble act, indeed - until the all-important question of "is one allowed to leave Golus by himself?" (whatever that means) There is nothing they could put on the question sheet for the young skulls full of mush to answer?! Nothing about his diligence in Torah, how he conducted his Rabbonus'en, his leadership qualities, his Yeshivos and Talmidim?! This is - IMHO - a terrible discredit to the SR! When did Satmar - or at least the כתה ב' רבי in this particular school become so crazy? To his credit he does go back and ask one non-shittah question towards the end, asking about being שטאלץ when doing Mitzvos and not being embarrassed when doing it, but then he goes right back to the ויואל משה & על הגאולה, so that the הכל הולך אחר החיתום is fulfilled....



Friday, August 2, 2013

אזוי האט מען אמאל מחנך געווען די קינדער צו התקשרות לרביה"ק והטהור זי"ע

:לאחיי ורעיי חסידי ותלמידי סאטמאר הע"י

במשך די יארען האב איך שוין געשריבען וועגן סאטמאר רב זצ"ל סיי אום כוא"ב און סיי ביי אנדערע געלעגנהייטען, ווי למשל כ"א כסלו, און סיי ווען עס האט זיך געמאכט. אזוי ווי לעצטנס זענען זיך די טרדות הפרנסה מתרבה איז שווער צו שרייבען אלץ וואס עס ליגט אויפ'ן הארצען, בין איך זיך מסתפק במועט. אבער פאר אייך - בתוך כלל ישראל דוברי אידיש - וואלט כדאי געווען צוריק צו גיין און אויפזוכען וואס מ'האט אמאל דא געשריבען. עס זענען דא גאר רייכע ארטיקלען, און די קאמענטארען זענען אין דעם פאל גארנישט אזוי איבעריג... ווי זאגט מען? עס וועט זיך איך לוינען. די זכות הצדיק זאך אייך אלע ביישטיין


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Early Shabbos in and Ivrit in Munkatch...

Received via e-mail:

For some reason by Chasidim they have a sensitivity against early Shabbos, maybe its too ba'al batish. ( I don't necessarily agree with that line; there are Halachic issues - HR) In the attachment I have a story of a chossid who explained the benefits of early Shabbos, how pragmatic it is, and the Gerrer Rebbe approved it! He was always on the pragmatic side; as one Rov who asks to remain nameless eloquently put it, if not for his (The Gerrer Rebbe's - HT) beard with the Kultenes and his banged up hat, they would make him in to a reformer.. the levush saved the day. In the other attachment you see the back of the Matzieva of the Darkei Tshuva's mother, look at the way they call her Savta Kadisha.. I always knew Savta to be be modern Hebrew... even in Munkatch the קליפה had a grip...