Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The wall that divides us ----

---- And the hands that connect us back again...

I was shocked to hear that the "teilung" of Christians and Protestants was so strong, that they buried in separate cemeteries with huge walls. (like Lehavdil the Zalis and Lehavdil the Aronim in Kiryas Joel) This photo is from a couple where the husband was Protestant and the wife Catholic. They buried them both at the wall with a connecting pipe.... Obviously this is before Pope Francis decried the Trump wall.

Monday, February 15, 2016

CRC moves into the plumbing business...

Hirshel: It seems that the CRC is moving on from collection dues for so called "food supervision" to plumbing. Maybe it's all the frum competition. Or people don't like to pay $6 a pound for sugar on Pesach. Not sure which. In any case we wish them much success. I don't make this stuff up....

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Remember this post? This nightmare may very well come true soon

See Here

We don't usually do politics, but why not a little? Lubavitchers are excited about just any PR. Whatever. We won't get into that. Yesterday they had posted letters from the Rebbe to Bernie, all about his Lubavitcher adviser from Vermont, and that he proclaimed Yud Aleph Nissan Education Day in Burlington. I don't think Bernie will become President, although he might well win the nomination. It seems like the forces that elected Barack Obama want Bernie to REALLY come and finish the job. But he still is an old white male, so he does have that going against him. Anyhoo, an old friend sent me a line with this old post from 2008, all about Judaism and Socialism. He leans that way, you see? he likes it when they Government confiscates from the rich and gives to the poor. That's because he'd rather be מקטיר קטורת than do a honest day's work. Not that he isn't forced to work at times... So he loved BHO and if Bernie gets elected; well, you can imagine his excitement then. Those were the golden days of this blog. Schneur, etc. So he asked me to post it again, and he promised me loads of comments.