Friday, October 27, 2017

מאמרי חסידות חב"ד לפ' לך-לך link for non-Scribd users.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

אין תשל"ח האט רבי יענקעלע פשעווארסקער געוואוסט צו וועמען מ'שיקט א שווערן קוויטל

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This exchange took place on 13 Tishrei 5738, during the Lubavitcher Rebbe's farbrengen. Between sichos nigunim would be sung. At that time people would often go up to the Rebbe to speak. Usually it was either a matter of urgency or people (fremde) who were guests and wanted to say hello. The person that goes up to speak at approximately 24:00 is a Yid, Reb Naftoli Jaroslawicz. Apparently his son disappeared on Erev YK of that year and they had no idea what became of him. He traveled to/or got in touch with Reb Yankele Leiser, the Pshevorsker Rebbe in Antwerp, who suggested that he get a הבטחה from the Rebbe that his son will return safe and sound. This was 4 days later. The end result was that he was nebach found murdered. The gentlemen who sent me this link with the background story noted that this was close to 2 years before the passing of the Satmar Rov, of whom Reb Yankelle was supposed to be a chossid of. True, he says, this was almost 10 years after suffering his stroke, but still. OK. Here is the exchange between the Rebbe and Mr. Jaroslawicz.

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יאראסלאוויטש: איך וויל דער רבי זאל מיר צוזאגען
ר' יענקעלע פון פשעווארסק האט מיך געשיקט
?רבינו: אה
יאראסלאוויטש: ר' יענקעלע פון אנטווערפן האט מיך געהייסן גיין צום רבי'ן
איך וויל אז דער רבי זאל מיר צוזאגן אז מיין זון וועט צוריק קומען
ער איז נעלם געווארען ערב יום כפור
?רבינו: ער איז וואס, נעלם געווארען
יאראסלאוויטש:יא... בכיות
?רבינו: פון וואנעט, פון אנטווערפן
... יאראסלאוויטש:... נעלם געווארען....ניין
?רבינו: ווי איז זיין נאמען
?ווי איז דעם זונ'ס נאמען
יאראסלאוויטש: פנחס בן מענקא
רבינו: זאל דער אייבערשטער העלפן, איר זאלט האבען גוטע בשורות. לחיים ולברכה

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"בדרך כלל זה רק מחסרון ידיעה"

Hirshel: I just saw Rav Shteinman's Sefer on Brisk that Reb Chaim had the same view like the Chazon Ish. This has to be promoted and made public for all to see. Especially the Miller guy from the Sefer on that subject who is coming up with all kinds of chumrahs.

Friday, October 20, 2017

א שפאציער אויף דאטשע מיט'ן רביצין

Hirshel: what we have here is a rare and telling photo. The holy Munkatcher Ruv, who used his pulpit to rebuke and flick anyone whom he accused of not leading his life according to his "אבותינו ורבותינו הקדושים " is seen in this photo walking with 3 men, and to his left is the holy Rebbetzin, daughter of the holy Komarner,  and a not so holy friend,  in one of the resort regions. No Poylishe Rebbe would be caught in such a setting, walking with his wife. No sir. I'm not saying there's anything wrong; I'm just bringing this to light. Years ago I heard that that the holy Munkatcher once saw from his window an Oyberlander Rov strolling the Munkatch street with his Rebbetzin. At 12 o'clock  noon he took out his golden watch from his vest pocket and told his lovely wife:  I must go and say tikun chatzos. This was during the three weeks, you see, and the Oyberlender Yidden have such a custom. [I guess saying it at midNIGHT is too difficult and disrupts their schedule?] The holy Ruv is said to have screamed from his widow: ס'האט גארנישט פאסירט, you can keep on strolling! As if to say, if you walk with your wife on the street G-d doesn't need your Tikkun Chatzos. We see that approach today with many people - like if you wear a long sheitel G-d doesn't want you to daven.

We once wrote something like that, way back in תשס"ח. עיי"ש

Monday, October 2, 2017

Clarifying the 72 minutes חשבון - Satmar Rov was correct (in Europe)

Sunset, New York, The Brooklyn Bridge, Evening

Yosef 718 comments on Shabbos Schedule for Satu-Mare, January 3-4, 1936:
There is a misunderstanding as to how the 72 מינוט works. What we need to know is that anywhere in the world is 'above' sea level (otherwise we would be under water). Sunset in American Luchos are set to 72 minutes after sunset, as if where you are it was at sea level. Of course that creates a small differential, as the shkia to the naked eye seems earlier than at the sea level. Lemashal, here in Boro Park if I actually see the sunset it will dip behind 6th Avenue, (which sits on top of a rise) but if I quickly drive to 6th Ave I will still get to see the full sun! Nobody in Satmar, Tzanz, Belz or Sighet ever knew when the imaginary sea-level shkia is. So that simply explains the 2 minute difference. Google gives you the sea-level shkia. And Satmar Rebbe gave the 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' Shkia and started counting 72 minutes accordingly. The question is why is the Hisachdus luach based on sea-level? Could be that the Rabbonim were not aware of the difference. And used the Navy information as an easy way to know when the shkia is. PS I got the new Chabad Luach for Brooklyn and it also notes this distinction for all halochos. It is a fantastic luach with everything explained.

Yosef 718