Thursday, January 8, 2015

did you notice all the new "Chassidus Mevueres" publications out there?

They don't actually call it that, since that name is already taken, so they call it חסידות מפורשת. I suppose they got tired of skipping גאנצענע שטיקלעך חסידישע ספרים and saying דאס איז העכערע זאכען וואס מיר פארשטייען נישט. I guess they saw Chassidus Mevueres that Heichel Menachem publishes and saw that these concepts CAN be explained for אנשים כערכינו. לדעתי this is a wonderful idea, and we wish them much success, להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה. We bring you one such גליון, published for פרשת ויגש. I think what they do is choose a different every week. I have seen קאמארנא מפורשת as well. For some reason it is not available online.  Update: I see they do have it online. This week they have a shtikkel שפת אמת, as well as the אוהב ישראל and דברי חיים. I also see that they had a shtikkel Toldos that week as well! Apparently they publish whatever they get sponsored, as much as three a week.To receive the weekly kuntres send them an email to:


Anonymous said...

yes i noticed another medium by lubavitch for their missionary activities

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


Chairman of brain surgeons of Kimberlee said...

you are like the anti semites that wrote the protocols of elder of zion,
You see constantly the chabad hand everywhere..
Truth is the worlds existence lays on chabad power, since it works with the 10 sefiros, and the AR and all rebbes afterwards spoke about it.
You need a Doctor now now

Alte Chusid said...

I am reading it every week for close to a year,they are nebech trying, but this torahs were never said that it should be understood, it torah that it is in Himell, let it stay in Himmel...
there was 1 Rebbe the AR, that his torah was said with the intention to get in our Siechel..and he was ostracized by many of his peers.
Noam Elimelech, is not for people on this world its made for malochim(not from Hewes street). I t could be they were bigger tzadikim, we dont have a scale for that, but lets not ignore the facts.

Anonymous said...

yes i noticed another medium by lubavitch for their missionary activities
ב"ה שאתה מבין שמי שלומד ספרי חסידות בעומק בסוף יבא לחב"ד