Friday, September 18, 2009

כוח"ט לשטו"מ

דער אייבערשטער זאל געבן יעדערער פון אייך א גוט געבענטשט יאר, א שנה טובה ומתוקה ברוחניות ובגשמיות, בטוב הנראה והנגלה

Maybe we'll get back into it this year...


Anonymous said...

Ah git yoor!
Maybe this coming year we''ll be able to somehow feel that we belong to the same religion.Maybe, just like Rus we''ll both be able to say "Elokayich,Eloikai".
Maybe Chabad who in my opinion are to blame for the most part in the parting of ways between Am Hashem will come back to their senses.
How can the rest of Am Yisroel sit in peace when a group of Jews well intentioned maybe but ignorant are promoting a version of yiddishkait where a dead man is the sure Moshiach ,still somehow "Nosi Hador" though deceased (and what in heaven is the Chabad term that nobody has heard of for about 1500 hundred years since the days of the Reish Golusah in Bovel??)Where they use a books of letters to somehow get "answers" from him....
And this is talking about the sane part of Chabad.The "other" group, more active and grabing the youth is pushing a truly insane version of the Rebbe being alive, all knowing,all powerful with offshoots of this group claiming he is the creator himself chas vesholom.
Will Chabad come to its senses this year?
Will you come to seichel this year?
I don't know but I surely hope so!

Mottel said...

Tzig'ele: A gutt Gebenchte yahr to you and your family amongst klal yisroel! To many more warm experiences!

anon3 said...

To anonymous 2:29 PM
I'm sure that your post was "well intentioned".However,instead of finding chesroines with other groups because of your "ignorance" and lack of understanding of various aspects of the derochim you attribute to them imagined or otherwise,it would be fitting for each of us to do some introspection into our own faults as individuals and groups.
The Rebbe RAYAT'Z as a child once asked his father the Rebbe RASHA'B "Far vos hot der Eibeshter unz bashfen mit tsvei oigen?" To which the RASHA'B answered "Einer tzu zen yenems mailes un einer tzu zen di eigener chesroines".If only we were to follow this dictum volt Moshiach,whoever he may be,lang gekumen.
A gmar chasima tova to all.A year in which Hashem yemale es kol mishalois libeinu letoivoh in gezunt nachas un parnosoh and may the owner of this blog continue to follow his manifesto,as described in his itroduction to his blog site, bihatzlocho raboh.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


Anonymous said...

you remind me of the mamar chazal ( its not chabad invented) Reshoim Afilu Al Pischoi Shel Gehinom Ainom Chozrin

Anonymous said...

גמר חתימה טובה, לא תחתו"ם שור בדישו, וכותבב וחות"ם וסופר ומונה, חת"ם סופר, חות"ם בתוך חות"ם,

Anonymous said...

The aibishter should bentch all your readers with sechel.

The Bray of Fundie said...

Whew. An innocent post about themeaning of ending times and you get a full frontal assault.

My heart goes out to you brother.

It could be worse though. Folks could be utterly apatheticto you and your some blogs I know.

As for the post itself very interesting points.

IIRC most Yeshivas start between 7 and 8 in the morning and end 3:45-4:30 doing mincha straight after musaf.